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41.Section structure of zirconia coating by laser CVD.[KINZOKU (Materials Science & Technology),75(3), (2005), 3]T. Goto
42.Prospect for coating technology.[KINZOKU (Materials Science & Technology),75(3), (2005), 4]T. Goto
43.High speed coating by means of laser CVD.[KINZOKU (Materials Science & Technology),75(3), (2005), 50-56]T. Kimura, T. Goto
44.High-speed thermal barrier coating by laser CVD.[Materia Japan,43(7), (2004), 585-591]T. Goto
45.高速CVDプロセスの開発.[Chemical Engineering,49(2), (2004), 44-48]T. Goto
46.Development of high-speed CVD process for thermal barrier coating.[Ceramics Japan,38(5), (2003), 369-373]T. Goto, T. Kimura
47.金属との出会い、もの作りに思うこと.[アグネ技術センター 金属,71(12), (2001), 1196]後藤 孝
48.Prospect of Thermoelectric materials.[Kinzoku,71(2), (2001), 173-175]T. Goto
49.Developement ofa Heat- and Corrosion-Resistant Coating for Hydrogen Production Equipments in Thermochemical Processes.[Materia Japan,40(4), (2001), 368-371]T. Goto
50.Boron carbide system composite ceramics.[Material Integration,13(7), (2000), 19-22]T. Goto
51.Boride System High Temperature Thermoelectric Material.[Kinzoku,68(12), (1998), 1086-1092]T. Goto
52.High-temperature oxidation of silicon carbide and silicon nitride.[Mater. Trans., JIM,38(10), (1997), 821-835]T. Narushima, T. Goto, T. Hirai, Y. Iguchi
53.Thermoelectric conversion materials.[J. Jpn. Soc. Powd. and Powd. Metallurgy,44(1), (1997), 28]T. Goto
54.Measurements of seebeck coefficient and relating issues.[New Ceramics,9(11), (1996), 45-50]T. Goto
55.Ceramic nano composites and ceramic fine composites.[Bull. Japan Inst. Met.,28(12), (1989), 960-967]T. Hirai, T. Goto
56.Synthesis of ceramics by thermal CVD.[New Ceramics,(7), (1988), 58-64]T. Hirai, T. Goto
57.Hybrid ceramics.[Polymer,35(4), (1986), 352-355]T. Hirai, T. Goto
58.Synthesis of transparent ceramics by CVD method.[Industrial Materials,32(8), (1984), 1-8]T. Hirai, T. Goto
59.Preparation of non-oxide amorphous ceramics by CVD.[Ceramics Japan,17(4), (1982), 264-270]T. Hirai, T. Goto
60.Preparation and electrical conductivity of chemically vapor deposited silicon nitride.[Electronic Ceramics,11, (1980), 9-14]T. Hirai, T. Goot
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