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1.British Documents of the National Archives (TNA, UK) about Sinkiang (Xinjiang, China) in the 1930's and 1940's.[Northeast Asian Studies,(20),(2016),105-131]UENO Toshihiro
2.Archive Materials about Ethnic Problems of Modern China History in Academia Historica, Taiwan.[Northeast Asian studies,(12),(2008),143-154]UENO Toshihiro
3.A Study of the Issue of Taiwan's "Independant" approval to Mongol in Late 20th Century.[Northeast Asian Studies,11,(2007),21-44]UENO Toshihiro
4.Draft Plan of Frontier Policy in Republican China.[Northeast Asian Studies,(10),(2006),177-190]UENO Toshihiro
5.Owing situation of original sources concerning the study of ethnic probrem of China in the 20th first half of the century, especially in Taiwan.[NORTHEAST ASIAN STUDIES,(9),(2005),263-271]Toshihiro UENO
6.Ethnic Policy and Ethnology of PRC in 1950's; A Case Study of Ethnic Research in Xinjiang.[East Asian Area Studies,(11),(2004),19-30]UENO Toshihiro
7."China" and Northeast Asia as Area Concept.[Northeast Asian Study Series,(4),(2002),41-49]Toshihiro UENO
8.中国現代史における宗教-イスラム教との関連性を中心に-.[中華世界の歴史的展開,(2002),431-452]Toshihiro UENO
9.Identification and Autonomy of the Sinificated National Minority in China : A Case Study of Tujia (Pitsikha) Nationality in 1950's.[Modern China,(76),(2002),169-177]Toshihiro Ueno
10.A Study of the Legislation for National Minorities in PRC from an analysis of the Revision of "the Act of Regional Autonomy for National Minoritiies".[NORTHEAST ASIAN STUDIES,(6),(2002),51-76]UENO Toshihiro
11.A Study of the Ethnic Problem on China's Frontier in the Late 1940's.[現代中国,(73),(1999),88-100]UENO Toshihiro
12.CCP's nationality politics in border area of Yunnan province during early period of PRC.[現代中国,(70),(1996),197-208]Ueno Toshihiro
13.A Chronology of the National Minority Policy in the Early Period of Peoples Republic of China : 1949-1976.[史峯,(8・別冊),(1995),29-77]Toshihiro UENO
14.納西族地区における馬幇活動の考察.[比較民俗研究,(11),(1995),64-70]Toshihiro UENO
15.Ethnic Policies and Ethnology in China.[比較民俗研究,(2),(1990),89-99]Toshihiro UENO
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