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1.[O] Group-Theoretic Spectrum Analysis of Population Distribution in Southern Germany and Eastern USA.[International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos,28(14),(2018),1830045-1-1830045-27]IKEDA Kiyohiro,Y Takayama, M Onda, D Murakami
2.[O] AN ENHANCEMENT OF GROUP-THEORETIC SPECTRUM ANALYSIS FOR DETECTING SPATIAL AGGLOMERATION.[Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Ser. D3,74(4),(2018),398-410]M. Onda, D. Murakami, K. Ikeda, Y. Takayama, M. Osawa, Y. Kogure
3.[O] A STUDY OF GEOMETRICALLY STABLE PATTERNS ON A SQUARE LATTICE CONOMY.[Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Ser. D3,74(4),(2018),411-425]Y. Kogure, M. Onda, M. Osawa, Y. Takayama, K. Ikeda
4.[O] Invariant Patterns for Replicator Dynamics on a Hexagonal Lattice.[International Jornal of Bifurcation and Chaos,29(6),(2018)]K.Ikeda,Y.Kogure,H Aizawa
5.[O] Stability of Bifurcating Patterns of Spatial Economy Models on a Hexagonal Lattice.[International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos,28(11),(2018)]Ikeda, K., Aizawa, H., Kogure, Y., Takayama, Y.
6.[O] Spatial Spectrum Analysis of Population Distributions Over a Long Narrow Economy.[Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Ser. D3,74(1),(2018),50-63]M Osawa, Y Takayama, M Onda, R Asakawa, K Ikeda
7.[O] An Improvement of Loading Criterion for Stress Calculation Based on Return-Mapping Scheme for Extended Subloading Surface Plasticity Model.[Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Ser. A2,73(2),(2018),363-375]T Iguchi, T Fukuda, Y Yamakawa, K Ikeda, K Hashiguchi
8.[O] Diffuse bifurcations engraving diverse shear bands in graunlar materials.[International Journal for Numerical and Analytical Methods in Geomechanics,42(1),(2018),3-33]Yuki Yamakawa,Kiyohiro Ikeda,Isao Saiki,Jacques Desrues,Reiko J.Tanaka
9.[O] Spatial period doubling, invariant pattern, and break point in economic agglomeration in two dimensions.[Jornal of Economic Dynamics and Control,92(C),(2018),129-152]Ikeda, K., Onda, M., Takayama, Y.
10.[O] Bifurcation Theory of a Racetrack Economy in a Spatial Economy Model.[Networks and Spatial Economics,(2018)]Ikeda, K., Onda, M., Takayama, Y.
11.[O] Diffuse bifurcations engraving diverse shear bands in granular materials.[International Journal for Numerical and Analytical Methods in Geomechanics,42(1),(2018),3-33]Yamakawa, Y., Ikeda, K., Saiki, I., Desrues, J., Tanaka, R.J.
12.[O] Group-theoretic spectrum analysis of city distribution.[土木学会論文集D3(土木計画学),73(3),(2017),148-164]Mikihisa Onda,Yosuke Kogure,Kiyohiro Ikeda,Yuki Takayama,Minoru Osawa
13.[O] 変形勾配テンソルの乗算分解と 超弾 性構成則に基づく有限変形拡張下負荷面モデルの定式化とリターンマッピング法 の開発.[日本機械学会論文集,83(848),(2017),17-00008]井口拓哉, 山川優樹, 橋口公一, 池田清宏
14.[O] Agglomeration patterns in a long narrow economy of a new economic geography model:Analogy to a racetrack economy.[International Journal of Economic Theory,(13),(2017),113-145]Kiyohiro Ikeda,Kazuo Murota,Takashi Akamatsu and Yuki Takayama
15.[O] 円周都市経済の分岐と集積の都市数依存性.[土木学会論文集D3(土木計画学),73(1),(2017),40-55]恩田幹久,高山雄貴,池田清宏
16.[O] STABLE ECONOMIC AGGLOMERATION PATTERNS IN TWO DIMENSIONS: BEYOND THE SCOPE OF CENTRAL PLACE THEORY.[Journal of Regional Science,(57),(2017),132-172]Kiyohiro Ikeda,Kazuo Murota,Yuki Takayama
17.[O] 微小変形理論と超弾性構成則に基づく拡張下負荷面モデルの再定式化とリターンマッピング法の開発.[日本機械学会論文集,82(841),(2016)]井口拓哉、山川優樹、池田清宏
18.[O] 計算分岐理論における2-mode漸近展開の検証(微分演算ツールHDNの導入の前に).[日本機械学会論文集,830(81),(2015)]藤井文夫、池田清宏、田中真人、藤川正毅
19.[O] 斜面近傍に位置する逆T字型送電鉄塔基礎の引揚支持力解析.[土木学会論文集C(地圏工学),71(1),(2015),1-13]山川優樹・溝江弘樹・千田大・戸田丈・池田清宏・田村洋・寺田賢二郎
20.[O] 鋼床版用渦流探傷機の高精度化に関する解析的研究.[鋼構造年次論文報告集,22,(2014),833-840]田村洋、秋月勇人、山川優樹、池田清宏
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