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1.[B] The Experimental Archaeology Workshop.[東誠社,(2019)]Hong Hyewon
2.[O] 山形県大石田町角二山遺跡2018年度発掘調査.[第32回東北日本の旧石器文化を語る会予稿集,(2018),31-40]青木要祐・花田杜綺・早川文弥・今西純菜・鈴木秋平・王晗・舘内魁生・熊谷亮介・洪惠媛・鹿又喜隆・阿子島香
3.[O] Rethinking the Early Upper Paleolithic Industries in the Northeastern part of the Japanese Archipelago ; Base retouched tools and Transformation in Flaking Concept..[Journal of the Korean Palaeolithic Society,(38),(2018),43-68]Hong Hyewon
4.[O] Use-wear analysis of tanged points from the Suyanggae site, LocalityⅠ and LocalityⅥ.[丹陽垂楊介旧石器遺跡(Ⅰ・Ⅵ地区)-自然科学分析-,(2018),103-141]Kaoru AKOSHIMA, Hyewon HONG
5.[B] 東北日本の旧石器時代.[六一書房,(2018)]洪惠媛
6.[O] Standard use-wear chart of TUMRT(4): Polish(2).[Bulletin of the Tohoku University Museum,(17),(2018),115-138]Kaoru Akoshima, Hyewon Hong
7.[O] 山形県大石田町角二山遺跡2017年度発掘調査.[第31回東北日本の旧石器文化を語る会予稿集,(2017),23-32]青木要祐・木村恒・鈴木秋平・舘内魁生・王晗・洪惠媛・鹿又喜隆・阿子島香
8.[O] 韓半島の前・中期旧石器.[第31回東北日本の旧石器文化を語る会予稿集,(2017),88-97]洪惠媛
9.[O] Toward the Standardised identification of lithic use-wear, for universal East Asian criteria..[22(2)d International Symposium The initial Human Exploration of the Continental and Insular pars od the Eurasia. Suyanggae and Ogonki Thesises.,(2017),44-51]Kaoru Akoshima, Hyewon Hong
10.[O] Standard use-wear chart of TUMRT(3): Polish(1).[Bulletin of the Tohoku University Museum,(16),(2017),69-86]Kaoru Akoshima, Hyewon Hong
11.[O] 山形県新庄市白山B遺跡第2次発掘調査.[第30回東北日本の旧石器文化を語る会予稿集,(2016),21-28]熊谷亮介・里村静・洪惠媛・鹿又喜隆・阿子島香
12.[B] 東北文化資料叢書第9集考古学資料 最上川流域の後期旧石器文化の研究3 高倉山遺跡.[東北プリント,(2016)]洪惠媛
13.[O] Standard use-wear chart of TUMRT(2): Microflaking(2).[Bulletin of the Tohoku University Museum,(15),(2016),127-193]Kaoru Akoshima, Hyewon Hong
14.[O] A Study of Conical-Biconical Core from Early Paleolithic Sites in the Imjin-Hantan River Basin, Korean Peninsula.[PALAEOLITHIC ARCHAEOLOGY,(81),(2016),59-74]Hyewon HONG
15.[R] Paleolithic period in Tohoku region.[The Archaeological Journal,(670), (2015), 7-9]Hong Hyewon
16.[O] 九州地方における洞穴遺跡の研究-長崎県福井洞穴第三次発掘調査報告書-.[Bulletin of the Tohoku University Museum,(14),(2015),5-190]鹿又喜隆・村田弘之・梅川隆寛・洪恵媛・柳田俊雄・阿子島香・鈴木三男・井上巖・早瀬亮介・小原圭一
17.[R] Salt works technology and Salt works folk at West-South Area of Korea.[日中韓周縁域の宗教文化 = Religious culture in the fringeland of Japan China and Korea,1, (2015), 73-93]郭 儒晳, 洪 惠媛
18.[O] 山形県新庄市白山E遺跡第2次発掘調査.[第28回東北日本の旧石器文化を語る会予稿集,(2015),46-55]洪惠媛・鹿又喜隆・川口亮・村椿篤史・阿子島香・柳田俊雄
19.[O] 加美町薬莱山麓の旧石器遺跡(3)―薬莱原No.34遺跡―.[宮城考古学,(16),(2014),107-120]小野章太郎・鹿又喜隆・佐久間光平(以上、執筆・編集)・大場正善・熊谷亮介・傳田惠隆・洪惠媛・松本茂・村上裕次・村椿篤史
20.[O] Standard use-wear chart of TUMRT(1): Microflaking(1).[Bulletin of the Tohoku University Museum,(13),(2014),43-76]Kaoru Akoshima, Hyewon Hong
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