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141.[O] Excitonic effects on Raman intensity of single wall carbon nanotubes.[e-J. Surf. Sci. Nanotech.,8,(2010),358-361]K. Sato, A. R. T. Nugraha, R. Saito
142.[O] Raman spectra of graphene ribbons.[J. Phys. Cond. Matt.,22(33),(2010),334203-1-6]R. Saito, M. Furukawa, G. Dresselhaus, M. S. Dresselhaus
143.[O] Excitonic effects on radial breathing mode intensity of single wall carbon nanotubes.[Chem. Phys. Lett.,497(1-3),(2010),94-98]K. Sato, R. Saito, A. R. T. Nugraha, S. Maruyama
144.[O] The Fermi level dependent electronic properties of the smallest (2,2) carbon nanotube.[Nano. Lett.,10(9),(2010),3290-3296]L. C. Yin, R. Saito, M. S. Dresselhaus
145.[O] Identifying the orientation of edge of graphene using G band Raman spectra.[J. Phys. Soc. Jpn.,79(4),(2010),044603-1-8]K. Sasaki, R. Saito, K. Wakabayashi, T. Enoki
146.[O] Triangle defect states of hexagonal boron nitride atomic layer: Density functional theory calculations.[Phys. Rev. B,81(15),(2010),153407-1-4]L. C. Yin, H. M. Cheng, R. Saito
147.[O] Characterizing graphene, graphite, and carbon nanotubes by Raman spectroscopy.[Ann. Rev. Cond. Matt. Phys.,1,(2010),89-108]M. S. Dresselhaus, A. Jorio, R. Saito
148.[O] Torsional instability of chiral carbon nanotubes.[Phys. Rev. B,81(16),(2010),165430-1-5]D. G. Vercosa, E. B. Barros, A. G. Souza Filho, J. Mendez Filho, Ge. G. Samsonidze, R. Saito, M. S. Dresselhaus
149.[B] Oxford handbook of Nanoscience and Technology, Volume II: Materials.[Oxford University Press,(2010)]R. Saito, A. Jorio, J. Jiang, K. Sasaki, G. Dresselhaus, M. S. Dresselhaus
150.[O] Kohn anomaly in Raman spectroscopy of single wall carbon nanotubes.[Physica E,42(8),(2010),2005-2015]K. Sasaki, H. Farhat, R. Saito, M. S. Dresselhaus
151.[O] Calibrating the single-wall carbon nanotube resonance Raman intensity by high resolution transmission electron microscopy for a spectroscopy-based diameter distribution determination.[Appl. Phys. Lett.,96(5),(2010),051910-1-3]P. B. C. Pesce, P. T. Araujo, P. Nikolaev, S. K. Doorn, K. Hata, R. Saito, M. S. Dresselhaus, A. Jorio
152.[R] Sub-10 nm Wires and Layers.[Univerity of Tokyo JSPS-KOSEF-NSFC A3 Foresight Program: Lecture Note Series Volume 2, (2010)]R. Saito
153.[O] Perspectives on carbon nanotubes and graphene Raman spectroscopy.[Nano Lett.,10(3),(2010),751-758]M. S. Dresselhaus, A. Jorio, M. Hofmann, G. Dresselhaus, R. Saito
154.[O] Edge phonon state of mono- and few-layer graphene nanoribbons observed by surface and interference co-enhanced Raman spectroscopy.[Phys. Rev. B,81(3),(2010),035412-1-7]W. Ren, R. Saito, L. Gao, F. Zheng, Z. Wu, B. Liu, M. Furukawa, J. Zhao, Z. Chen, H. M. Cheng
155.[O] Resonance Raman spectroscopy of the radial breathing modes in carbon nanotubes.[Physica E,42(5),(2010),1251-1261]P. T. Araujo, P. B. C. Pesce, M. S. Dresselhaus, K. Sato, R. Saito, A. Jorio
156.[O] Synthesis of Bandgap-Controlled Semiconducting Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes.[ACS Nano,4(2),(2010),1012-1018]W. Song, C. Jeon, Y. S. Kim, Y. T. Kwon, D. S. Jung, S. W. Jang, W. C. Choi, J. S. Park, R. Saito, C. Y. Park
157.[O] Raman and fluorescence spectroscopic studies of DNA-dispersed double walled carbon nanotube solution.[ACS Nano,4(2),(2010),1060-1066]J. H. Kim, M. Kataoka, D. Shimamoto, H. Muramatsu, Y. C. Jung, T. Hayashi, Y. A. Kim, M. Endo, J. S. Park, R. Saito, M. Terrones, M. S. Dresselhaus
158.[O] Exciton energy calculations for single wall carbon nanotubes.[PHYSICA STATUS SOLIDI B-BASIC SOLID STATE PHYSICS,246(11-12),(2009),2581-2585]Saito R., Sato K., Araujo P. T., Jorio A., Dresselhaus G., Dresselhaus M. S.
159.[O] Diameter Dependence of the Dielectric Constant for the Excitonic Transition Energy of Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes.[PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS,103(14),(2009)]Araujo P. T., Jorio A., Dresselhaus M. S., Sato K., Saito R.
160.[O] Kohn anomalies in graphene nanoribbons.[Phys. Rev. B,80(15),(2009),155450-1-11]K. Sasaki, M. Yamamoto, S. Murakami, R. Saito, M. S. Dresselhaus, K. Takai, T. Mori, T. Enoki, K. Wakabayashi
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