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41.[O] The dual protection of a micro land snail against a micro predatory snail..[PLoS ONE,8,(2013),e54123-]Wada, S., Chiba, S.
42.[O] A maladaptive intermediate form: A strong trade-off revealed by hybrids between two forms of a snail feeding beetles..[Ecology,94,(2013),2638-2644]Konuma, J., Sota, T., Chiba, S.
43.[O] Delayed spermatophore removal from the mate’s genitalia in the land snail Euhadra peliomphala..[Biological Journal of the Linnean Society,108,(2013),806-811]Kimura, K., Chiba, S.
44.[O] Adaptation from restricted geometries: The shell inclination of terrestrial gastropods..[Evolution,67,(2013),429-437]Okajima, R., Chiba, S.
45.[O] Quantitative genetic analysis of subspecific differences in body shape in the snail-feeding carabid beetle Damaster blaptoides..[Heredity,110,(2013),86-93]Konuma, J., Sota, T., Chiba, S.
46.[O] Snails can survive passage through a bird’s digestive system.[Journal of Biogeography,39,(2012),69-73]Wada, S., Kawakami, K., Chiba, S.
47.[O] Vertigo shimochii Kuroda & Amano 1960 synonymized with Gastrocopta servilis (Gould, 1843) based on conchological and DNA sequence data.[Zootaxa,(3161),(2012),48-52]Nekola, J.C., Jones, A., Martinez,G., Martinez, S., Mondragon, K., Lebeck, T., Slapcinsky, J., Chiba, S.
48.[B] 生物多様性と生態学―遺伝子・種・生態系.[(2012)]宮下直・井鷺裕司・千葉聡
49.[O] Symmetry and entropy of one-dimensional legal cellular automata.[Complex Systems,19,(2012),351-361]Yamasaki, K., Nanjo, K., Chiba, S.
50.[O] Functional adaptation for unique habitats in the species of intertidal limpets Patelloida..[Jour. Mar. Biol. Assoc. UK.,92,(2012),547-552]Nakai, S., Wakayama, N., Chiba, S.
51.[O] Destruction of the Asian mud snail, Batillaria attramentaria, population by tsunami waves of the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake..[Journal of Molluscan Studies,78,(2012),377-380]Miura, O., Sasaki, Y., Chiba, S.
52.[O] Seabirds as adhesive seed dispersers of alien and native plants in the oceanic Ogasawara Islands, Japan..[Biodiversity and Conservation,21,(2012),2787-2801]Aoyama, Y., Kawakami, K., Chiba, S.
53.[O] How does life adapt to a gravitational environment?: the outline of the terrestrial gastropod shell..[American Naturalist,178,(2011),801-809]Okajima, R., Chiba, S.
54.[O] Selectivity of terrestrial gastropod extinctions on an oceanic archipelago and insights into the anthropogenic extinction process..[Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA,108,(2011),9496-9501]Chiba, S., Roy, K.
55.[O] The age structure of a breeding population of Hynobius lichenatus (Amphibia, Caudata)..[Current Herpetology,30,(2011),7-14]Yamamoto, T., Ota, H., Chiba, S.
56.[O] Seashore in the mountain: limestone-associated land snail fauna on the oceanic Hahajima Island (Ogasawara Islands, Western Pacific)..[Biological Journal of the Linnean Society,102,(2011),686-693]Wada, S., Chiba, S.
57.[O] Symmetry and entropy of biological patterns: discrete Walsh functions for 2D image analysis..[BioSystems,103,(2011),105-112]Yamasaki, K., Nanjo, K., Chiba, S.
58.[B] 外来生物―生物多様性と人間社会への影響.[(2011)]西川潮・宮下直編
59.[O] Prey tracking behavior in the invasive terrestrial planarian Platydemus manokwari (Platyhelminthes, Tricladida).[Naturwissenschaften,97,(2010),997-1002]Iwai, N., Sugiura, S., Chiba, S.
60.[O] Invasive non-native species’ provision of refugia for endangered native species..[Conservation Biology,24,(2010),1141-1147]Chiba, S.
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