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121.In situ observation of liquid immiscibility of Fe-O-S liquid using X-ray radiography under high pressure..[SPring-8 User Experimental Report No.19 (2007A),19,(2007),2007A1096-]Terasaki, H., Ohtani, E., Suzuki, A., Tsuno, K., Asahara, Y., Sakamaki, T., Ozawa, S., Shibazaki, Y., Ghosh, S., Litasov, K., Nishida, K., Funakoshi, K.,
122.X-ray diffraction study of basaltic liquid at high pressure and high temperature..[SPring-8 User Experimental Report No.19 (2007A),19,(2007),2007A1095-]Sakamaki, T., Suzuki, A., Ohtani, E., Terasaki, H., Nishida, K.,
123.Determination of the phase boundary and the reaction kinetics of the post-spinel phase transition in the MgO-SiO2-H2O system..[SPring-8 User Experimental Report No.19 (2007A),19,(2007),2007A1701-]Ohtani E., Ghosh S., Suzuki A., Litasov K. Terasaki H., Ozawa S.,
124.Stability of carbonated magmas at the base of the Earth's upper mantle.[GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS,34(22),(2007)]Sujoy Ghosh, Eiji Ohtani, Konstantin Litasov, Akio Suzuki, Tatsuya Sakamaki
125.In situ observation and determination of liquid immiscibility in the Fe-O-S melt at 3 GPa using a synchrotron X-ray radiographic technique.[GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS,34(17),(2007)]Kyusei Tsuno, Hidenori Terasaki, Eiji Ohtani, Akio Suzuki, Yuki Asahara, Keisuke Nishida, Tatsuya Sakamaki, Ken-Ichi Funakoshi, Takumi Kikegawa
126.High Pressure Experiments and the Study of the Earth's Interior.[The Review of High Pressure Science and Technology,17(3),(2007),198-205]Suzuki, A.
127.Density measurement for MORB melts by X-ray absorption method..[SPring-8 User Experiment Report No.18 (2006B),18,(2007),2006B3710-]Urakawa, S., Sakamaki, T., Suzuki, A., Ohtani, E. and Nishida, K.,
128.Post-stishovite phase transformation in hydrous oceanic crust and seismic reflectors in the lower mantle..[SPring-8 User Experiment Report No.18 (2006B),18,(2007),2006B1230-]Litasov, K., Ohtani, E., Terasaki, H. and Suzuki, A.,
129.Effect of structural transitions on properties of high-pressure silicate melts: Al-27 NMR, glass densities, and melt viscosities.[AMERICAN MINERALOGIST,92(7),(2007),1093-1104]Jeffrey R. Allwardt, Jonathan F. Stebbins, Hidenori Terasaki, Lin-Shu Du, Daniel J. Frost, Anthony C. Withers, Marc M. Hirschmann, Akio Suzuki, Eiji Ohtani
130.High Pressure Experiments and the Study of the Earth's Interior.[高圧力の科学と技術,17(3),(2007),198-205 (J-STAGE)-205]鈴木昭夫
131.Neutron diffraction study of aluminous hydroxide δ-AlOOD.[Physics and Chemistry of Minerals,34(9),(2007),657-661]Vanpeteghem, C.B., Sano, A., Komatsu, K., Ohtani, E. and Suzuki, A.,
132.Stability of carbonated magmas at the base of the Earth's upper mantle..[Geophysical Research Letters,34,(2007),L22312-]Ghosh, S., Ohtani, E., Litasov, K., Suzuki, A. and Sakamaki, T.,
133.The compressibility of Fe- and Al-bearing phase D to 30GPa..[Physics and Chemistry of Minerals,34(3),(2007),159-167]Litasov, K.D., Ohtani, E., Suzuki, A. and Funakoshi, K.,
134.Thermal equation of state of superhydrous phase B to 27GPa and 1373K..[Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors,164(3),(2007),142-160]Litasov, K.D., Ohtani, E., Ghosh, S., Nishihara, Y., Suzuki, A. and Funakoshi, K.,
135.In-situ observation and determination of liquid immiscibility in the Fe-O-S melt at 3 GPa using a synchrotron X-ray radiographic technique..[Geophysical Research Letters,34,(2007),L17303-]Tsuno, K., Terasaki, H., Ohtani, E., Suzuki, A., Asahara, Y., Nishida, K., Sakamaki, T., Funakoshi, K. and Kikegawa, T.,
136.Effect of structural transitions on prosperities of high-pressure silicate melts: 27Al NMR, glass densities, and melt viscosities..[American Mineralogist,92,(2007),1093-1104]Allwardt, R. T., Stebbins, F.J., Terasaki, H., Du, L., Frost, J. D., Withers, C. A., Hirschmann, M. M., Suzuki, A. and Ohtani, E.,
137.Effect of pressure on the viscosity of Fe-S and Fe-C liquids up to 16 GPa.[GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS,33(22),(2006)]H. Terasaki, A. Suzuki, E. Ohtani, K. Nishida, T. Sakamaki, K. Funakoshi
138.High-pressure minerals in shock melt veins of L6 chondrites: constraints on their P-T history.[Antarctic Meteorites XXX,30,(2006),95-96]Ozawa, S., Ohtani, E., Suzuki, A., Kondo, T. and Kimura, M.
139.Heterogeneous distribution of high-pressure minerals in the Gujba CB chondrite.[Antarctic Meteorites XXX,30,(2006),38-39]Kimura, M., Weisberg, M.K., Suzuki, A., Ohtani, E. and Sugiura, N.
140.High-temperature viscosity measurements of hydrous albite liquid using in-situ falling-sphere viscometry at 2.5 GPa.[CHEMICAL GEOLOGY,229(1-3),(2006),2-9]BT Poe, C Romano, C Liebske, DC Rubie, H Terasaki, A Suzuki, K Funakoshi
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