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741.[O] Microstructure and Thermoelectric Properties of W-B-C Composite Ceramics Prepared by Arc Melting(in Japanese).[1995 Functionally Graded Materials, FGM'95,(1996),149-154]T. Goto, J. Li, T. Hirai
742.[B] Boron Compounds for High Temperature Thermoelectric Conversion.[金属間化合物-新高温構造材料としての可能性,(1996)]T. Goto
743.[O] In Situ Observation of Oxide Films Formed during Thermal Oxidation of SiC-B<4>C Composite Using Raman Spectroscopy.[Key Eng. Mater.,113,(1996),99-104]T. Narushima, M. Maruyama, H. Arashi, T. Goto, T. Hirai, Y. Iguchi
744.[O] Synthesis and Thermoelectric Properties of Boron-rich Silicon Borides.[Mater. Trans. JIM,37(5),(1996),1182-1185]L. Chen, T. Goto, J. Li, T. Hirai
745.[O] Densification and Termal Properties of TiC-Ni3Al Composites Materials.[粉体および粉末冶金,43(3),(1996),278-282]張 聯盟,大森 守,李 剣輝,後藤 孝,平井 敏雄
746.[O] Preparation of B-C System Solid Solutions by Arc Melting and Their Thermoelectric Properties.[J. Jpn. Soc. Powd. and Powd. Metallurgy,43(3),(1996),306-310]T. Goto, J. Li, T. Hirai
747.[O] Preparation of B-C-Si System Composites by Arc Melting and their Thermoelectric Properties.[J. Jpn. Soc. Powd. and Powd. Metallurgy,43(3),(1996),311-315]T. Goto, E. Ito, M. Mukaida, T. Hirai
748.[O] Dielectric Relaxation Phenomenon of Rare Earth Nd>3+< Modified Bismuth Layer Ferroelectric Ceramics Fabricated by Plasma Active Sintering Method.[Integr. Ferroelectr.,13,(1996),327-337]Y. Masuda, A. Baba, M. Omori, H. Masumoto, T. Goto, T. Hirai, K. Sakata
749.[O] High-temperature Oxidation Behavior of CVD Silicon-based Ceramics.[Ind. Sci. Technol. Front. Program : Proc. 7th Symp. High-Performance Materials for Severe Enviroments,(1996),341-349]T. Goto, T. Hirai
750.[O] Measurements of seebeck coefficient and relating issues.[New Ceramics,9(11),(1996),45-50]T. Goto
751.[O] Preparation of Iridium Films by MOCVD and Their Application for Oxygen Gas Sensor.[Proc. 3rd M. V. Mokhosoev Memorial Inter. Seminar on New Materials, Irkutsk, Russia, 1996,(1996),76]T. Goto, T. Ono, T. Hirai
752.[O] Effect of Phase Composition and Microstructure to Thermoelectric Property of Silicon Borides(in Japanese).[電気学会論文誌A,116-A,(1996),248-252]L. Chen, T. Goto, J. Li, M. Niino, T. Hirai
753.[O] Preparation and Pressureless Sintering of Chemical Vapour Deposited SiC-B Composite Powder.[Journal of Materials Science,31,(1996),679-683]Chen Lidong, Goto Takashi, Hirai Toshio
754.[O] Preparation of Iridium Clusters by MOCVD and Their Electrochemical Properties.[Materials Science and Engineering A - Structural Materials Properties Microstructure and Processing,A217/218,(1996),223-226]Goto Takashi, Vargas J.R, Hirai Toshio
755.[O] Ferroelectric and optical properties of Ba2NaNb5O15 thin films.[Journal of the Korean Physical Society,29,(1996),S664-S667]Masuda Y., Kidachi Y., Baba A., Masumoto H., Goto T., Hirai T.,
756.[B] Ir/Pt.["Handbook of Thin Film Process Tech.", Ed. by D. A. Glocker and S. I. Shahh,(1995)]R. V. Garcia, T. Goto, T. Hirai
757.[O] A. C. electrical conduction and transport number measurements for defect-perovskite LaTa3O9.[J. Ceram. Soc. Jpn.,103(1),(1995),50-53]T. Goto, C. W. Chen, T. Hirai
758.[O] Preparation of W-B-C System Composites by Arc Melting and their Thermoelectric Properties.[J. Jpn. Soc. Powd. and Powd. Metallurgy,42(12),(1995),1406-1410]T. Goto, J. Li, T. Hirai
759.[O] Synthesis and thermoelectric properties of silicon-boron compounds with high boron contents.[Proc. 3rd Inter. Symp. on Structural and Functional Gradient Materials, Ed. by B. Ilschner and N. Cherradi, Lausanne, Switzerland, 1994,(1995),613-618]L. Chen, T. Goto, M. Mukaida, M. Niino, T. Hirai
760.[O] High-Temperature Oxidation Behavior of CVD Silicon Carbide and Silicon Nitride.[Proc. 6th Symp. High-Performance Materials for Severe Environments,(1995),331-338]T. Goto, T. Narusima, Y. Iguchi, T. Hirai
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