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101.[O] High-speed deposition of oriented orthorhombic NaTaO3 films using laser chemical vapor deposition.[Material Letters,184,(2016),257-260]Ali M. Huerta-Floresa,Jianchao Chenb, Akihiko Ito,Leticia M. Torres-Martínez, Edgar Moctezuma, Takashi Goto
102.[O] Bio-ceramic Coating of Ca-Ti-O System Compound by Laser Chemical Vapor Deposition.[Interface Oral Health Science 2016,(2016),47-62]Hirokazu Katsui,Takashi Goto
103.[O] Highly (111)-oriented SiC films on glassy carbon prepared by laser chemical vapor deposition.[Journal of the Korean Ceramic Society,53(6),(2016),647-651]Ying Li, Hirokazu Katsui, Takashi Goto
104.[B] ウエスト固体化学 基礎と応用.[講談社サイエンティフィック,(2016)]後藤 孝他
105.[O] Preparation of SiOC nanocomposite films by laser chemical vapor deposition.[Journal of the European Ceramic Society,36(3),(2016),403-409]Shu Yu, Rong Tu, Takashi Goto
106.[O] Electrical resistivity anomaly in (Pr1−yMy)1−xCaxCoO3 epitaxial films (M=Y, Gd) fabricated by pulsed laser deposition.[AIP ADVANCES,6(025318),(2016)]Y. Noda, H. Fujishiro, T. Naito, A. Ito, T. Goto, J. Hejtmanek and Z. Jirak
107.[O] Synthesis of sodium beta alumina films by heat treatment of sodium aluminum oxides.[Journal of Wuhan University of Technology-Mater. Sci. Ed.,31(1),(2016),6-10]Chi Chen, Hirokazu Katsui, Takashi Goto
108.[O] Luminescence and scintillation properties of Lu3Al5O12 nanoceramics sintered by SPS method.[Optical Materials,53,(2016),54-63]J. Pejchal, V. Babin, A. Beitlerova, R. Kucerkova, D. Panek, J. Barta, V. Cuba, A. Yamaji, S. Kurosawa, E. Mihokova, A. Ito, T. Goto, M. Nikl, A. Yoshikawa
109.[O] Ultra-fast epitaxial growth of β-SiC films on α(4H)-SiC using hexamethyldisilane (HMDS) at low temperature.[Ceramics International,42(3),(2016),4632-4635]Song Zhang, Qingfang Xu, Zhiying Hu, Peipei Zhu, Rong Tu , Lianmeng Zhang, Mingxu Han, Takashi Goto, Jiasheng Yan, Sijun Luo
110.[O] Microstructure and mechanical properties of B4C–HfB2–SiC ternary eutectic composites prepared by arc meltin.[Journal of the European Ceramic Society,36(3),(2016),959-966]Rong Tu, Nian Li, Qizhong Li , Song Zhang, Lianmeng Zhang, Takashi Goto
111.[O] Assignment of Yb3+ energy levels in the C2 and C3i centers of Lu2O3 sesquioxide either as ceramics or as crystal.[Journal of Luminescence,170, part 2(2),(2016),513-519]Y. Guyot, M. Guzik, G. Alombert-Goget, J. Pejchal, A. Yoshikawa, A. Ito, T. Goto, G. Boulon
112.[O] Oriented growth and electrical property of LiAl5O8 film by laser chemical vapor deposition.[Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan,124(1),(2016),111-115]C. Chi, H. Katsui, R. Tu, T. Goto
113.[O] Ultra-Fast Fabrication of <110>-Oriented β-SiC Wafers by Halide CVD.[Journal of the American Ceramic Society,99(1),(2016),84-88]R. Tu, D. Zheng, Q. Sun, M. Han, S. Zhang, Z. Hu, T. Goto, L. Zhang
114.[O] Spectroscopy of C3i and C2 sites of Nd3+-doped Lu2O3 sesquioxide either as ceramics or crystal.[Journal of Luminescence,169,part B(1),(2016),606-611]M. Guzik, G. Alombert-Goget, Y. Guyot, J. Pejchal, A. Yoshikawa, A. Ito, T. Goto, G. Boulon
115.[O] ZrB2–ZrCxN1−x Eutectic Composites Produced by Melt Solidification.[Journal of the American Ceramic Society,99(2),(2016),667-673]Eric Jianfeng Cheng, Hirokazu Katsui, Takashi Goto
116.[O] Laser oscillation and luminescence of Nd3+- and Eu3+-doped Lu2O3 transparent ceramics fabricated by spark plasma sintering.[Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan,124(4),(2016),313-320]Akihiko ITO, Liqiong AN and Takashi GOTO
117.[O] 高導電性・高耐食性亜共晶Cu-Zr合金SPS材の開発.[粉体および粉末冶金,63(3),(2016),132-138]村松 尚国, 後藤 孝, 且井 宏和, 赤岩 正章
118.[O] Effect of Nanosized TiC0.37N0.63 on Unlubricated Wear Responses of Si3N-Based Nanocomposites Under Low Hertzian Stress.[J. Am. Ceram. Soc.,99(3),(2016),971-978]Alex Chinghuan Lee, Horng-Hwa Lu, Takashi Goto, Rong Tu, Hua-Tay Lin, Ding-Fu Lii, Pramoda K. Nayak, Jow-Lay Huang
119.[O] Investigation on influence of deposition rate of YBa2Cu3O7-δ superconducting film prepared on Hastelloy C276 substrate by spray atomizing and coprecipitating laser chemical vapor deposition.[Thin Solid Films,599,(2016),179-786]Pei Zhao, Shi Sua, Ying Wang, Chi Chen, YangWu Mao, Zhi Liang Huang, Yun feng Niu, Yuan Lai Xu, Takashi Goto
120.[O] レーザーCVD法によるTiO2膜の歯科材料への応用.[粉体および粉末冶金,63(3),(2016),128-131]桃沢 愛, 且井 宏和, 伊藤 暁彦, 後藤 孝
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