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81.[O] Ecological character displacement caused by reproductive interference..[Journal of Theoretical Biology,247,(2007),354-364]Konuma J., Chiba, S.
82.[O] Rapid decline of the endemic snails in the Ogasawara Islands.[Applied Entomology and Zoology,42,(2007),479-485]Ohbayashi, T. Okochi, I., Sato, H., Ono, T., Chiba, S.
83.[O] Shell shape and habitat use in the NW Pacific land snail Mandarina polita from Hahajima, Ogasawara Islands: current adaptation or ghost of species past?.[Biological Journal of the Linnean Society,91,(2007),149-159]Chiba, S., Davison, A.
84.[O] The endemic land snail fauna on a remote peninsula in Ogasawara, northwestern Pacific.[Pacific Science,61,(2007),257-265]Chiba, S., Davison, A., Mori, H.
85.[O] Effects of double infection on the shell size and distribution of snail hosts..[Parasitology International,56,(2007),19-22]Miura, O., Chiba, S.
86.[O] Introduced cryptic species of parasites exhibit different invasion pathways.[Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA,103,(2006),19818-19823]Miura, O., Torchin, M., Kuris, A.M., Hechinger R.F., and Chiba, S.
87.[O] The way of the samurai snail..[American Naturalist,168,(2006),553-555]Koene, J., Chiba, S.
88.[O] The recent history and population structure of five Mandarina snail species from sub-tropical Ogasawara (Bonin Islands, Japan).[Molecular Ecology,15,(2006),2905-2910]Davison, A., Chiba, S.
89.[O] Morphological and habitat divergence in the intertidal limpet Patelloida pygmaea..[Marine Biology,149,(2006),515-523]Nakai S., Miura, O., Maki, M., Chiba, S.
90.[O] Parasites alter host phenotype and may create a new ecological niche for snail hosts..[Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B,273,(2006),1323-1328]Miura, O., Kuris, A.M., Torchin, M.E., Hechinger R.F., Chiba, S.
91.[O] Labile ecotypes accompany rapid cladgenesis in a land snail adaptive radiation..[Biological Journal of the Linnean Society,88,(2006),269-282]Davison, A., Chiba, S.
92.[O] Molecular evolution and functionally important structures of molluscan dermatopontin: implications for the origins of molluscan shell matrix proteins..[Journal of Molecular Evolution,62,(2006),307-318.]Sarashina, I., Yamaguchi, H., Haga, T., Iijima, M., Chiba, S., Endo, K.
93.[O] Sex and darts in slugs and snails (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Stylommatophora).[Journal of Zoology (London),267,(2005),329-338]Davison, A., Wade, C.M., Mordan, P.B., Chiba, S.
94.[O] Polymerase chain reaction-based restriction fragment length polymorphism and sequence analysis reveals cryptic species of trematodes in the intertidal gastropod, Batillaria cumingi (Crosse).[International Journal for Parasitology,35,(2005),793-801]Miura, O., Kuris, A.M., Torchin, M.E., Hechinger R.F., Dunham, E.J., Chiba, S.
95.[O] Speciation and gene flow between snails of opposing chirality..[PLoS Biology,3:,(2005),1559-1571]Davison, A., Chiba, S., Barton, N.H., Clarke B.C.
96.[O] Appearance of morphological novelty in a hybrid zone between two species of land snail..[Evolution,59,(2005),1712-1720]Chiba, S
97.[O] Characterisation and cross-amplification of 18 microsatellite loci in the Japanese land snail genera Mandarina and Ainohelix (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Pulmonata)..[Molecular Ecology Notes,4,(2004),423-425.]Davison A., Chiba S., Kawata M.
98.[B] 生態学入門.[東京化学同人,(2004)]日本生態学会編
99.[B] 古生物の進化.[朝倉書店,(2004)]速水格他
100.[O] Enhanced colour polymorphisms in island populations of the land snail Euhadra peliomphala..[Biological Journal of the Linnean Society,81,(2004),417-425]Hayashi M., Chiba S.
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