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1.[O] Study of the Kbar-Nucleus Interaction by Using the 12C(K-,p) Reaction at J-PARC.[JPS Conf. Proc.,13,(2017),020007-1-020007-5]Yudai Ichikawa et al.
2.[O] Studies of high density baryon matter with high intensity heavy-ion beams at J-PARC.[Nucl. Phys. A,956,(2016),850-853]H. Sako et al.
3.[O] Observation of Spin-Dependent Charge Symmetry Breaking in ΛN Interaction: Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy of 4ΛHe.[Phys. Rev. Lett.,115,(2015),222501-1-222501-5]T.O. Yamamoto et al.
4.[O] Hypernuclear production cross section in the reaction of 6Li + 12C at 2 A GeV.[Phys. Lett. B,474,(2015),129-134]C. Rappold et al.
5.[O] Study of ΛN Interaction via the γ-ray Spectroscopy of 4ΛHe and 19ΛF (E13-1st).[JPS Conf. Proc.,8,(2015),021017-1-021017-6]T.O. Yamamoto et al.
6.[O] J-PARC E27 Experiment to Search for a K−pp Bound State.[JPS Conf. Proc.,8,(2015),021020-1-021020-7]Yudai Ichikawa et al.
7.[O] J-PARC E19 Experiment: Pentaquark Θ+ Search in Hadronic Reaction at J-PARC.[JPS Conf. Proc.,8,(2015),022011-1-022011-6]Tomonori N. Takahashi et al.
8.[O] Measurement of the Λ Spin-flip B(M1) Value in Hypernuclei.[JPS Conf. Proc.,8,(2015),022013-1-022013-4]Y. Sasaki et al.
9.[O] Precise determination of 12ΛC level structure by γ-ray spectroscopy.[Prog. Theor. Exp. Phys.,2015,(2015),08D01-]K. Hosomi et al.
10.[B] 宇宙の物質はどのようにできたのか(日本物理学会編).[日本評論社,(2015)]田村裕和
11.[O] Observation of the “K−pp”-like structure in the d(π+, K+) reaction at 1.69 GeV/c.[Prog. Theor. Exp. Phys.,(2015),021D01-1-021D01-8]Yudai Ichikawa et al.
12.[O] Development of a low-temperature germanium detector via mechanical cooling with a compact pulse-tube refrigerator.[Nucl. Instr. Meth. A,770,(2015),1-7]T. Koike, N. Chiga, T. Haruyama, K. Hosomi, H. Ichinohe, K. Kasami, T. Matsushita, Y. Mizoguchi, H. Ono, K. Shirotori, T. Takeuchi, H. Tamura, T.O. Yamamoto
13.[O] Inclusive spectrum of the d(π+, K+) reaction at 1.69 GeV/c.[Prog. Theor. Exp. Phys.,(2014),101D03-]Yudai Ichikawa et al.
14.[O] High-resolution search for the Θ+ pentaquark via a pion-induced reaction at J-PARC.[Phys. Rev. C,90,(2014),035205-1-035205-11]M. Moritsu et al. (J-PARC E19 collaboration)
15.[O] Comprehensive data on ionising radiation from Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in the town of Miharu, Fukushima prefecture: The Misho Project.[Journal of Radiological Protection,34,(2014),675-]T. Koike et al.
16.[O] Study on 6ΛH hypernucleus by the (π−,K+) reaction at J-PARC.[EPJ Web Conf.,66,(2014),09017-]H. Sugimura et al. (J-PARC E10 collaboration)
17.[O] Search for 6ΛH hypernucleus by the (π−,K+) reaction at J-PARC.[J. Phys. Conf. Ser.,569,(2014),012078-1-012078-4]H. Sugimura et al. (J-PARC E10 collaboration)
18.[O] High Precision γ-ray Spectroscopy of 4ΛHe and 19Λ F at J-PARC.[JPS Conf. Proc.,1,(2014),013076-1-013076-5]S. B. Yang et al.
19.[O] Nuclear Matter in Neutron Stars –A Great Challenge in Nuclear Physics—.[JPS Conf. Proc.,1,(2014),011003-1-011003-7]Hirokazu Tamura
20.[O] Search for evidence of 3Λn by observing d+π− and t+π− final states in the reaction of 6Li+12C at 2A GeV.[Phys.Rev. C,88,(2013),041001-]C. Rappold et al. (HypHI collaboration)
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