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1.Structure of Ni-Mn-Ga Films Prepared by Sputtering Method..[Processing Materials for Properties-II, The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society,(2000)]大塚 誠
2.Structure and Hydrogen-Absorption Properties of LaNi5 Thin Films Prepared by a Sputtering Method..[Valued-Addition Metallurgy, The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society,,(1998)]大塚 誠
3.Fabrication of Ni2MnGa Thin Film..[Proceedings of the Japan-France Seminar on Intelligent Materials and Structures,(1997)]大塚 誠
4.High Temperature Creep of Alpha-two Ti-34 mol% Al Polycrystals..[High Temperature Ordered Intermetallics Alloys I, Materials Research Society,(1995)]大塚 誠
5.Creep Behavior and Substructures of α2 Ti-27 mol% Al Intermetallics..[Strength of Materials, The Japan Institute of Metals,(1994)]大塚 誠
6.Creep Behavior of Ti-27 mol% Al Intermetallics..[Titanium '92, Science and Technology, The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society,(1993)]大塚 誠
7.Mechanism of Reaction Rate Enhahcement in Direct Production of LaNi5 by Reduction-Diffusion Method..[First International Conference on Processing Materials for Properties, The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society,(1993)]大塚 誠
8.Creep Strength of the Alpha-two and the Gamma Phase in the Ti-Al system..[Proceedings of Japan International Symposium on Intermetallic Compounds for High-Temperature Structual Applications,(1993)]大塚 誠
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