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61.Functional Ceremic Coating by Laser CVD.[Journal of The Surface Finishing Society of Japan,68(12),(2017),683-687]Takashi GOTO,Hirokazu KATSUI
62.Preparation of ZrCN−TiCN solid solutions by spark plasma sintering.[Ceramics International,43(18),(2017),16965-16971]Ying Li, Hirokazu Katsui, Takashi Goto
63.Elimination of double position domains (DPDs) in epitaxial 〈111〉-3C-SiC on Si(111) by laser CVD.[Applied Surface Science,426,(2017),662-666]Qingfang Xu, Peipei Zhu, Qingyun Sun, Rong Tu, Meijun Yang, Song Zhang, Lianmeng Zhang, Takashi Goto, Jiasheng Yan, Shusen Li
64.Optimized growth conditions of epitaxial SnSe films grown by pulsed laser deposition.[Japanese Journal of Applied Physics,56(12),(2017),125503-]Takamitsu Hara, Hiroyuki Fujishiro, Tomoyuki Naito, Akihiko Ito, and Takashi Goto
65.Thickness dependence of structure and superconductivity of the SmBa2Cu3O7 film by laser CVD.[RSC Advances,89,(2017),56166-56172]Ting Wang,Kaidong Wang,Rong Tu, Song Zhang,Meijun Yang,Qizhong Li, Ji Shi,Haiwen Li,Takashi Goto,and Lianmeng Zhang
66.Suppression of carbon contamination in SPSed CaF2 transparent ceramics by Mo foil.[Journal of the European Ceramic Society,37(13),(2017),4103-4107]Ping Wang, Meijun Yang, Song Zhang, Rong Tu, Takashi Goto, Lianmeng Zhang
67.Synthesis of large size uniform single-crystalline trilayer graphene on premelting copper.[Carbon,122,(2017),352-360]Chitengfei Zhang, Rong Tu, Song Zhang, Jin Huang, Tenghua Gao, Meijun Yang, Qizhong Li, Ji Shi, Lianmeng Zhang, Takashi Goto
68.Mechanical properties of individual phases of ZrB2-ZrC eutectic composite measured by nanoindentation.[Journal of the European Ceramic Society,37(13),(2017),4223-4227]Eric Jianfeng Cheng, Ying Li, Jeff Sakamoto, Shaobo Han, Haiping Sun, Jacob Noble, Hirokazu Katsui, Takashi Goto
69.Multiwalled carbon nanotube forests grown on the surface of synthetic diamond crystals.[Ceramics International,43(13),(2017),10606-10609]B.B. Bokhonov, A.V. Ukhina, D.V. Dudina, H. Katsui, T. Goto, H. Kato
70.Effect of precursors’ ratio on c-axis-oriented SmBCO film by MOCVD.[Ceramics International,43,(2017),S488-S492]Ting Wang, Song Zhang, Meijun Yang, Rong Tu, Takashi Goto, Lianmeng Zhang
71.Consolidation of Diamond Composites Using Silicon Carbide-Coated Diamond Powder.[Science of Advanced Materials,9(7),(2017),1093-1098]Kitiwan Mettaya, Katsui Hirokazu, Goto Takashi
72.Effect of CH4/SiCl4 ratio on the composition and microstructure of <110>-oriented β-SiC bulks by halide CVD.[Journal of the European Ceramic Society,37(4),(2017),1217-1223]R. Tu, D. Zheng, H. Cheng, M. Hu, S. Zhang, M. Han, T. Goto, L. Zhang
73.Structural study of β-SiC(001) films on Si(001) by laser chemical vapor deposition.[Journal of the American Ceramic Society,100(4),(2017),1634-1641]Peipei Zhu,Qingfang Xu,Ruyi Chen,Song Zhang,Meijun Yang,Rong Tu,Lianmeng Zhang,Takashi Goto,Jiasheng Yan,Shusen Li
74.Electrical resistivity anomaly, valence shift of Pr ion, and magnetic behavior in epitaxial(Pr1-yYy)1-xCaxCoO3 thin films under compressive strain.[Journal of Applied Physics,(121),(2017),115104-]H. Fujishiro, Y. Noda, K. Akuzawa, T. Naito, A. Ito, T. Goto, M. Marysko, Z. Jirak, J. Hejtmanek, and K. Nitta
75.Laser assisted chemical vapor deposition of nanostructured NaTaO3 and SrTiO3 thin films for efficient photocatalytic hydrogen evolution.[Fuel,197,(2017),174-185]A.M. Huerta-Flores, J. Chen, L.M. Torres-Martínez, A. Ito, E. Moctezuma, T. Goto
76.Room-temperature fracture toughness of MoSiBTiC alloys.[Intermetallics,84,(2017),92-102]Takahiro Moriyama, Kyosuke Yoshimi, Mi Zhao, Tiffany Masnou, Tomohiro Yokoyama, Junya Nakamura, Hirokazu Katsui, Takashi Goto
77.Thermoelectric properties of LiCo1%xMxO2 (M = Cu, Mg, Ni, Zn):.[Japanese Journal of Applied Physics,56,(2017),021101-1-021101-6]Shu Mizuno, Hiroyuki Fujishiro, Mamoru Ishizawa, Tomoyuki Naito, Hirokazu Katsui, and Takashi Goto
78.Design and characterization of Yb and Nd doped transparent ceramics for high power laser applications: recent advancements.[SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering,10254(102540E),(2017)]A. Lapucci, M. Vannini, M. Ciofini, A. Pirri, M. Nikl, J. Li, L. Esposito, V. Biasini, J. Hostasa, T. Goto, G. Boulon, R. Maksimov, L. Gizzi , L. Labate, G. Toci
79.Impedance and ionic conduction of single crystalline BaTi2O5.[Materials Chemistry and Physics,186,(2017),75-80]Hirokazu Katsui, Keiji Shiga, Takashi Goto
80.Mechanical properties of nano-grain SiO2glass prepared by sparkplasma sintering.[Journal of the European Ceramic Society,37,(2017),721-725]Zhenhua Hea,Hirokazu Katsui,Takashi Goto
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