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1.Mineralogical composition of sediment determines the preference for smooth particles by caddisfly larvae during case construction.[Ecological Entomology,37,(2012),426-434]Jun-ichi Okano, Eisuke Kikuchi, Osamu Sasaki and Shugo Ohi
2.Geological variation in particle surface-roughness preference in the case-bearing caddisflies.[Behavioral Ecology,22(5),(2011),1053-1063]Jun-ichi Okano, Eisuke Kikuchi, Osamu Sasaki, and Shugo Ohi
3.The role of particle surface texture on case material selection and silk lining in caddis flies..[Behavioral Ecology,21(4),(2010),826-835]Jun-ichi Okano, Eisuke Kikuchi, and Osamu Sasaki
4.New and signifcant outcrop of the Aoba Eastern Fault cutting the lower terrace gravel, Aobayama Hill, Sendai, northeast Japan.[Earth Science (Chikyu Kagaku),60(6),(2006),501-506]Osozawa Soichi,Sasaki Osamu, Kanisawa Satoshi
5.Planktonic foraminiferal biostratigraphy of the Miocene Hatatate Formation in the southwestern part of Sendai city, Northeast Japan.[The Journal of the geological society of Japan,107(4),(2001),258-268]島本昌憲,大田聡,林広樹,佐々木理,斎藤常正
6.Preliminary Results from the R. V. Tansei-maru Cruise KT92-13(Leg2)in the Eastern Marginal Area of the Japan Sea.[Science Reports of the Hirosaki University,40,(1993),61-99]Tsukawaki, S., Nemoto, N., Maruyama, T., Shimamoto, M., Sasaki, O., Motoyama, I., Irizuki, T., Kato, H., Chatterijee, D., Fujimoto, E., and Hasegawa, S.
7.Cobb Mountain spike of the kuroshio Current detected by Ostracoda in the lowen Omma Formation(Early Pleistocene), Kanazawa City, central Japan : analysis of depositional environments..[Proceedings of the 11th International symposium on Ostracoda,(1993),315-334]Ishizaki, K., Irizuki, T. and Sasaki O.
8.Analysis of morphological changes through ontogeny : genera Battinicythere and Elotsonella(Hemicytherinae).[Proceedigns of the 11th International symposium on Ostracoda,(1993),335-350]Irizuki, T. and Sasaki O.
9.Discrimination of two new Anadara species using shell growth parameters and Further descriptons.[Transactions and proceedings of the paleontological society of Japan New series,161,(1991),697-713]SASAKI Osamu
10.Parameters for description of the shell form of genus Anaclara(Mollusca : Bivalvia).[Transactions and proceedings of the paleontological society of Japan New series,158,(1990),513-534]SASAKI Osamu
12.The Dainenjian molluscan association from the environs of Sendai, Northeast Honshu and its zoogeographic significance.[Saito Ho-on Kai Museum Reserch Bulletin,56,(1988),1-15]Kenshiro Ogasawara, Osamu Sasaki
13.富山県境付近の中新統砂子坂層産潮間帯性貝類化石群.[国立科学博物館専報,19,(1986),79-90]SASAKI Osamu, et al.
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