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61.[O] Absorption of THz electromagnetic wave in two mono-layers of graphene.[Journal of Physics D : Applied Physics,49(19),(2016),195306-1-5]C. B. Reynold, M. S. Ukhtary, R. Saito
62.[R] "Queen of Carbon"に東北大学名誉博士称号授与.[応用物理学会 応用物理,85(4), (2016), 266]齋藤 理一郎
63.[O] Intrinsic strength and failure behaviors of ultra-small single-walled carbon nanotubes.[Computational Materials Science,114,(2016),167-171]N. T. Hung, D. V. Truong, V. V. Thanh, R. Saito
64.[O] Anisotropic Electron-Photon and Electron-Phonon Interactions in Black Phosphorus.[Nano Letter,16(4),(2016),2260-2267]X. Ling, S. Huang, E. H. Hasdeo, L. Liang, W. M. Parkin, Y. Tatsumi, A. R. T. Nugraha, A. A. Puretzky, P. M. Das, B. G. Sumpter, D. B. Geohegan, J. Kong, R. Saito, M. Drndic, V. Meunier, M. S. Dresselhaus
65.[O] Photon energy dependence of angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy in graphene.[Physical Review B,92(19),(2015),195148-1-7]P. Ayria, A. R. T. Nugraha, E. H. Hasdeo, T. R. Czank, S. Tanaka, R. Saito
66.[O] Diameter dependence of thermoelectric power of semiconducting carbon nanotubes.[Physical Review B,92(16),(2015),165426-1-7]N. T. Hung, A. R. T. Nugraha, E. H. Hasdeo, M. S. Dresselhaus, R. Saito
67.[O] Ultraviolet Raman spectroscopy of graphene and transition-metal dichalcogenides.[Physica Status Solidi B,252(11),(2015),2363-2374]R. Saito, A. R. T. Nugraha, E. H. Hasdeo, S. Siregar, H. Guo, T. Yang
68.[O] Large-Area Synthesis of High-Quality Uniform Few-Layer MoTe2.[Journal of The American Chemical Society,137(37),(2015),11892-11895]Lin Zhou, Kai Xu, Ahmad Zubair, Albert D. Liao, Wenjing Fang, Fangping Ouyang, Yi-Hsien Lee, Keiji Ueno, R.Saito, Tomas Palacios, Jing Kong, Mildred S. Dresselhaus
69.[O] Valley coupling in finite-length metallic single-wall carbon nanotubes.[Physical Review B,91(23),(2015),235442-1-18]W. Izumida, R. Okuyama, and R. Saito
70.[B] 先生、物理っておもしろいんですか?.[丸善出版,(2015)]齋藤 理一郎
71.[O] Double resonance Raman modes in monolayer and few-layer MoTe2.[Phys. Rev. B,91(20),(2015),205415-1-8]H. Guo, T. Yang, M. Yamamoto, L. Zhou, R. Ishikawa, K. Ueno, K. Tsukagoshi, Z.Zhang, M.S. Dresselhaus, and R. Saito
72.[O] Origin of van Hove singularities in twisted bilayer graphene.[Carbon,90,(2015),138-145]H. B. Ribeiro, K. Sato, G.S.N. Eliel, E.A.T. de Souza, Chun-Chieh Lu, Po-Wen Chiu, R. Saito, M.A. Pimenta
73.[O] Fermi energy-dependence of electromagnetic wave absorption in graphene.[Applied Physics Express,8(5),(2015),055102-1-4]M. S. Ukhtary, E. H. Hasdeo, A. R. T. Nugraha, R. Saito
74.[R] ナノカーボン物理' フラーレン、CNT、グラフェンそして原子層科学.[丸善 パリティ,30(4), (2015), 12-14]齋藤 理一郎
75.[B] フラーレン・ナノチューブ・グラフェンの科学.[共立出版,(2015)]齋藤理一郎
76.[O] Deep-ultraviolet Raman scattering studies of monolayer graphene thin films.[Carbon,81,(2015),807-813]H.L. Liu , S. Siregar, E. H. Hasdeo, Y. Kumamoto, C. Shen, C. Cheng, L. Li, R. Saito, S. Kawata
77.[O] Origin of coherent G-band phonon spectra in single-wall carbon nanotubes.[Physical Review B,91(4),(2015),045406-1-6]A. R. T. Nugraha, E. H. Hasdeo, G. D. Sanders, C. J. Stanton, R. Saito
78.[O] Anomalous lattice vibrations of monolayer MoS2 probed by ultraviolet Raman scattering.[PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS,17(22),(2015),14561-14568]Liu Hsiang-Lin, Guo Huaihong, Yang Teng, Zhang Zhidong, Kumamoto Yasuaki, Shen Chih-Chiang, Hsu Yu-Te, Li Lain-Jong, Saito Riichiro, Kawata Satoshi
79.[O] Disorder-induced double resonant Raman process in graphene.[Physical Review B,90(23),(2014),235410-1-9]J. F. Rodriguez-Nieva, E. B. Barros, R. Saito, and M. S. Dresselhaus
80.[O] Breit-Wigner-Fano line shapes in Raman spectra of graphene.[Physical Review B,90(24),(2014),245140-1-8]Eddwi H. Hasdeo, Ahmad R. T. Nugraha, Mildred S. Dresselhaus, Riichiro Saito
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