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21.[O] Gamma spectroscopy of hypernuclei: a decade of Hyperball project and future plans at J-PARC.[Nuclear Physics A,835(1-4),(2010),3-10]H. Tamura, Y. Ma, N. Chiga, K. Hosomi, T. Koike, M. Mimori, K. Miwa, M. Sato, K. Shirotori, M. Ukai and T.O. Yamamoto
22.[O] Updated results on the 11ΛB and 12ΛC γ-ray spectroscopy study.[Nuclear Physics A,835(1-4),(2010),422-425]T. Takahashi, T.N. Takahashi, H. Tamura, K. Tanida, N. Terada, A. Toyoda, K. Tsukada, M. Ukai and S.H. Zhou
23.[O] Gamma-ray spectroscopy of Lambda hypernuclei at J-PARC.[Proceedings of the Sendai international symposium Strangeness in Nuclear and Hadronic systems SENDAI08, World Scientific,1,(2009),213-221]T.Koike
24.[R] γ線分光で探る原子核の多様な対称性の破れとその回復.[原子核研究,53(南部特集), (2009), 172-182]小池 武志
25.[O] Lifetime measurement of candidate chiral doublet bands in the 103,104Rh isotopes with the recoil-distance Doppler-shift method in inverse kinematics.[Physical Review C,(2008)]T. Suzuki, G. Rainovski, T. Koike, T. Ahn, M. P. Carpenter, A. Costin, M. Danchev, A. Dewald, R. V. F. Janssens, P. Joshi, C. J. Lister, O. Möller, N. Pietralla, T. Shinozuka, J. Timár, R. Wadsworth, C. Vaman, and S. Zhu
26.[O] Hypernuclear γ-ray spectroscopy: present status and perspectives.[Nuclear Physics A,805(1-4),(2008),384c-391c]H. Tamura, K. Hosomi, T. Koike, Y. Ma, M. Mimori, K. Miwa, T. Ohtani, K. Shirotori and M. Ukai
27.[O] Gamma-ray spectroscopy of hypernuclei: Recent results and future plans.[Nuclear Physics A,804(1-4),(2008),73-83]H. Tamura, , , K. Hosomi, T. Koike, Y. Ma, M. Mimori, K. Miwa, K. Shirotori and M. Ukai
28.[O] Search for the Theta+ via the K+p-->pi+X reaction with a 1.2 GeV/c K+ beam.[Physical Review C,(2008)]K. Miwa, S. Dairaku, D. Nakajima, S. Ajimura, J. Arvieux, H. Fujimura, H. Fujioka, T. Fukuda, H. Funahashi, M. Hayata, K. Hicks, K. Imai, S. Ishimoto, T. Kameyama, S. Kamigaito, S. Kinoshita, T. Koike, Y. Ma, T. Maruta, Y. Miura, M. Miyabe,1 T. Nagae, T. Nakano, K. Nakazawa, M. Naruki, H. Noumi, M. Niiyama, N. Saito, Y. Sato, S. Sawada, Y. Seki, M. Sekimoto, K. Senzaka, K. Shirotori, K. Shoji, S. Suzuki, H. Takahashi, T. Takahashi, T. N. Takahashi, H. Tamura, N. Tanaka, K. Tanida, A. Toyada, T. Watanabe, M. Yosoi, and R. Zavislak
29.[O] Next generation hypernuclear gamma-ray spectrometer: Hyperball-J.[The IX International Conference on Hypernuclear and Strange Particle Physics,(2007)]T. Koike, P. Evtoukhovitch, K.Hosomi, Y.Ma, M.Mimori, K.Shirotori, T.Takahashi, H.Tamura, M.Ukai, Y.Y.Fu, J.Zhou,
30.[O] High-spin structure of 105Ag: Search for chiral doublet bands.[Physical Review C,(2007)]J. Timár, T. Koike, N. Pietralla, G. Rainovski, D. Sohler, T. Ahn, G. Berek, A. Costin, K. Dusling, T. C. Li, E. S. Paul, K. Starosta, and C. Vaman
31.[O] Effect of gamma Softness on the Stability of Chiral Geometry: Spectroscopy of 106Ag.[Physical Review Letters,(2007)]P. Joshi, M. P. Carpenter, D. B. Fossan, T. Koike, E. S. Paul, G. Rainovski, K. Starosta, C. Vaman, and R. Wadsworth
32.[O] 128Cs as the Best Example Revealing Chiral Symmetry Breaking.[Physical Review Letters,(2006)]P. Joshi, M. P. Carpenter, D. B. Fossan, T. Koike, E. S. Paul, G. Rainovski, K. Starosta, C. Vaman, and R. Wadsworth
33.[O] First observation of excited states in 114Cs: Spectroscopy of the yrast nu(h11/2)[direct-product]pi(h11/2) band.[Physical Review C,(2006)]J. F. Smith, A. M. Fletcher, C. J. Chiara, M. P. Carpenter, H. J. Chantler, C. N. Davids, J. L. Durell, D. B. Fossan, S. J. Freeman, R. V. F. Janssens, T. Koike, F. G. Kondev, D. R. LaFosse, J. C. Lisle, D. Patel, E. S. Paul, W. Reviol, D. G. Sarantites, D. Seweryniak, K. Starosta, R. Wadsworth, and A. N. Wilson
34.[O] Role of the core in degeneracy of chiral candidate band doubling: 103Rh.[Physcical Review C,(2006)]J. Timár, C. Vaman, K. Starosta, D. B. Fossan, T. Koike, D. Sohler, I. Y. Lee, and A. O. Macchiavelli
35.[O] Medium-spin gamma-ray spectroscopy of the transitional nucleus 160Er.[Physical Review C,(2006)]K. Dusling, N. Pietralla, G. Rainovski, T. Ahn, B. Bochev, A. Costin, T. Koike, T. C. Li, A. Linnemann, S. Pontillo, and C. Vaman
36.[O] Subnanosecond lifetime measurement for the T=0,3<sub>1</sub><sup>+</sup> state of odd-odd N = Z 58Cu.[Physical Review C,(2005)]A. Costin, N. Pietralla, T. Koike, C. Vaman, T. Ahn, and G. Rainovski
37.[O] High-spin structure of 102Ru.[Physical Review C,(2005)]D. Sohler, J. Timár, G. Rainovski, P. Joshi, K. Starosta, D. B. Fossan, J. Molnár, R. Wadsworth, A. Algora, P. Bednarczyk, D. Curien, Zs. Dombrádi, G. Duchene, A. Gizon, J. Gizon, D. G. Jenkins, T. Koike, A. Krasznahorkay, E. S. Paul, P. M. Raddon, J. N. Scheurer, A. J. Simons, C. Vaman, A. R. Wilkinson, and L. Zolnai
38.[O] Quasi-gamma band and odd-even staggering effect in 102Ru.[Physical Review C,(2005)]S. Lalkovski, G. Rainovski, K. Starosta, M. P. Carpenter, D. B. Fossan, S. Finnigan, S. Ilieva, P. Joshi, T. Koike, E. S. Paul, N. Pietralla, C. Vaman, and R. Wadsworth
39.[O] Chiral Bands, Dynamical Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking, and the Selection Rule for Electromagnetic Transitions in the Chiral Geometry.[Physical Review Letters,(2004)]T. Koike, K. Starosta,I. Hamamoto
40.[O] Chiral Degeneracy in Triaxial 104Rh.[Physical Review Letters,(2004)]C. Vaman, D. B. Fossan, T. Koike, K. Starosta, I. Y. Lee, and A. O. Macchiavelli
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