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1.Pronounced effects of the basal frond portion of the kelp Saccharina japonica on gonad qualities of the sea urchin Mesocentrotus nudus from a barren.[Aquaculture,516,(2020),734623-]Takagi S, Murata Y, Inomata E, Aoki MN, Agatsuma Y*
2.Maintenance of complex life cycles via cryptic differences in the ecophysiology of haploid and diploid spores of an isomorphic red alga.[J. Phycol.,(2019)]Bellgrove A, Nakaya F, Serisawa Y, Matsuyama-Serisawa K, Kagami Y, Jones PM, Suzuki H, Kawano S, Aoki MN
3.Attachment strength differs amongst life-history stages of an intertidal, isomorphic red alga.[Phycol. Res.,(2019)]Bellgrove A, Aoki MN
4.Production of high quality gonads in the sea urchin Mesocentrotus nudus (A. Agassiz, 1864) from a barren by feeding on the kelp Saccharina japonica at the late sporophyte stage.[J. Appl. Phycol.,(2019)]Takagi S, Murata Y, Inomata E, Aoki MN, Agatsuma Y*
5.Japan’s nationwide long-term monitoring survey of seaweed communities known as the “Monitoring Sites 1000”: Ten-year overview and future perspectives.[Phycol. Res.,(2019)]Terada R, Abe M, Abe T, Aoki M, Dazai A, Endo H, Kamiya M, Kawai H, Kurashima A, Motomura T, Murase N, Sakanishi Y, Shimabukuro H, Tanaka J, Yoshida G, Aoki M
6.Vertical distribution of epifauna on Sargassum horneri with special reference to the occurrence of bivalve spats.[Plankton Benthos Res.,14(2),(2019),114-123]Ito K, Hamaguchi M, Inomata E, Agatsuma Y, Aoki MN*
7.Effect of breakwater restoration work following the subsidence caused by the 2011 Tohoku Earthquakeon the subtidal kelp population.[Phycological Research,(2019)]Suzuki H, Aoki T, Inomata E, Agatsuma Y, Aoki MN*
8.Opening the black box: microspatial patterns of zoospore dispersal, parentage and selfing in the kelp Ecklonia cava as revealed by microsatellite markers.[J. Appl. Phycol.,(2019)]Itou T, Kanno M, Suyama Y, Inaba K, Aoki MN*
9.Possible use of blue light in Undaria pinnatifida aquaculture.[Journal of Integrated Field Science,16,(2019),12-]Suzuki A, Endo H, Inomata E, Agatsuma Y, Aoki M
10.Reproduction and population structure of the sea urchin Heliocidaris crassispina in its newly extended range: The Oga Peninsula in the Sea of Japan, northeastern Japan.[PLOS ONE,14(1),(2019)]Feng Wenping, Nakabayashi Nobuyasu, Narita Kazumi, Inomata Eri, Aoki Masakazu N., Agatsuma Yukio*
11.Long-term changes in a kelp bed of Eisenia bicyclis (Kjellman) Setchell due to subsidence caused by the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake in Shizugawa Bay, Japan.[Phycological Research,66(4),(2018),253-261]Sakanishi, Y., Kurashima, A., Dazai, A., Abe, T., Aoki, M. & Tanaka, J.
12.Dietary effect of kelp (Saccharina japonica) on gonad quantity and quality in sea urchins (Mesocentrotus nudus) collected from a barren before the fishing season.[JOURNAL OF SHELLFISH RESEARCH,37(3),(2018),659-669]Takagi Satomi, Murata Yuko, Inomata Eri, Endo Hikaru, Aoki Masakazu N., Agatsuma Yukio
13.Process of deterioration of a kelp (Ecklonia bicyclis Kjellman) bed as a result of grazing by the sea urchin Mesocentrotus nudus (Agassiz) in Shizugawa Bay in northeastern Honshu, Japan.[Journal of Applied Phycology,(2018)]Agatsuma, Y., Takagi, S., Inomata, E. & Aoki, M.N.
14.Research on effects of the 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake and the following tsunami on marine ecosystems to provide scientic information for reconstruction of fisheries: Comprehensive research by the members of the Tohoku Ecosystem- Assoc.[NIPPON SUISAN GAKKAISHI,84(5),(2018),883-884]Ito Kinuko, Fujikura Katsunori, Hara Motoyuki, Aoki Masakazu, Ishikawa Yoichi, Sonoda Akira, Kijima Akihiro
15.Effects of the subsidence caused by the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake on the subtidal rocky shore community at Oshika Peninsula.[NIPPON SUISAN GAKKAISHI,84(6),(2018),1058-1061]Aoki Masakazu, Suzuki Haruka, Aoki Tomoya, Inomata Eri, Agatsuma Yukio
16.Community dynamics and a newly conservative means of Ecklonia bicyclis kelp beds after the 2011 huge tsunami in Shizugawa Bay, Miyagi, Japan.[NIPPON SUISAN GAKKAISHI,84(6),(2018),1074-1077]Agatsuma Yukio, Endo Hikaru, Takagi Satomi, Horikoshi Ayaka, Inomata Eri, Aoki Masakazu N.
17.東北地方太平洋沖地震に伴う地盤沈下が牡鹿半島の岩礁潮下帯生物群集に及ぼした影響.[日本水産学会誌,84(6),(2018),1058-1061]青木優和, 鈴木はるか, 青木智也, 猪股英里, 吾妻行雄
18.志津川湾における地震後のアラメ群落の動態と新たな保全技術.[日本水産学会誌,84(6),(2018),1074-1077]吾妻行雄, 遠藤 光, 高木聖実, 堀越彩香, 猪股英里, 青木優和
19.Improvement of gonad quality of the sea urchin Mesocentrotus nudus fed the kelp Saccharina japonica during offshore cage culture.[Aquaculture,477,(2017),50-61]Takagi, S., Murata, Y., Inomata, E., Endo, H., Aoki, M.N. & Agatsuma, Y.
20.Distributional changes of the kelp community at a subtidal reef after the subsidence caused by the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake.[Reg. Stud. Mar. Sci.,14,(2017),73-83]Suzuki, H., Aoki, T., Kubo, Y., Endo, H. & Agatsuma, Y. & Aoki, M.N.*
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