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21.[O] Parallel evolution of passive and active defence in land snails..[Scientific Reports,6,(2016),35600-]Morii Y., Prozorova L., Chiba S.
22.[O] Effects of an invasive ant on land snails in the Ogasawara Islands.[Conservation Biology,30,(2016),1330-1337]Uchida S., Mori H., Kojima T., Hayama K., Sakairi Y., Chiba S.
23.[O] Dynamics of evolutionary radiation under ecological neutrality..[Journal of Theoretical Biology,406,(2016),1-7]Suzuki, T., Chiba, S.
24.[O] Formin is associated with left-right asymmetry in the pond snail and the frog.[Current Biology,(2016)]Davison A., McDowell G.S., Holden J.M., Johnson H.F., Koutsovoulos G.D., Liu M.M., Hulpiau P., Van Roy F., Wade C.M., Banerjee R., Yang F., Chiba S., Davey J.W., Jackson D.J., Levin M., Blaxter M.L.
25.[O] Effect of injection of love-dart mucus on physical vigor in land snails: can remating suppression be explained by physical damage?.[Ethology Ecology & Evolution,28,(2016),284-294]Kimura K., Shibuya K., Chiba S.
26.[O] Evolution and extinction of land snails on oceanic Islands..[Annu. Rev. Ecol. Evol. Syst,47,(2016),123-141]Chiba, S., Cowie R.H.
27.[O] The phylogeny of freshwater viviparid snails in Japan.[Journal of Molluscan Studies,81,(2015),435-441]Hirano, T., Saito, T., Chiba, S.
28.[O] Evidence of introgressive hybridization between the morphologically divergent land snails Ainohelix and Ezohelix.[Biological Journal of the Linnean Society,115,(2015),77-95]Morii, Y., Yokoyama, J., Kawata, M., Davison, A., Chiba, S.
29.[O] Phytophagous insects on native and non-native host plants: combining the community and biogeographical approach.[PLoS One,(2015)]Meijer, K., Zemel, H., Chiba, S., Smit, C., Beukeboom, L.W., Schilthuizen, M.
30.[O] A new species in the genus Aegista from Chugoku district, Japan (Gastropoda: Heterobranchia: Stylommatophora: Camaenidae)..[Molluscan Research,35,(2015),128-138]Hirano, T., Kameda, Y., Chiba, S.
31.[O] The direct cost of traumatic secretion transfer in hermaphroditic land snails: individuals stabbed with a love dart decrease lifetime fecundity.[Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B,282,(2015)]Kimura, K., & Chiba, S.
32.[O] A new species of Helicostyla from the Patnanungan Island, Philippines..[The Asian International Journal of Life Sciences,24:,(2015),37-49.]de Chavez, E.R.C., Fontanilla, I.K.C., Batomalaque, G., Chiba, S.
33.[O] Divergence in the shell morphology of the land snail genus Aegista (Pulmonata: Bradybaenidae) under phylogenetic constraints..[Biological Journal of the Linnean Society,114,(2015),229-241]Hirano, T., Kameda, Y., Kimura, K. Chiba, S.
34.[O] Assortative mating with respect to size in the simultaneously hermaphroditic land snail Bradybaena pellucida..[Acta Ethologica,(2014)]Kimura, K., Hirano, T., Chiba, S.
35.[O] Common effect of the mucus transferred during mating in two dart-shooting snail species from different families..[Journal of Experimental Biology,217,(2014),1150-1153]Kimura, K., Chiba, S. Koene, J.
36.[O] Phylogeny of the land snails Bradybaena and Phaeohelix (Pulmonata: Bradybaenidae) in Japan.[Journal of Molluscan Studies,80,(2014),177-183]Hirano, T., Kameda, Y., Chiba, S.
37.[O] Substantial incongruence among the morphology, taxonomy, and molecular phylogeny of the land snails Aegista, Landouria, Trishoplita, and Pseudobuliminus (Pulmonata: Bradybaenidae) occurring in East Asia..[Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution,70,(2014),171-181]Hirano, T., Kameda, Y., Kimura, K., Chiba, S.
38.[O] Strategic ejaculation in simultaneously hermaphroditic land snails: more sperm into virgin mates..[BMC Evolutionary Biology,13,(2013),264-]Kimura, K., Chiba, S.
39.[O] The mucus of a land snail love-dart suppresses subsequent matings in darted individuals..[Animal Behaviour,85,(2013),631-635]Kimura, K., Shibuya, K., Chiba, S.
40.[O] Long-term stasis and short-term divergence in the phenotypes of microsnails on oceanic islands..[Molecular Ecology,22,(2013),4801-4810]Wada, S., Kameda, Y., Chiba, S.
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