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1.Early Carboniferous (early Visean) brachiopod fauna from the middle part of the Arisu Formation in the Shimoarisu area, South Kitakami Belt, Japan.[Paleontological Research,(2019)]Tazawa, J and Iryu, Y.
2.Macroid beds, Encrusting foraminifera, Benthic communities, Japan..[Journal of Coastal Research,(2019)]Bassi, D., Iryu, Y., Humblet, M., Matsuda, H., Machiyama, H., Sasaki, K., Matsuda, S., Arai, K. and Inoue, T.
3.Rapid glaciation and a two-step sea level plunge into the Last Glacial Maximum..[Nature,559,(2018),603-607]Yokoyama, Y., Esat, T. M., Thompson, W. G., Thomas, A. L., Webster, J. M., Miyairi, Y., Sawada, C., Aze, T., Matsuzaki, H., Okuno, J., Fallon, S., Braga, J.-C., Humblet, M., Iryu, Y., Potts, D. C., Fujita, K., Suzuki, A. and Kan, H.
4.Response of the Great Barrier Reef to sea-level and environmental changes over the past 30,000 years..[Nature Geoscience,11,(2018),426-432]Webster, J. M., Braga, J. C., Humblet, M., Potts, D. C., Iryu, Y., Yokoyama, Y., Fujita, K., Bourillot, R., Esat, T. M., Fallon, S., Thompson, W. G., Thomas, A. L., Kan, H., McGregor, H. V., Hinestrosa, G., Obrochta, S. P., Lougheed, B. C.
5.Penetrative trace fossils from the late Ediacaran of Mongolia: Early onset of the agronomic revolution..[Royal Society Open Science,(2018)]Oji, T., Dornbos, S. Q., Yada, K., Hasegawa, H., Gonchigdorj, S., Mochizuki, T., Takayanagi, H. and Iryu, Y.
6.Topics on carbonate relevant topics by IODP..[Journal of the Geological Society of Japan,124(1),(2018),35-45]Kawahata, H., Yokoyama, Y., Kuroda, J., Iryu, Y. and Kano, A.
7.Radiocarbon dating of coastal boulders from Kozushima and Miyake Islands off Tokyo Metropolitan Area, Japan: implications for the occurrence of Level 2 tsunamis..[Quaternary International,465,(2017),28-38]Kitamura, A., Imai, T., Miyairi,Y., Yokoyama,Y. and Iryu, Y.
8.Paleoceanographic conditions at approximately 20 and 70 ka recorded in Kikaithyris hanzawai (Brachiopoda) shells..[Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta,215,(2017),189-213]Takizawa, M., Takayanagi, H., Yamamoto, K., Abe, O., Sasaki, K., and Iryu, Y.
9.Bivalve borings in Lower Jurassic Lithiotis fauna from northeastern Italy and its palaeoecological interpretation..[Historical Biology,(2017)]Bassi, D., Posenato, R., Nebelsick, J., Owada, M., Domenicali, E. and Iryu, Y.
10.Recent Dasycladales (Chlorophyta) in Okinawa Jima in the Central Ryukyus, southwestern Japan: Paleontological implications..[Island Arc,26,(2017),e12185-]Ohba, H., Mtasuda, S., Asami, R. and Iryu, Y.
11.Recent progress in study on calcareous algae and algal sediments..[Island Arc,26,(2017),e12213-]Iryu, Y. and Bassi, D.
12.Upper Albian–upper Turonian calcareous nannofossil biostratigraphy and chemostratigraphy in the Vocontian Basin, southeastern France..[Newsletter on Stratigraphy,(2017)]Babu Ram Gyawalia, Nishi, H., Takashima, R., Herrlec, J. O. Takayanagi, H., Latild, J.-.Louis and Iryu, Y.
13.Calcareous nannofossil assemblages of the upper Miocene to Pliocene Shimajiri Group on Okinawa-jima, Ryukyu Islands, southwestern Japan..[Journal of Asian Earth Sciences,135,(2017),16-24]Imai, R., Sato, T. and Iryu, Y.
14.Geochemical, petrographical, and petrophysical evaluations of a heterogeneous, stratiform dolomite from a Barremian oil field, offshore Abu Dhabi (UAE)..[AAPG Bulletin,(2017)]Yamamoto, K., Ottinger, G., Al Zinati, O., Takayanagi, H., Yamamoto, K. and Iryu, Y.
15.Nonlinear relationship between preservation of microstructure and geochemical composition of Pleistocene brachiopod shells from the Ryukyu Islands, southwestern Japan..[Island Arc,(2017)]Yamamoto, K., Takizawa, M., Takayanagi, H., Asami, R. and Iryu, Y.
16.A Causal Link Between Paleoenvironmental Dynamics and Borehole Instability in a Cenomanian Carbonate Reservoir, Offshore Abu Dhabi..[Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition & Conference. Society of Petroleum Engineers,(2016)]Yamamoto, K., Obara, H., Tsusaka, K., Tsuji, Y., Al-Farhan, Z. A., Aljneibi, M. M., Takayanagi, H., Kurita, H., Sato, T. and Iryu, Y.
17.Effects of Holocene sea level changes on subtidal palaeoecosystems, southeastern Brazil..[Marine Geology,381,(2016),17-28]Spotorno-Oliveira, P., Tâmega, F. T. S., Oliveira, C. A., Castro, J. W. A., Coutinho, R., Iryu, Y. and Bassi, D.
18.Westrn Pacific..[Riosmena-Rodríguez, R., Nelson, W. and Aguirre, J. (eds.) Rhodolith/Maërl Beds: A Global Perspective. Springer International Publishing.,(2016),335-347]Kato, A., Baba, M., Matsuda, S. and Iryu, Y.
19.Bomb-produced radiocarbon in the western tropical Pacific Ocean-Guam coral reveals operation-specific signals from the Pacific Proving Grounds..[Journal of Geophysical Research, Oceans,121(8),(2016),6351-6366]Andrews, A. H., Asami, R., Iryu, Y., Kobayashi, D. R. and Camacho, F.
20.Carbon and Oxygen Isotope Records from Tridacna derasa Shells: Toward Establishing a Reliable Proxy for Sea Surface Environments.[Plos One,(2016)]Yamanashi, J., Takayanagi, H., Isaji, A., Asami, R and Iryu, Y
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