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61.[O] Invasive rats alter assemblage characteristics of land snails in the Ogasawara Islands..[Biological Conservation,143,(2010),1558-1563]Chiba, S.
62.[O] Predation impacts of invasive flatworm, Platydemus manokwari on eggs and hatchlings of land snails.[Journal of Molluscan Studies,76,(2010),275-278]Iwai, N., Sugiura, S., Chiba, S.
63.[O] Interference competition alters habitat use patterns in two species of land snails..[Evolutionary Ecology,24,(2010),815-825]Kimura, K., Chiba. S.
64.[O] Cause of bimodal distribution in the shape of a terrestrial gastropod.[Evolution,63,(2009),2877-2887]Okajima, R., Chiba, S.
65.[O] Effect of habitat history and extinction selectivity on species richness pattern of an island snail fauna..[Journal of Biogeography,36,(2009),1913-1922]Chiba, S., Okochi, I., Obayashi, T., Miura, D., Mori, H., Kimura, K., Wada, S.
66.[O] Associations between stable carbon isotope ratio and vegetation in modern and fossil land snails Mandarina chichijimana on Chichijima of the Ogasawara Islands.[Paleontological Research,13,(2009),151-157]Chiba, S., Davison, A.
67.[O] Sociality improves larval growth in the stag beetle Figulus binodulus (Coleoptera:Lucanidae).[European Journal of Entomology,103,(2009),379-383]Mori, H., Chiba, S.
68.[O] Morphological divergence as a result of common adaptation to a shared environment in lands snails in the genus Hirasea.[Journal of Molluscan Studies,75,(2009),253-259]Chiba, S.
69.[B] シリーズ群集生態学2 進化生物学からせまる.[(2009)]大串隆之・近藤倫生・吉田丈人編
70.[O] Possible dispersal of land snails by birds.[Ornithological Science,7,(2008),167-171]Kawakami, K., Wada, S., Chiba, S.
71.[O] Contrasting response to Pleistocene climate change by ground living and arboreal Mandarina snails from the oceanic Hahajima archipelago..[Phil. Trans. R. Soc. Lond. B,363,(2008),3391-3400]Davison, A., Chiba, S.
72.[O] Preservation of the shell matrix protein dermatopontin in 1500 year old land snail fossils from the Bonin islands..[Organic Geochemistry,39,(2008),1742-1746]Sarashina, I., Kunitomoa, Y., Iijimaa, M., Chiba, S., Endo, K.
73.[O] Anatomical and molecular studies reveal several cryptic species of the endemic genus Mandarina in the Ogasawara Islands.[Journal of Molluscan Studie,74,(2008),373-382]Chiba, S., Davison, A.
74.[O] Molecular evidence of the evolutionary origin of a Bonin Islands endemic Stenomelania boninensis..[Journal of Molluscan Studies,74,(2008),199-202]Miura, M., Mori, H., Nakai, S., Satake, K., Sasaki, T., Chiba S.
75.[O] The subfossil land snail fauna from the central Chichijima, Ogasawara Islands, with description of a new species.[Pacific Sci.,62,(2008),137-145]Chiba, S., Sasaki, T., Suzuki, H., Horikoshi, K.
76.[O] Taxonomic revision of the fossil land snail species of the genus Mandarina in the Ogasawara Islands..[Paleontological Research,11,(2007),317-329]Chiba, S.
77.[O] Morphological and ecological shifts in a land snail caused by the impacts of an introduced predator.[Ecological Research,22,(2007),884-891]Chiba, S.
78.[O] Temperature-related diversity of shell colour in the intertidal gastropoda Batillaria.[Journal of Molluscan Studies,73,(2007),235-240]Miura, O., Nishi, S., Chiba, S.
79.[O] Species richness patterns along environmental gradients in island land molluscan fauna.[Ecology,88,(2007),1738-1746]Chiba, S.
80.[O] Trade-offs between force and fit: extreme morphologies associated with feeding behavior in carabid beetles.[American Naturalist,170,(2007),90-100]Konuma, J., Chiba, S.
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