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1.[O] Luminescence Spectroscopical Properties of Plagioclase Particles from the Hayabusa Sample Return Mission: An Implication for Study of Space Weathering Processes in the Asteroid Itokawa.[Microscopy and Microanalysis,23,(2017),179-186]A. GUCSIK, T. NAKAMURA, C. JÄGER, K. NINAGAWA, H. NISHIDO, M. KAYAMA, A. TSUCHIYAMA, U. OTT, Á. KERESZTURI
2.[O] High-pressure polymorphs in Yamato-790729 L6 chondrite and their significance for collisional condition.[Meteoritics & Planetary Science,(2017)]Y. KATO, T. SEKINE, M. KAYAMA, M. MIYAHARA, A. YAMAGUCHI
3.[O] Cathodoluminescence petrography of P–type jadeitites from the New Idria serpentinite body, California.[Journal of Mineralogical and Petrological Sciences,112,(2017),291-299]N. TAKAHASHI, T. TSUJIMORI, M. KAYAMA, H. NISHIDO
4.[O] Composition of Asian dust from cathodoluminescence spectral analysis of single quartz grains.[Geology,45,(2017),879-882]K. NAGASHIMA, H. NISHIDO, M. KAYAMA, Y. KUROSAKI, S. OHGO, H. HASEGAWA
5.[O] Cathodoluminescence of synthetic zircon implanted by He+ ion.[Geochronometria,44,(2017),129-135]Y. TSUCHIYA1, M. KAYAMA, H. NISHIDO, Y. NOUMI
6.[O] Cathodoluminescence and Raman spectromicroscopy of forsterite in Tagish Lake meteorite: Implications for Astromineralogy.[International Journal of Spectroscopy,2016,(2016),1-8]A. GUCSIK, I. GYOLLAIA, H. NISHIDO, K. NINAGAWA, M. IZAWA, C. JÄGER, U. OTT, I. SIMONIA, S. BÉRCZI, M. KAYAMA
7.[O] Cryptoperthitic and replacive intergrowths with iridescence in monzonitic rocks from Cerro Colorado, northern Chile.[European Journal of Mineralogy,28,(2016),355-374]S. NAKANO, S. KOJIMA, K. MAKINO, M. KAYAMA, H. NISHIDO, J. AKAI.
8.[B] 地球のしくみを理解する-広島大学理学部地球惑星システム学科へようこそ-.[(2015)]日高洋,関根利守,鹿山雅裕,宮原正明,伊藤元雄,早坂康隆,Das Kaushik,星野健一,大川真紀雄,佐藤友子,中久喜伴益,安東淳一,片山郁夫,須田直樹,廣瀬丈洋,林為人,白石史人,石川剛志,谷水雅治,坂口綾,大河内直彦,高橋嘉夫,田中雅人
9.[O] Annealing effects on cathodoluminescence of zircon.[Journal of Mineralogical and Petrological Sciences,110,(2015),283-292]Y. TSUCHIYA, M. KAYAMA, H. NISHIDO, Y. NOUMI
10.[O] 鹿児島県桜島産クリストバライトのフォトルミネッセンスとカソードルミネッセンス.[地球科学,69,(2015),337-342]河野俊夫,鹿山雅裕,中野聰志
11.[O] c. 1450 Ma regional felsic volcanism at the fringe of the East Indian Craton: constraints from geochronology and geochemistry of tuff beds from detached sedimentary basins.[Geological Society, London, Memoirs,43,(2015),207-221]D. KAUSHIK, P. P. CHAKRABORTY, Y. HAYASAKA, M. KAYAMA, S. SAHA, K. KIMURA
12.[O] Cathodoluminescence spectroscopical properties of plagioclase particles from asteroid Itokawa.[Advances in ESR Applications,31,(2015),6-8]A. GUCSIK, H. NISHIDO, K. NINAGAWA, A. KERESZTURI, T. NAKAMURA, A. TSUCHIYAMA, C. JÄGER, U. OTT, M. KAYAMA
13.[B] Impacts on airless objects under microgravity and possible related structures in Itokawa asteroid sample.[(2014)]A. KERESZTURI, A. GUCSIK, T. NAKAMURA, H. NISHIDO, K. NINAGAWA, M. KAYAMA
14.[O] Electron irradiation effects on cathodoluminescence in zircon.[Journal of Mineralogical and Petrological Science,109,(2014),18-22]Y. TSUCHIYA, M. KAYAMA, H. NISHIDO, Y. NOUMI
15.[O] Cathodoluminescence of alkali feldspars and radiation effects on the luminescent properties.[American Mineralogist,99,(2014),65-75]M. KAYAMA, H. NISHIDO, S. TOYODA, K. KOMURO, A. A. FINCH, M. R. LEE, K. NINAGAWA
16.[O] Cathodoluminescence microscopy and spectroscopy of forsterite from Kaba meteorite: An application to the study of hydrothermal alteration of parent body.[Meteoritics & Planetary Science,48,(2013),1-20]A. GUCSIK, T. ENDO, H. NISHIDO, K. NINAGAWA, M. KAYAMA, S. BÉRCZI, S. NAGY, P. ÁBRAHÁM, Y. KIMURA, H. MIURA, I. GYOLLAI, I. SIMONIA, P. RÓZSA, J. POSTA, D. APAI, K. MIHÁLYI, M. NAGY, U. OTT
17.[O] He+ Ion Implantation and Electron Irradiation Effects on Cathodoluminescence of Plagioclase.[Physics and Chemistry of Minerals,40,(2013),531-545]M. KAYAMA, H. NISHIDO, S. TOYODA, K. KOMURO, A. A. FINCH, M. R. LEE, K. NINAGAWA
18.[O] Discovery of Seifertite in a Shocked Lunar Meteorite.[Nature Communications,4(1737),(2013)]M. MIYAHARA, S. KANEKO, E. OHTANI, T. SAKAI, T. NAGASE, M. KAYAMA, H. NISHIDO, N. HIRAO
19.[O] Response of cathodoluminescence of alkali feldspar to He+ ion implantation and electron irradiation.[Geochronometria,40,(2013),244-249]M. KAYAMA, H. NISHIDO, S. TOYODA, K. KOMURO, A. A. FINCH, M. R. LEE, K. NINAGAWA
20.[O] Thermal effects on cathodoluminescence in forsterite.[Geochronometria,40,(2013),239-243]H. NISHIDO, T. ENDO, K. NINAGAWA, M. KAYAMA, A. GUCSIK
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