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101.[O] Species-area curve for land snails on Kikai Island in geological time..[Paleobiology,30,(2004),222-234.]Marui Y., Chiba S., Okuno J., Yamasaki K.
102.[O] Ecological and morphological patterns in communities of land snails of the genus Mandarina from the Bonin Islands..[Journal of Evolutionary Biology,17,(2004),131-143]Chiba S
103.[O] Laboratory temperature variation is a previously unrecognised source of genotyping error during capillary electrophoresis..[Molecular Ecology Notes,3,(2003),321-323]Davison A., Chiba S.
104.[O] The evolution of extreme shell shape variation in the land snail Ainohelix editha: a phylogeny and hybrid zone analysis..[Molecular Ecology,12,(2003),1869-1878.]Teshima H., Davison A., Kuwahara Y., Yokoyama J., Chiba S., Fukuda T., Ogimura H., and Kawata M
105.[O] Pacific island land snails: extinction and conservation of the endemic land snails of the Ogasawara Islands..[Tentacle,11,(2003),13-14]Chiba S
106.[O] Species diversity and conservation of Mandarina, an endemic land snail of the Ogasawara Islands..[Global Environmental Research,7,(2003),29-37]Chiba S
107.[O] Ecological diversity and speciation in land snails of the genus Mandarina from the Bonin Islands..[Population Ecology,44,(2002),179-187]Chiba S
108.[B] 脱環境ホルモンの社会.[三学出版,(2002)]吉村仁他
109.[O] Major adaptive radiation in neritopsine gasrtopods: estimated from 28S rRNA sequences and fossil records..[Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B.,269,(2002),2457-2465]Kano Y., Chiba S., Kase T.
110.[O] High within-population mitochondrial DNA variation due to microvicariance and population mixing in the land snail Euhadra quaesita (Pulmonata, Bradybaenidae)..[Molecular Ecology,10,(2001),2635-2645.]Watanabe Y., Chiba S.
111.[O] Anisotropic shape of islands and species richness of land snail fauna of the Ryukyus..[Tropics,10,(2000),95-103]Yamasaki, K., Chiba, S. and Nagahama, H.
112.[O] Intraspecific diversity of mitochondrial DNA in land smail Euhadra peliomphala.[Biological Journal of the Liunean Society,70,(2000),391-402]CHIBA Satoshi
113.[O] Accelerated evolution of land smails Mandarina in the oceanic Bonin Islands..[Evolution,53,(1999),460-471]Chiba S
114.[O] A new species of the land snail genus Mandarina (Gastropoda: Pulmonata) from Hahajima of the Bonin Islands, western Pacific: a species that became extinct after 2000 yr BP..[Bulletin of the National Science Museum,25,(1999),121-127]Chiba S
115.[O] Character displacement, frequency dependent selection and divergence of shell color in land snails Mandarina.[Biological Journal of the Linnean Society,66,(1999),465-479]CHIBA Satoshi
116.[O] Geometric effect of island shape on the species richness.[Fractals,4,(1999),353-357]CHIBA Satoshi
117.[O] Historical and ontogenetic changes in sholl width of land snails on the island Kikai.[American Malacological Bulletin,17,(1999),75-82]CHIBA Satoshi
118.[R] 大量絶滅と環境変動ー多様性の長期的パターンのモデリング..[遺伝,52, (1998), 33-36]千葉聡
119.[O] A mathematical model for long-term patterns of evolution.[Paleobiology,24,(1998),336-348]Chiba S
120.[O] Genetic variation derived from natural gene flow between sympatric species of land snails.[Heredity,80,(1998),617-623]Chiba S
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