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1.[O] Plasmonic-magnetic dual-functional graded nanoparticles with oxide shell passivation designed for bioapplications.[APPLIED PHYSICS EXPRESS,11(10),(2018)]Kitaura Ryoichi, Takahashi Mari, Mohan Priyank, Higashimine Koichi, Mott Derrick, Maenosono Shinya
2.[O] Silver nanoparticle loaded TiO2 nanotubes with high photocatalytic and antibacterial activity synthesized by photoreduction method.[JOURNAL OF PHOTOCHEMISTRY AND PHOTOBIOLOGY A-CHEMISTRY,352,(2018),106-112]Pham Van Viet, Bach Thang Phan, Derrick Mott, Shinya Maenosono, Truong Tan Sang, Cao Minh Thi, Le Van Hieu
3.[O] Evolution of surface catalytic sites on thermochemically-tuned gold-palladium nanoalloys.[NANOSCALE,10(8),(2018),3849-3862]Kareem Haval, Shan Shiyao, Lin Fang, Li Jing, Wu Zhipeng, Prasai Binay, O'Brien Casey P., Lee Ivan C., Tran Dat T., Yang Lefu, Mott Derrick, Luo Jin, Petkov Valeri, Zhong Chuan-Jian
4.[O] Sustainable thermoelectric materials fabricated by using Cu2Sn1-xZnxS3 nanoparticles as building blocks.[Applied Physics Letters,111(26),(2017),263105]Wei Zhou, Chiko Shijimaya, Mari Takahashi, Masanobu Miyata, Derrick Mott, Mikio Koyano, Michihiro Ohta, Takeo Akatsuka, Hironobu Ono, Shinya Maenosono
5.[O] Comparative trial of saccharin-added electrolyte for improving the structure of an electrodeposited magnetic FeCoNi thin film.[THIN SOLID FILMS,642,(2017),51-57]Setia Budi, Budhy Kurniawan, Derrick M. Mott, Shinya Maenosono, Akrajas Ali Umar, Azwar Manaf
6.[O] AuFePt Ternary Homogeneous Alloy Nanoparticles with Magnetic and Plasmonic Properties.[LANGMUIR,33(7),(2017),1687-1694]Priyank Mohan, Mari Takahashi, Koichi Higashimine, Derrick Mott, Shinya Maenosono
7.[O] Synthesis and surface functionalization of Fe3O4-SiO2 core-shell nanoparticles with 3-glycidoxypropyltrimethoxysilane and 1,1 '-carbonyldiimidazole for bio-applications.[COLLOIDS AND SURFACES A-PHYSICOCHEMICAL AND ENGINEERING ASPECTS,504,(2016),376-383]Thi Kieu Hanh Ta, Minh-Thuong Trinh, Nguyen Viet Long, Thanh My Nguyen, Thi Lien Thuong Nguyen, Tran Linh Thuoc, Bach Thang Phan, Derrick Mott, Shinya Maenosono, Hieu Tran-Van, Van Hieu Le
8.[O] Electron transfer as a tool to create heterostructured nanoscale probes with robust, active, and enhanced sensing properties and functionality.[ABSTRACTS OF PAPERS OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY,252,(2016)]Mott Derrick, Anh Thi Ngoc Dao, Takahashi Mari, Maenosono Shinya
9.[O] Preparation of PdCu Alloy Nanocatalysts for Nitrate Hydrogenation and Carbon Monoxide Oxidation.[Catalysts,6(7),(2016)]Fan Cai, Lefu Yang, Shiyao Shan, Derrick Mott, Bing H. Chen, Jin Luo, Chuan-Jian Zhong
10.[O] Ultrafast Exciton Dynamics in CdxHg(1-x)Te alloy Quantum Dots.[CHEMICAL PHYSICS,469,(2016),25-30]Marina A. Leontiadou, Ali Al-Otaify, Stephen V. Kershaw, Olga Zhovtiuk, Sergii Kalytchuk, Derrick Mott, Shinya Maenosono, Andrey L. Rogach, David J. Binks
11.[O] Copper Sulfide-Zinc Sulfide Janus Nanoparticles and Their Seebeck Characteristics for Sustainable Thermoelectric Materials.[JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C,120(11),(2016),5869-5875]Hiroyuki Shimose, Maninder Singh, Dipali Ahuja, Wei Zhao, Shiyao Shan, Shunsuke Nishino, Masanobu Miyata, Koichi Higashimine, Derrick Mott, Mikio Koyano, Jin Luo, C. J. Zhong, Shinya Maenosono
12.[O] Exchange bias in Ag/FeCo/Ag core/shell/shell nanoparticles due to partial oxidation of FeCo intermediate shell.[JOURNAL OF MAGNETISM AND MAGNETIC MATERIALS,401,(2016),339-344]Mari Takahashi, Priyank Mohan, Derrick M. Mott, Shinya Maenosono
13.[O] Quantitative two-dimensional strain mapping of small core-shell FePt@Fe3O4 nanoparticles.[NEW JOURNAL OF PHYSICS,18,(2016)]Marianne Monteforte, Shoko Kobayashi, Le D. Tung, Koichi Higashimine, Derrick M. Mott, Shinya Maenosono, Nguyen T. K. Thanh, Ian K. Robinson
14.[O] Synthesis and characterization of PtNiCo nanoparticles with controllable size, shape, and composition.[ABSTRACTS OF PAPERS OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY,251,(2016)]Cronk Hannah, Kim Seun Ku, Skeete Zakiya, Shan Shiyao, Mott Derrick, Lou Jin, Zhong Chuanjian
15.[O] Doxorubicin loaded dual pH- and thermo-responsive magnetic nanocarrier for combined magnetic hyperthermia and targeted controlled drug delivery applications.[NANOSCALE,8(24),(2016),12152-12161]Aziliz Hervault, Alexander E. Dunn, May Lim, Cyrille Boyer, Derrick Mott, Shinya Maenosono, Nguyen T. K. Thanh
16.[O] Chalcopyrite Nanoparticles as a Sustainable Thermoelectric Material.[NANOMATERIALS,5(4),(2015),1820-1830]Singh Maninder, Miyata Masanobu, Nishino Shunsuke, Mott Derrick, Koyano Mikio, Maenosono Shinya
17.[O] Harvesting Nanocatalytic Heat Localized in Nanoalloy Catalyst as a Heat Source in a Nanocomposite Thin Film Thermoelectric Device.[LANGMUIR,31(41),(2015),11158-11163]Wei Zhao, Shiyao Shan, Jin Luo, Derrick M. Mott, Shinya Maenosono, Chuan-Jian Zhong
18.[O] Ag/FeCo/Ag Core/Shell/Shell Magnetic Nanoparticles with Plasmonic Imaging Capability.[LANGMUIR,31(7),(2015),2228-2236]Takahashi Mari, Mohan Priyank, Nakade Akiko, Higashimine Koichi, Mott Derrick, Hamada Tsutomu, Matsumura Kazuaki, Taguchi Tomohiko, Maenosono Shinya
19.[O] Catalytic activity of bimetallic catalysts highly sensitive to the atomic composition and phase structure at the nanoscale.[NANOSCALE,7(45),(2015),18936-18948]Shiyao Shan, Valeri Petkov, Binay Prasai, Jinfang Wu, Pharrah Joseph, Zakiya Skeete, Eunjoo Kim, Derrick Mott, Oana Malis, Jin Luo, Chuan-Jian Zhong
20.[O] Formation mechanism of magnetic-plasmonic Ag@FeCo@Ag core-shell-shell nanoparticles: fact is more interesting than fiction.[CRYSTENGCOMM,17(36),(2015),6923-6929]Takahashi Mari, Higashimine Koichi, Mohan Priyank, Mott Derrick M., Maenosono Shinya
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