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1.[O] Decrease of iodine isotopic ratio observed in crater lake and geothermal area at Zao volcano.[UTTAC ANNUAL REPORT 2015,(2016),20-21]T. Matsunaka, K. Sasa, K. Sueki, T. Takahashi, M. Matsumura, A. Goto, T. Watanabe, N. Tsuchiya, N. Hirano, M. Kuri, M. Takahashi, K. Kazahaya, I. Miyagi, H. Matsuzaki
2.[O] 蔵王山火口湖ヨウ素同位体比の経時変化と火山活動に関する研究.[Proceedings of the 16th Workshop on Environmental Radioactivity, High Energy Accelerator Research,(2015)]松中哲也, 笹公和, 末木啓介, 高橋努, 松村万寿美, 後藤章夫, 渡邊隆広, 土屋範芳, 平野伸夫, 松崎浩之
3.[O] Changes in 129I/127I ratio of crater lake and volcanic activity at Zao volcano.[UTTAC ANNUAL REPORT 2014,(2015)]Matsunaka, T., Sasa, K., Sueki, K., Takahashi, T., Matsumura, M., Goto, A., Watanabe, T., Tsuchiya, N., Hirano, N., Matsuzaki, H.
4.[O] Wideband acoustic records of explosive volcanic eruptions at Stromboli: New insights on the explosive process and the acoustic source.[Geophysical Research Letters,41(11),(2014),3851-3857]A. Goto, M. Ripepe and G. Lacanna
5.[O] Study on monitoring of volcanic activity using 129I/127I ratios in crater lake and hot spring at Zao volcano, Miyagi Prefecture.[UTTAC ANNUAL REPORT 2013,(2014),29-30]Matsunaka, T., Sasa, K., Sueki, K., Shibayama, N., Takahashi, T., Matsumura, M., Satou, Y., Matsuzaki, H., Goto, A., Watanabe, T., Tsuchiya, N., Hirano, N., Kizaki, A.
6.[O] 無人火山探査車MOVEの開発とその運用課題.[日本惑星科学会誌,21(2),(2012),103-110]後藤章夫,谷口宏充,市原美恵
7.[O] Monotonic infrasound and Helmholtz resonance at Volcan Villarrica (Chile).[Geophysical Research Letters,(2011)]A. Goto, J. B. Johnson
8.[O] Simulations of measures to control lava flows.[Bulletin of Volcanology,71,(2009),401-408]Fujita, Eisuke; Hidaka, Masataka; Goto, Akio; Umino, Susumu
9.[O] Airwaves generated by an underwater explosion: Implications to volcanic infrasound.[Journal of Geophysical Research,114(B3),(2009)]Ichihara, M., Ripepe, M., Goto, A., Oshima, H., Aoyama, H., Iguchi, M., Tanaka, K. and Taniguchi, H
10.[O] Re-examination of viscosity evaluation model by Goto (1997).[Journal of the Faculty of Science, Hokkaido University,72,(2009),159-175]Akio Goto
11.[O] 火山探査移動観測ステーションMOVEの開発.[ロボット,187,(2009),10-16]谷口宏充,後藤章夫,市原美恵
12.[B] 火山爆発に迫る.[東京大学出版会,(2008)]後藤章夫,市原美恵,谷口宏充
13.[O] Long-Term Prediction of Usu Volcano 2000 Eruptive Activity Based on the Measurements of Heat Discharge Rate.[Journal of the Faculty of Science, Hokkaido University,70,(2007),137-144]Akio Goto, Tsuneomi Kagiyama, Tsuyoshi Miyamoto, Akihiko Yokoo, Hiromitsu Taniguchi
14.[O] Atmospheric pressure waves in the field of volcanology.[Shock Waves,15,(2006),295-300]Akihiko Yokoo, Mie Ichihara, Akio Goto, Hiromitsu Taniguchi
15.[O] Viscosity measurements of hydrous rhyolitic melts using the fiber elongation method.[Bulletin of Volcanology,67(6),(2005),590-596]Akio Goto, Hiromitsu Taniguchi, Arashi Kitakaze
16.[O] VTFS project: Development of the lava flow simulation code LavaSIM.[Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems,6,(2005)]Hidaka, Masataka; Goto, Akio; Umino, Susumu; Fujita, Eisuke
17.[O] 火山探査移動観測ステーション(MOVE)の走行試験.[Proceedings of the Volcanological Society of Japan Fall Meeting,(2004),108-]後藤章夫,市原美恵,谷口宏充,前野深,小暮昌史,小山将明,藤田健昇,山下誠二,菅原一宏,近藤尚志,大平修二,井口正人
18.[O] Effect of Thermal Memory on Viscosity Increase in Magmatic Silicate Melts at Low Temperature without Crystallization.[Proceedings of 2004 Western Pacific Geophysics Meeting,(2004),V33B-93-]Akio Goto, Hiromitsu Taniguchi, Yasunori Nishida, Hiromitsu Oshima
19.[O] Wave generation and formation in the air by under-water explosions.[Proceedings of Japan Earth and Planetary Science Joint Meeting,(2004),V065-019-]市原 美恵,田中 克己,後藤 章夫,大島 弘光,谷口 宏充
20.[O] SPH simulations of field explosion experiments.[Proceedings of Japan Earth and Planetary Science Joint Meeting,(2004),V065-P013-]高田 淑子,後藤 章夫,市原 美恵,谷口 宏充
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