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1.Hypernuclei revealed by precision gamma-ray spectroscopy.[日本物理学会誌,67(1), (2012), 14-23]M.Ukai, H.Tamura
2.Hypernuclei and Baryon-Baryon Interactions.[原子核研究,46(4), (2002), 1-30]H.Tamura
3.Shrinking strange nucleus -- hypernuclei extending our concept of atomic nucleus.[岩波書店 科学,71(8), (2001), 1013-]H.Tamura
4.Origination of Hypernuclear Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy.[日本物理学会誌,56(6), (2001), 419-422]H.Tamura, K.Tanida
5.Production of4ΛH from stopped K- absorption.[日本物理学会誌,44(10), (1989), 765-768]H.Tamura
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