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101.[R] 衝突エネルギー分解ペニングイオン化電子分光法によるDyson軌道の実験的決定.[化学反応討論会講演要旨集,22nd, (2006), 36-37]岸本直樹, 山崎優一, 堀尾琢哉, 大野公一
102.[R] 角度・衝突エネルギー・電子エネルギー分解測定および古典トラジェクトリー計算による衝突イオン化過程の電子放出ダイナミクスの解析.[化学反応討論会講演要旨集,22nd, (2006), 147-]半沢義紀, 岸本直樹, 山崎優一, 大野公一
103.[O] Collision-Energy-Resolved Penning Ionization Electron Spectroscopy of Thiazole and Benzothiazole: Study of Ionic States and Anisotropic Interactions between a Metastable He*(23S) Atom and Hetero Cyclic Compounds.[J. Phys. Chem. A,110,(2006),7097-7104]Masakazu Yamazaki, Naoki Kishimoto, and Koichi Ohno
104.[O] Probing anisotropic interaction potentials of unsaturated hydrocarbons with He*(23S) metastable atom: Attractive-site preference of σ-direction in C2H2 and π-direction in C2H4.[J. Chem. Phys.,124,(2006),104308-1-104308-14]Takuya Horio, Takuro Hatamoto, Satoshi Maeda, Naoki Kishimoto, and Koichi Ohno
105.[O] Probing anisotropic interaction potentials of unsaturated hydrocarbons with He*(2 S-3) metastable atom: Attractive-site preference of sigma-direction in C2H2 and pi-direction in C2H4.[JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS,124(10),(2006),104308-]T Horio, T Hatamoto, S Maeda, N Kishimoto, K Ohno
106.[R] Analysis of emitted electron angular distribution in collision ionization by classical trajectory calculation and collision-energy-angular-resolved Penning ionization electron spectroscopy.[日本化学会講演予稿集,86th(1), (2006), 241-]半澤義紀, 岸本直樹, 山崎優一, 大野公一
107.[R] Shape of Electron Distribution of Molecular Orbitals based on Penning Ionization Electron Spectroscopy: Comparison with Dyson Orbitals and Effects of Electron Correlations.[日本化学会講演予稿集,86th(1), (2006), 241-]山崎優一, 堀尾琢哉, 岸本直樹, 大野公一
108.[R] Study of nano structure of tricyclic aromatic compounds adsorbed on highly oriented pyrolytic graphite surface by scanning tunneling microscopy..[日本化学会講演予稿集,86th(1), (2006), 311-]赤澤徳俊, 中村紀明, 岸本直樹, 大野公一
109.[O] Collision-Energy-Resolved Penning Ionization Electron Spectroscopy of Phenylacetylene and Diphenylacetylene by Collision with He*(23S) Metastable Atoms.[J. Phys. Chem. A,110,(2006),1783-1790]Andriy Borodin, Masakazu Yamazaki, Naoki Kishimoto, and Koichi Ohno
110.[O] Collision-energy-resolved penning ionization electron spectroscopy of phenylacetylene and diphenylacetylene by collision with He*(2(3)S) metastable atoms.[JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY A,110(5),(2006),1783-1790]A Borodin, M Yamazaki, N Kishimoto, K Ohno
111.[O] Collision-Energy-Resolved Penning Ionization Electron Spectroscopy of Styrene, 2-Vinylpyridine, and 4-Vinylpyridine with He*(23S) Metastable Atoms.[Euuro. Phys. J. D,38,(2006),47-58]Masakazu Yamazaki, Naoki Kishimoto, and Koichi Ohno
112.[O] Collision-Energy-Resolved Penning Ionization Electron Spectroscopy of Toluene and Chlorotoluenes : Stereodynamics in Collisional Ionization and Anisotropic Interactions with He*(23S) Atoms.[Euro. Phys. J. D,38,(2006),75-84]Naoki Kishimoto, Makoto Matsumoto, Eiichi Matsumura, and Koichi Ohno
113.[R] 27pSA-5 Observation of Stereodynamics and Determination of Molecular Orbital Distribution by Collisional Ionization 2D Electron Spectroscopy with Metastable Atoms.[Meeting Abstracts of the Physical Society of Japan,61(0), (2006)]Kishimoto Naoki, Yamazaki Masakazu, Hanzawa Yoshinori, Horio Takuya, Ohno Koichi
114.[O] Development of a Cooled He*(23S) Beam Source for Measurements of State-Resolved Collision Energy Dependence of Penning Ionization Cross Sections: Evidence for a Stereo Specific Attractive Well Around Methyl Group in CH3CN.[J. Chem. Phys.,123,(2005),194308-1-194308-13]Takuya Horio, Masakazu Yamazaki, Satoshi Maeda, Takuro Hatamoto, Naoki Kishimoto, and Koichi Ohno
115.[O] Probing the shape and stereochemistry of molecular orbitals in locally flexible aromatic chains: A Penning ionization electron spectroscopy and Green's function study of the electronic structure of biphenyl.[JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY A,109(46),(2005),10535-10546]N Kishimoto, Y Hagihara, K Ohno, S Knippenberg, JP Francois, MS Deleuze
116.[O] Development of a cooled He-*(2(3)S) beam source for measurements of state-resolved collision energy dependence of Penning ionization cross sections: Evidence for a stereospecific attractive well around methyl group in CH3CN.[JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS,123(19),(2005),194308-]T Horio, M Yamazaki, S Maeda, T Hatamoto, N Kishimoto, K Ohno
117.[O] Probing the Shape and Stereochemistry of Molecular Orbitals in Locally Flexible Aromatic Chains: A Penning Ionization Electron Spectroscopy and Green’s Function Study of the Electronic Structure of Biphenyl.[J. Phys. Chem. A,109,(2005),10535-10546]Naoki Kishimoto, Yusuke Hagihara, Koichi Ohno, Stefan Knippenberg, Jean-Pierre François, and Michael S. Deleuze
118.[R] OCSとHe<sup>*</sup>(2<sup>3</sup>S)の衝突イオン化反応の立体ダイナミクス:広範囲2次元ペニングイオン化電子分光法による観測とトラジェクトリ解析.[分子構造総合討論会講演要旨集(CD-ROM),2005, (2005), 1B03-]堀尾琢哉, 前田理, 山崎優一, 岸本直樹, 大野公一
119.[R] 衝突イオン化反応の3次元分解測定による立体ダイナミクスの観測.[分子構造総合討論会講演要旨集(CD-ROM),2005, (2005), 1B04-]岸本直樹, 半沢義紀, 山崎優一, 大野公一
120.[R] 角度分解・速度分解電子分光によるHe<sup>*</sup>(2<sup>3</sup>S)とN<sub>2</sub>の衝突イオン化反応ダイナミクスの観測と解析.[分子構造総合討論会講演要旨集(CD-ROM),2005, (2005), 1P172-]半沢義紀, 岸本直樹, 山崎優一, 大野公一
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