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61.Thermoelastic properties of chromium oxide Cr2O3 (eskolaite) at high pressures and temperatures.[Physics and Chemistry of Minerals,43,(2016),447-458]Dymshits, A.M., Dorogokupets, P.I., Sharygin, I.S., Litasov, K.D., Shatskiy, A., Rashchenko, S.V., Ohtani, E., Suzuki, A. and Higo, Y.,
62.ヨウ化錫流体相内での密度極大の存在検証.[SPring-8 User Experiment Report,2015B,(2016),2015B3781-]渕崎員弘, 大村彩子, 鈴木昭夫, 西田圭佑, 齋藤寛之, 浜谷望, 坂上貴尋, 西村光仙
63.20 GPaまでのFe-Sメルトの音速測定.[SPring-8 User Experiment Report,2016A,(2016),2016A1235-]西田圭佑, 柴崎裕樹, 戸邉宙, 鈴木昭夫, 寺崎英紀, 下山裕太, 黒川冬華
64.超音波法による飽和及び不飽和水素条件下での鉄水素化物の高温高圧弾性波速度測定.[SPring-8 User Experiment Report,2016A,(2016),2016A1471-]柴崎裕樹, 西田圭佑, 戸邉宙, 鈴木昭夫, 下山裕太, 寺崎英紀, 黒川冬華
65.Density and Thermoelastic Properties of Liquid Fe-FeO at High Pressure.[SPring-8 Section A: Scientific Research Report,4(1),(2016),53-57]Takubo, Y, Terasaki, H, Shimoyama, Y, Kuwabara, S, Urakawa, S, Kondo, T, Suzuki, A, Nishida, K, Ohtani, E, Watanuki, T, Katayama, Y
66.Dislocation-accommodated grain boundary sliding as the major deformation mechanism of olivine in the Earth’s upper mantle.[Science Advances,1,(2015),e1500360-]Ohuchi, T., Kawazoe, T., Higo, Y., Funakoshi, K., Suzuki, A., Kikegawa, T. and Irifune, T.
67.回転ステージを用いた高圧下での液体の粘度測定.[Photon Factory Activity Report 2014 (KEK Prigress Report 2015-3),32,(2015),308]鈴木昭夫
68.Trial measurement of liquid density at NE7A.[Photon Factory Activity Report 2014 (KEK Prigress Report 2015-3),32,(2015),201]Fuchizaki, K., Hamaya, N., Suzuki, A., Mori, Y. and Kikegawa, T.,
69.High pressure and high temperature in-situ X-ray radiography of the segregation of molten iron form partially molten silicate.[Photon Factory Activity Report 2014 (KEK Prigress Report 2015-3),32,(2015),43]Gotou, H., Yagi, T., Iizuka, R. and Suzuki, A.,
70.In situ observation of crystallographic preferred orientation of deforming olivine at high pressure and high temperature.[Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors,243,(2015),1-21]Ohuchi, T., Nishihara, Y., Seto, Y., Kawazoe, T., Nishi, M., Maruyama, G., Hashimoto, M., Higo, Y., Funakoshi, K., Suzuki, A., Kikegawa, T. and Irifune, T.
71.Application of x-ray radiography to study the segregation process of iron from silicate under high pressure and high temperature.[High Pressure Research,35,(2015),130-138]Gotou, H., Yagi, T., Iizuka R. and Suzuki A.
72.In situ observation of the pyroxene-majorite transition in Na2MgSi5O12 using synchrotron radiation and Raman spectroscopy of Na-majorite.[American Mineralogist,100,(2015),378-384]Dymshits, A., Sharygin, I., Litasov, K., Shatskiy, A., Gavryushkin, P., Ohtani, E. and Suzuki, A., Funakoshi, K.
73.Structure of (Fe,Ni)3S2 under pressure.[Photon Factory Activity Report 2013 (KEK Prigress Report 2014-5),31,(2015),80]Urakawa, S., Kamuro, R., Suzuki, A., Kikegawa, T.
74.Structural Analysis of Traction Oils under Elastohydrodynamic Lubricated Condition Generated by Two-Cylinders Machine.[Photon Factory Activity Report 2013 (KEK Prigress Report 2014-5),31,(2015),384]平山朋子,竹原弘耕,楠本貴大,松岡敬,鈴木昭夫,亀卦川卓美
75.Viscosity of lunar magma at high pressure.[Photon Factory Activity Report 2013 (KEK Prigress Report 2014-5),31,(2015),308]Suzuki, A.
76.ヨウ化錫流体相内での密度極大検出の試み.[SPring-8 User Experiment Report,2015A,(2015),2015A3785-]渕崎員弘, 大村彩子, 鈴木昭夫, 西田圭佑, 五十嵐愛子, 齋藤寛之, 浜谷望
77.Thermal equation of state of majoritic knorringite and its significance for continental upper mantle.[Journal of Geohpysical Research,119,(2014),8034-8046]Dymshits, A.M., Litasov, K.D., Sharygin, I.S., Shatskiy, A., Ohtani, E., Suzuki, A. and Funakoshi, K.,
78.Speciation of and D/H partitioning between fluids and melts in silicate-D-O-H-C-N systems determined in-situ at upper mantle temperatures, pressures, and redox conditions.[American Mineralogist,99,(2014),578-588]Mysen, B.O., Tomita, T., Ohtani, E., Suzuki, A.
79.P-V-T equation of state of Na-majorite to 21 GPa and 1673 K.[Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors,227,(2014),68-75]Dymshits, A., Litasov, K.D., Shatskiy, A., Sharygin, I.S., Ohtani, E., Suzuki, A., Pokhilenko, N.P.
80.Creep behavior during the eutectoid transformation of albite: Implications for the slab deformation in the lower mantle.[Earth and Planetary Science Letters,388,(2014),92-97]Doi, N., Kato, T., Kubo, T., Noda, M., Shiraishi, R., Suzuki, A., Ohtani, E., Kikegawa, T.
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