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161.[O] Preparation of γ-Al2O3 films by laser chemical vapor deposition..[Applied Surface Science,340,(2015),160-165]M. Gao, A. Ito, T. Goto
162.[O] Spark plasma sintering of TiC-ZrC composites.[Ceramics International,41(5),(2015),7103-7108]Y. Li, H. Katsui, T. Goto
163.[O] Effect of deposition atmosphere on the phase composition and microstructure of silicon carbide films prepared by laser chemical vapour deposition.[Ceramics International,41(5),(2015),6898-6904]R. Hashimoto, A. Ito, T. Goto
164.[O] A feather-like structure of β-Al2TiO5 film prepared by laser chemical vapor deposition..[Journal of the European Ceramic Society,35(7),(2015),2195-2199]A. Ito, S. Nishigaki, T. Goto
165.[O] Spark plasma sintering of TiN-TiB2-hBN composites and their properties.[Ceramics International,41(3),(2015),4498-4503]M. Kitiwan, A. Ito,, T. Goto,
166.[O] Densification of hBN with the as-coated SiO2 nanolayer by rotary chemical vapor deposition.[J. Ceram. Soc. Japan,123(1437),(2015),423-427]J. Zhang, X. Zhang, G. Li, Y. Wu, T. Goto
167.[O] Sintering behavior, microstructure, and thermal conductivity of dense aln ceramics processed by spark plasma sintering with Y2O3-CaO-B additives.[Ceramics International,41(1),(2015),1897-1901]R. Kobayashi, K. Oh-Ishi, R. Tu, T. Goto
168.[O] Influence of laser power on orientation, microstructure and electrical performance of YBa2Cu3O7-x film prepared on (001) SrTiO3 single crystal substrate by spray atomizing and coprecipitating laser chemical vapor deposition.[Ceramics International,41(3),(2015),3624-3630]P. Zhao, Y.Wang, Z.L Huang, Y.W Mao, T. Goto
169.[O] Preparation of NaeAleO films by laser chemical vapor deposition.[Materials Chemistry and Physics,160,(2015),456-460]Chen Chi, Hirokazu Katsui, Takashi Goto
170.[O] High-speed deposition of tetragonal-ZrO2-dispersed SiO2 nanocomposite films by laser chemical vapor deposition.[Materials Letters,154,(2015),85-89]L.F. Xu, Akihiko Ito, Takashi Goto
171.[O] Preparation of cubic and tetragonal Li7La3Zr2O12 film by metal organic chemical vapor deposition.[Thin Solid Films,584,(2015),130-134]H. Katsui, T. Goto
172.[O] High-speed deposition of highly (001)-oriented SrCO3 films prepared using laser chemical vapor deposition..[Ceramics International,41(9),(2015),11810-11814]J. Chen, A. Ito, T. Goto
173.[O] Effect of Ti addition on density and microstructure development of MoSiBTiC alloy.[Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings,1760,(2015),73-78]J. W. Kim, Kyosuke Yoshimi, Hirokazu Katsui, Takashi Goto
174.[O] Effects of film thickness on the electrical properties of YBa2Cu3O7−δ films grown on a multilayer-coated Hastelloy C276 tape by laser CVD.[34,2-3,(2015),137-141]Pei Zhao, Akihiko Ito, Takashi Goto
175.[O] 2H-SiC Films Grown by Laser Chemical Vapor Deposition.[Journal of the European Ceramic Society,35(16),(2015),4611-4615]A. Ito, H. Kanno, T. Goto
176.[O] Preparation of Na-beta-alumina films by laser chemical deposition.[Surface & Coating Technology,276(25),(2015),534-538]Chen Chi, Hirokazu Katsui, Takashi Goto
177.[O] Phase decomposition of TiC-ZrC solid solution prepared by spark plasma sintering.[Ceramics International,41B(10),(2015),14258-14262]Y. Li, H. Katsui, T. Goto
178.[O] Preparation of ultra-thick β-SiC films using different carbon sources.[[Materials Research Innovations,19(12),(2015),397-402]R. Tu, D. H. Zheng, H. Cheng, M. X. Han, S. Zhang, T. Goto
179.[O] Preparation of B4C-ZrB2-SiC ternary eutectic composites by arc melting and their properties.[Materials Research Innovations,19(12),(2015),26-29]R. Tu, N. Li, Q. Z. Li, S. Zhang, T. Goto, L. M. Zhang
180.[O] Effect of oxygen partial pressure on the composition and structure of GdBa2Cu3O7-δ by solid state reaction.[Materials Research Innovations,19(12),(2015),21-25]R. Tu, W. Ke, S. Zhang, T. Wang, L. M. Zhang, T. Goto
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