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681.Hardness and microstructure of Sic-B4C eutectic ceramics prepared by arc melting.[J. Jpn. Soc. Powd. and Powd. Metallurgy,42(4),(1995),469-473]T. Goto, E. Ito, T. Hirai
682.A.C. Electrical Conduction and Transport Number Measurements for Defect-Perovskite LaTa[3]O[9].[J. Ceram. Soc. Jpn., Int. Ed.,103,(1995),49-52]Goto Takashi., Chen Chun Wei., Hirai Toshio.
683.Optical Properties of Ba[2]NaNb[5]O[15] Film Fabricated by RF Magnetron Sputtering Method.[Japanese Journal of Applied Physics,34,(1995),5124-5131]Masuda Yoichiro, Masumoto Hiroshi, Kidachi Yuuki, Watadzu Akira, Baba Akira, Goto Takashi, Hirai Toshio
684.High-temperature passive-active oxidation for CVD SiC and Si3N4.[Silicon-based structural ceramics, Ceramics transactions, edited by B. W. sheldon and S. C. danforth,42,(1994),307-318]T. Goto, T. Narushima, Y. Iguchi, T. Hirai
685.Tungsten-bronze Ba2NaNb5O15 and layer-structured Bi4Ti3O12 ferroelectric thin films.[The bulletin of H.I.T.,13,(1994),17-24]Y. Masuda, H. Masumoto, A. Baba, T. Goto, T. Hirai
686.Thermoelectric Properties of SiC-B4C Eutectic Ceramics.[1994年度傾斜機能材料論文集, FGM'94,(1994),195-199]T. Goto, E. Ito , M. Mukaida, T. Hirai
687.Active/Passive oxidation Behavior of CVD Silicon Carbide.[Proc. 5th Symp. High-Performance Materials for Severe Environments,(1994),375-382]T. Goto, T. Narusima, Y. Iguchi, T. Hirai
688.high-temperature active oxidation of CVD-Si3N4 in N2-O2 atmosphere.[Trans. Mat. Res. Soc. Jpn.,14A,(1994),281-284]T. Narushima, J. Hagiwara, N. Kikuchi, Y. Iguchi, T. Goto, T. Hirai
689.Microstructure and seebeck coefficient of SiC-B4C eutectic ceramics.[J. Jpn. Soc. Powd. and Powd. Metallurgy,41(11),(1994),1304-1307]T. Goto, E. Ito, M. Mukaida, M. Niino,T. Hirai
690.Phase diagram and thermoelectric property of Si-B system ceramics.[J. Jpn. Soc. Powd. and Powd. Metallurgy,41(11),(1994),1299-1303]L. Chen, T. Goto, M. Mukaida, M. Niino, T. Hirai
691.Active to Passive transition in the high-temperature oxidation of CVD SiC and Si3N4.[Corrosion of Advanced Ceramics,267,(1994),165-176]T. Goto, T. Narushima, Y. Iguchi, T. Hirai
692.Preparation and Ferroelectric Properties of Bi[4]Ti[3]O[12] and Ba[2]NaNb[5]O[15] Films.[Ferroelectrics,152,(1994),115-120]Masuda Yoichiro., Masumoto Hiroshi., Baba Akira., Goto Takashi., Hirai Toshio.
693.High-Temperature Oxidation of Chemically Vapor-Deposited Silicon Nitride in a Carbon Monoxide-Carbon Dioxide Atmosphere.[Journal of the American Ceramic Society,77,(1994),2921-2925]Narushima Takayuki., Goto Takashi., Hagiwara Jun., Iguchi Yasutaka., Hirai Toshio.
694.High-Temperature Active Oxidation and Active-to-Passive Transition of Chemically Vapor-Deposited Silicon Nitride in N[2]-O[2] and Ar-O[2] Atmospheres.[Journal of the American Ceramic Society,77,(1994),2369-2375]Narushima Takayuki., Goto Takashi., Yokoyama Yoshio., Hagiwara Jun., Iguchi Yasutaka., Hirai Toshio.
695.Active-to-Passive Transition and Bubble Formation for High-Temperature Oxidation of Chemically Vapor-Deposited Silicon Carbide in CO-CO[2] Atmosphere.[Journal of the American Ceramic Society,77,(1994),1079-1082]Narushima Takayuki., Goto Takashi., Yokoyama Yoshio., Takeuchi Masahito., Iguchi Yasutaka., Hirai Toshio.
696.Morphology and Preferred Orientation of Titanium Nitride Plates Prepared by Chemical Vapour Deposition.[Journal of Materials Science,29,(1994),669-675]Jiang C.C., Goto Takashi., Hirai Toshio.
697.Preparation of Turbostratic and Cubic Boron-Nitride Films by Electron-Cyclotron-Resonance, Plasma-Assisted, Chemical Vapour Deposition.[J. Mater. Sci. Mater. Electron.,5,(1994),324-328]Goto Takashi., Tanaka Tomoaki., Masumoto Hiroshi., Hirai Toshio.
698.Epitaxial Growth of Iridium and Platinum Films on Sapphire by Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition.[Applied Physics Letters,65,(1994),1094-1096]Vargas Roberto., Goto Takashi., Zhang Wei., Hirai Toshio.
699.Preparation of Epitaxial AlN Films by Electron Cyclotron Resonance Plasma-Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition on Ir- and Pt-Coated Sapphire Substrates.[Applied Physics Letters,64,(1994),1359-1361]Zhang Wei., Vargas Roberto., Goto Takashi., Someno Yoshihiro., Hirai Toshio.
700.D. C. polarization of mixed conductor LaTa3O9.[J. Jpn. Soc. Powd. and Powd. Metallur.,40(7),(1993),701-704]T. Goto, A. R. West
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