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1.Brachiopod geochemistry: toward establishing a robust paleoceanographic proxy(2007-)
2.Seismic uplifts deduced from raised carbonate deposits(2000-)
3.Paleoceanographic variability recorded in hermatypic coral skeletons(1997-)
4.Paleontological and sedimentological investigations on the Jurassic Torinosu Limestone, Japan(1995-2012)
5.Depositional and diagenetic history of carbonate rocks on Kita-daito-jimd for the last 25 millior years(1993-)
6.Geoarchaeological researches on building stone used by ancient Egyptians(1993)
7.Role of coral reefs in the global biogeochemical sycles ecosystem(1983-)
8.Responses of coralreefs to Quaternary climate changes in the Ryukyu Islands(1981-)
9.Taxonimic studies of modern and fossil nongeniculate coralline algae(1981-)
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