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121.[O] Tunneling time of an optical pulse in a photonic bandgap.[J. Opt. Soc. Am. B,28(10),(2011),2537-2542]R. Endo, R. Saito
122.[B] Double-walled carbon nanotubes: Synthesis, Characterization and Applications in "Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology".[American Scietntific Publishers,(2011)]M. Endo, Y. A. Kim, T. Hayashi, H. Muramatsu, R. Saito, M. Terrones, M. S. Dresselhaus
123.[O] Raman spectroscopy of graphene and carbon nanotubes.[Advances in Physics,60(3),(2011),413-550]R. Saito, M. Hofman, G. Dresselhaus, A. Jorio, M. S. Dresselhaus
124.[O] Raman spectra of out-of-plane phonons in bilayer graphene.[Phys. Rev. B,84(3),(2011),035419-1-5]K. Sato, J. S. Park, R. Saito, C. Cong, T. Yu, C. H. Lui, T. F. Heinz, G. Dresselhaus, M. S. Dresselhaus
125.[O] D band Raman intensity calculation in armchair edged graphene nanoribbons.[Phys. Rev. B,83(24),(2011),245435-1-8]E. B. Barros, K. Sato, Ge. G. Samsonidze, A. G. Souza Filho, M. S. Dresselhaus, R. Saito
126.[O] Resonant Raman spectroscopy on enriched 13C carbon nanotubes.[Carbon,49(14),(2011),4719-4723]S. D. Costa, C. Fantini, A. Righi, A. Bachmatiuk, M. H. Rummeli, R. Saito, M. A. Pimenta
127.[O] Fermi level dependent optical transition energy in metallic single-walled carbon nanotubes.[Carbon,49(14),(2011),4774-4780]L. C. Yin, H. M. Cheng, R. Saito, M. S. Dresselhaus
128.[B] Graphene and its fascinating attributes.[World Scientific,(2011)]R. Saito
129.[R] 苗の育て方、育ち方.[丸善 パリティ,26(5), (2011), 55-]齋藤 理一郎
130.[O] Vibrational and NMR properties of polyynes.[Carbon,49(10),(2011),3340-3345]Md. M. Haque, L. C. Yin, A. R. T. Nugraha, R. Saito
131.[R] ナノチューブとグラフェンの材料比較.[テクノタイムズ 月刊 ディスプレイ,17(3), (2011), 57-62]齋藤 理一郎
132.[B] Raman Spectroscopy in Graphene Related Systems.[Wiley-VCH,(2011)]A. Jorio, M. S. Dresselhaus, R. Saito, G. Dresselhaus
133.[O] Second-Order Overtone and Combination Raman Modes of Graphene Layers in the Range of 1690−2150 cm-1.[ACS Nano,5(3),(2011),1600-1605]C. Cong, Y. Ting, R. Saito, G. Dresselhaus, M. S. Dresselhaus
134.[B] Giuseppe Franco Bassani: Uomo e Scienziato / Man and Scientist.[Italian Society of Physics,(2010)]M. S. Dresselhaus, A. Jorio, R. Saito
135.[O] Defect characterization in graphene and carbon nanotubes using Raman spectroscopy.[Phil. Trans. R. Soc. A,368(1932),(2010),5355-5377]M. S. Dresselhaus, A. Jorio, A. G. Souza Filho, R. Saito
136.[O] Confinement of excitons for the lowest optical transition energies of single wall carbon nanotubes.[e-J. Surf. Sci. Nanotech.,8,(2010),367-371]A. R. T. Nugraha, K. Sato, R. Saito
137.[O] Soliton trap in strained graphene nanoribbons.[New J. Phys.,12,(2010),103015-1-12]K. Sasaki, R. Saito, M. S. Dresselhaus, K. Wakabayashi, T. Enoki
138.[R] CNTとグラフェン研究の展開と焦点.[応用物理学会 応用物理,79(10), (2010), 890-895]齋藤 理一郎
139.[O] Dielectric constant model for environmental effects on the exciton energies of single wall carbon nanotubes.[Appl. Phys. Lett.,97(9),(2010),091905-1-3]A. R. T. Nugraha, R. Saito, K. Sato, P. T. Araujo, A. Jorio, M. S. Dresselhaus
140.[O] Chirality dependence of the dielectric constant for the excitonic transition energy of single-wall carbon nanotubes.[Phys. Status Solidi B,247(11-12),(2010),2847-2850]P. T. Araujo, A. R. T. Nugraha, K. Sato, M. S. Dresselhaus, R. Saito, A. Jorio
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