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1.[O] Dynamic behavior of acoustic cavitation bubble originated from heterogeneous nucleation.[Journal of Applied Physics,128(4),(2020),044702-]Takuya Yamamoto, Sergey Komarov
2.[O] Optical and electrical properties of InxGa1-xSe mixed crystal grown from indium flux by the traveling heater method.[Journal of Electronic Materials,(2020),(in press)-]Y. Sato, C. Tang, K. Watanabe, M. Nakajima, T. Yamamoto, N. Tezuka, T. Tanabe, Y. Oyama
3.[R] 物理的作用を利用した環境調和型アルミニウム生産プロセスの開発.[軽金属,70(7), (2020), 318-319]コマロフセルゲイ, 山本卓也
4.[O] InxGa1-xSe mixed crystals grown from an In flux by the traveling heater method for THz wave generation.[Journal of Physics Communications,4,(2020),065007-]Y. Sato, C. Tang, K. Watanabe, J. Ohsaki, T. Yamamoto, T. Tanabe, Y. Oyama
5.[O] Combined effect of acoustic cavitation and pulsed discharge plasma on wastewater treatment efficiency in a circulating reactor: A case study of Rhodamine B.[Ultrasonics Sonochemistry,68,(2020),105236-]Sergey Komarov, Takuya Yamamoto, Yu Fang, Daiki Hariu
6.[R] 金属生産分野における移動現象論.[化学工学会誌,84(5), (2020), 255-]山本卓也
7.[O] Evaluation of aluminum dross generation rate during mechanical stirring of aluminum through model experiment and numerical simulation.[Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B,51B,(2020),1836-1846]T. Yamamoto, K. Kato, S. V. Komarov, R. Taniguchi, Y. Ishiwata
8.[R] 奨励賞受賞者からの解説論文 圧縮性3相流シミュレーションによるエマルジョン化時に発生する高速液体ジェット方向依存性.[ソノケミストリー学会ニュースレター,14, (2020), 32-35]山本卓也
9.[O] Terahertz wave generation via difference frequency generation by using 2D InxGa1-xSe crystal grown from indium flux.[Optics Express,28(1),(2020),472-477]Y. Sato, C. Tang, K. Watanabe, J. Ohsaki, T. Yamamoto, N. Tezuka, T. Tanabe, Y. Oyama
10.[O] Liquid jet directionality and droplet behavior during emulsification of two liquids due to acoustic cavitation.[Ultrasonics Sonochemistry,62,(2020),104874-]T. Yamamoto, S. Komarov
11.[O] Development of a Numerical Model for Hydrogen Bubble Generation, Dynamics and Trapping during Solidification of Aluminum Alloys through Eulerian-Lagrangian Framework.[International Journal of Cast Metals Research,32,(2019),266-277]T. Yamamoto, S. Komarov
12.[O] Investigation on the surface vortex formation during mechanical stirring with an axial-flow impeller used in an aluminum process.[Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B,50(6),(2019),2547-2556]T. Yamamoto, W. Kato, S. V. Komarov, Y. Ishiwata
13.[O] Role of acoustic streaming in formation of unsteady flow in billet sump during ultrasonic DC casting of aluminum alloys.[Materials,12(21),(2019),3532-]S. Komarov, T. Yamamoto
14.[O] Evaluation of mass transfer in an aluminum melting furnace stirred mechanically during flux treatment.[Materials Transactions,60(9),(2019),2008-2015]K. Kato, T. Yamamoto, S. V. Komarov, R. Taniguchi, Y. Ishiwata
15.[O] Single bubble fragmentation in a mechanically stirred liquid bath under trailing vortex conditions.[Chemical Engineering Science,207,(2019),1007-1016]T. Yamamoto, S. V. Komarov
16.[O] Fragmentation of cavitation bubble in ultrasound filed under small pressure amplitude.[Ultrasonics Sonochemistry,58,(2019),104684-]T. Yamamoto, S. Hatanaka, S. V. Komarov
17.[O] The effect of crucible rotation and crucible size in top-seeded solution growth of single crystal silicon carbide.[Crystal Research and Technology,54(5),(2019),1900014-]T. Horiuchi, L. Wang, A. Sekimoto, Y. Okano, T. Yamamoto, T. Ujihara, S. Dost
18.[O] Numerical investigation of the effect of heating rate on InGaSb crystal growth under zero-gravity.[Microgravity Science and Technology,31,(2019),377-380]X. Jin, A. Sekimoto, Y. Okano, T. Yamamoto, Y. Hayakawa, Y. Inatomi, S. Dost
19.[O] Numerical investigation of the nano-scale solute Marangoni convections.[Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers,98,(2019),20-26]Y. Imai, T. Yamamoto, A. Sekimoto, Y. Okano, R. Sato, Y. Shigeta
20.[O] Acoustic Cavitation Assisted Plasma for Wastewater Treatment: Degradation of Rhodamine B in aqueous solution.[Ultrasonics Sonochemistry,52,(2019),318-325]Y. Fang, D. Hariu, T. Yamamoto, S. Komarov
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