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1.[O] A comparative study on the stable supply of food at food kitchen for children -Relationships between donated ingredients and menus-.[Journal of Food System Research,26(3),(2019),99-111]KOBAYASHI Rentaro, IMOTO Tomoko
2.[O] OPTIMAL LAND USE POLICIES TO MITIGATE DAMAGES BY BEARS AND TO CONSERVE WILDLIFE.[Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Ser. D3 (Infrastructure Planning and Management),75(2),(2019),47-58]YOSHIDA Jun, IMOTO Tomoko, KONO Tatsuhito
3.[O] Perspectives on a Discrete Choice Experiment using Eye-Tracking Data.[情報学研究,(8),(2019),39-52]IMOTO Tomoko
4.[B] 日本の環境研究室2018.[池田屋印刷株式会社,(2018)]井元 智子
5.[O] Citizen's Evaluation of Landscape Ordinance Based on Consciousness as Supplier.[Journal of Farm Management Economics,(49),(2018),16-28]Yamane Nagao,Tomoko Imoto
6.[O] Choice Modeling on Food Containing Euglena in Japan:Evidence from Undergraduates Survey Data.[Journal of Informatics,5,(2016),32-48]Taro Ohdoko,Tomoko Imoto
7.[O] 環境評価研究の動向と今後の展開.[環境経済・政策研究,9(1),(2016),38-50]吉田謙太郎,井元智子,柘植隆宏,大床太郎
8.[O] 放射線リスクコミュニケーションの場における情報ギャップの分析 —誰がどのような情報を必要としているのか?—.[環境経済・政策研究,7(2),(2014),14-23]井元智子
9.[O] 情報の可視化・共有化のためのサトウキビ収穫支援アプリ"しゅがなび"の開発と導入における問題点.[農業情報学会誌,22(4),(2013),236-246]井元智子,北本朝展
10.[O] Modeling Human Behavior Selection under Environmental Subsidy Policy by Multi-Agent Simulation.[Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS),7068,(2012),350-358]Tomoko Imoto,Shin’ya Nakano,Tomoyuki Higuchi
11.[B] Guide to Corporate Ecosystem Valuation A framework for improving corporate decision-making.[World Business Council for Sustainable Development,(2011)]James Griffiths, Mikkel Kollesoe, Eva Gabe, 足立直樹,武末克久,井元智子
12.[O] エージェントシミュレーションによる農業環境政策の影響予測と政策比較.[食農資源経済論集,62(1),(2011),89-101]井元智子,中野慎也,樋口知之
13.[O] Modeling Human Behavior Selection under Environmental Subsidy Policy by Multi-Agent Simulation.[International Workshop on Data Oriented Constructive Mining and Multi-Agent Simulation,(2011)]Tomoko Imoto,Shin’ya Nakano,Tomoyuki Higuchi
14.[O] 条件変動に伴うWTPの変化について ~バイオエタノール混合ガソリンへの消費者選好分析~.[環境科学会誌,21(6),(2008),427-434]井元智子,矢部光保,横川洋
15.[O] 環境保全型農業と観光の経済循環システム構築に向けて-石垣島赤土流出防止対策コスト負担シミュレーション-.[九州大学大学院農学研究院 学芸雑誌,63(1),(2008),87-98]井元智子,坂井教郎,矢部光保,横川洋
16.[O] Compatibility between conservation of nature and tourism on Iriomote Island.[The 3rd International Joint Symposium between Korea and Japan,(2007)]Tomoko Imoto
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