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81.[R] 鉄系合金元素管理のための自動車スクラップソーティングの重要性.[材料とプロセス(CD-ROM),25(1), (2012), ROMBUNNO.TO22-]松八重一代, 大野肇, 長坂徹也, 中島謙一, 中村愼一郎
82.[O] Thermodynamic analysis of separation of alloying elements in recycling of end-of-life titanium products.[Separation and Purification Technology,89,(2012),135-141]Lu X., Hiraki T., Nakajima K., Takeda O., Matsubae K., Zhu H.M., Nakamura S., Nagasaka T
83.[O] Thermodynamic Estimation of Minor Element Distribution between Immiscible Liquids in Fe-Cu-Based Metal Phase Generated in Melting Treatment of Municipal Solid Wastes.[Waste Management,32(6),(2012),1148-1155]X. Lu, K. Nakajima, H. Sakanakura, K. Matsuabe, H. Bai, and T. Nagasaka
84.[O] The anatomy of capital stock: input-output material flow analysis (MFA) of the material composition of physical stocks and its evolution over time.[Revue de Metallurgie,(2012)]Kondo, Y., Nakajima, K., Matsubae, K. and Nakamura, S
85.[O] Dissolution Behavior of Selenium from Coal Fly Ash Particles for the Development of an Acid-Washing Process.[Chemosphere,85(4),(2011),598-602]Shunsuke Kashiwakura, Hajime Ohno, Yuichi Kumagai, Hiroshi Kubo, Kazuyo Matsubae, and Tetsuya Nagasaka
86.[O] Dissolution behavior of selenium from coal fly ash particles for the development of an acid-washing process.[CHEMOSPHERE,85(4),(2011),598-602]Kashiwakura Shunsuke, Ohno Hajime, Kumagai Yuichi, Kubo Hiroshi, Matsubae Kazuyo, Nagasaka Tetsuya
87.[B] リン資源枯渇危機とはなにか―リンはいのちの元素(阪大リーブル29).[大阪大学出版会,(2011)]大竹久夫(編著)、長坂徹也・松八重一代・黒田章夫・橋本光史(著)
88.[O] Thermodynamic Analysis for the Controllability of Elements in the Recycling Process of Metals.[ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY,45(11),(2011),4929-4936]Nakajima Kenichi, Takeda Osamu, Miki Takahiro, Matsubae Kazuyo, Nagasaka Tetsuya
89.[O] UPIOM: A New Tool of MFA and Its Application to the Flow of Iron and Steel Associated with Car Production.[ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY,45(3),(2011),1114-1120]Nakamura Shinichiro, Kondo Yasushi, Matsubae Kazuyo, Nakajima Kenichi, Nagasaka Tetsuya
90.[R] 自動車に関わるレアメタルの資源・リサイクル・材料開発の最前線 希土類元素の需給予測の試み.[金属,81(2), (2011), 117-122]森本慎一郎, 醍醐市朗, 松八重一代
91.[O] Impacts on CO2 of the recovery of secondary ferrous materials from alternative ELV treatment methods: a Waste Input Output Analysis.[ISIJ international,51(1),(2011)]K.Matsubae, K.Nakajima, S.Nakamura, and T.Nagasaka
92.[O] UPIOM: A New Tool of MFA with Application to the Flow of Iron and Steel Associated with Car Production.[Environmental Science and Technology,45,(2011),1114-1120]S.Nakamura, Y. Kondo, K.Matsubae, K.Nakajima and T.Nagasaka
93.[O] Virtual Phosphorus Ore Requirement of Japanese Economy.[Chemosphere,(2011)]Kazuyo Matsubae, Jun Kajiyama, Takehito Hiraki and Tetsuya Nagasaka
94.[O] Thermodynamic Criteria for the Removal of Impurities from End-of-Life Magnesium Alloys by Evaporation and Flux Treatment.[Science and Technology of Advanced Materials,(2011)]Takehito Hiraki, Osamu Takeda, Kenichi Nakajima, Kazuyo Matsubae, Shinichiro Nakamura, and Tetsuya Nagasaka
95.[O] Thermodynamic analysis for the controllability of elements in recycling process of metals.[Environmental Science & Technology,(2011)]Nakajima, Kenichi; Takeda, Osamu; Miki, Takahiro; Matsubae, Kazuyo; Nagasaka, Tetsuya
96.[O] Identifying the Substance Flow of Metals Embedded in Japanese International Trade by use of WIO-MFA model.[ISIJ International,(2011)]Kenichi Nakajima,Keisuke Nansai,Kazuyo Matsubae,Yasushi Kondo, Shigemi Kagawa, Rokuta Inaba, Shinichiro Nakamura, and Tetsuya Nagasaka
97.[O] Substance Flow Analysis of Zinc Cycle and Current Status of Electric Arc Furnace Dust Management for Zinc Recovery in Taiwan.[Resources Conservation and Recycling,(2011)]H-W. Ma, K. Matsubae, K.Nakajima, M-S.Tsai, K-H.Shao, P-C.Chen, C-H.Lee and T. Nagasaka
98.[O] Impact of the Recovery of Secondary Ferrous Materials from Alternative ELV Treatment Methods on CO2 Emission: A Waste Input Output Analysis.[ISIJ INTERNATIONAL,51(1),(2011),151-157]Matsubae Kazuyo, Nakajima Kenichi, Nakamura Shinichiro, Nagasaka Tetsuya
99.[O] Identifying the Substance Flow of Metals Embedded in Japanese International Trade by Use of Waste Input-Output Material Flow Analysis (WIO-MFA) Model.[ISIJ INTERNATIONAL,51(11),(2011),1934-1939]Nakajima Kenichi, Nansai Keisuke, Matsubae Kazuyo, Kondo Yasushi, Kagawa Shigemi, Inaba Rokuta, Nakamura Shinichiro, Nagasaka Tetsuya
100.[R] 持続可能な産業形成:サービス化とリユース促進 レアメタル資源制約とリユース・リサイクルの重要性.[エネルギー・資源,31(5), (2010), 274-278]森本慎一郎, 醍醐市朗, 松八重一代
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