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601.[O] Anisotropy of electrical conductivity for alkaline earth beta-alumina single crystals prepared by a floating zone method.[Solid State Ionics,156,(2003),349-355]A.Y. Zhang, T. Akashi, T. Goto
602.[O] Corrsion test on structural materials for iodine-sulfur thermochemical water splitting cycle.[Proc. AICHE 2003 Spring National Meeting,(2003)]S. Kubo, M. Futakawa, I. Ioka, K. Onuki, S. Shimizu, K. Ohsaka, A. Yamaguchi, R. Tsukada, T. Goto
603.[O] Transport of lanthanum ion and hole in LaCrO3 determined by electrical conductivity measurements.[Solid State Ionics,164,(2003),177-183]T. Akashi, T. Maruyama, T. Goto
604.[O] Characterization of directionally solidified B4C-TiB2 and B4C-SiC eutectic composites prepared by floating-zone method.[Key Eng. Mater.,247,(2003),209-212]T. Akashi, I. Gunjishima, T. Goto
605.[O] Synthesis and sintering of ZrNiSn-based half-Heusler compounds.[J. Mater. Sci. Technol.,19,(2003),511-512]Q. Shen, LM. Zhang, LD. Chen, T. Goto, T. Hirai,
606.[O] Wet oxidation of slisicon carbide and silicon nitride.[Met. Mater. Processes,15(1-2),(2003),177-186]T. Narushima, T. Goto, C. Ouchi, Y. Iguchi
607.[B] Ecomaterials (Kogyo Chosakai Publishing Co., Ltd, Tokyo).[工業調査会,(2003)]GOTO Takashi
608.[O] Dielectric proerties of Ba(Ti0.85Zr0.15)03 film prepared by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition.[Jpn. J. Appl. Phys.,12(11),(2003),6969-6972]T. Tohma, H. Masumoto and T. Goto
609.[O] A ferroelectric barium titanate, BaTi2O5.[Acta Cryst. C,c59,(2003),i128-i130]T. Kimura, T. Goto, H. Yamane, H. Iwata, T. Kajiwara, T. Akashi
610.[B] Development and Technology of Functionally Graded Materials.[CMC Publishing Co. Ltd.,(2003)]GOTO Takashi, MIYAZAKI Hidetoshi
611.[B] Ceramic Data Book 2003 (Technoplaza, Tokyo).[(2003)]T. Goto
612.[O] Chemical vapor deposition of iridium, platinum, rhodium and palladium.[Mater. Trans.,44(9),(2003),1717-1728]J. R. Vargas Garcia, T. Goto
613.[O] Fabrication of condtinuously porous alumina body by fibrous monolithic and sintering process.[Mater. Trans.,44(9),(2003),1851-1856]T.-S. Kim, I.-C. Kang, T. Goto, B.-T. Lee
614.[O] Dielectric property of single crystalline BaTi2O5 prepared by a floating zone method.[Mater. Trans.,44(8),(2003),1644-1646]T. Akashi, H. Iwata, T. Goto
615.[O] Optical properties of Au nanoparticle dispersed TiO2 films prepared by laser ablation.[Mater. Trans.,44(8),(2003),1599-1603]A. Ito, H. Masumoto, T. Goto
616.[O] Thermal barrier coatings produced by chemical vapor deposition.[Sci. Technol. Adv. Mater.,4,(2003),397-402]J. R. Vargas Garcia, T. Goto
617.[O] Ultra-high temperature oxidation behavior of chemical vapor depositd silicon carbide layers.[Proc. 3rd Int. Symp. Mater. Chem. in Nuclear Environment (Material Chemistry '02 MC '02)(JAERI-Conf 2003-001)(March 13-15, 2002, Tsukuba, Japan. Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute)),(2003),195-202]T. Goto
618.[O] Corrosion behavior of ceramis-coated Hastelloy-XR-alloy in an Ar-So 2 atmosphere.[Mater. Trans.,44(5),(2003),962-967]R. Tu, T. Goto
619.[R] Development of high-speed CVD process for thermal barrier coating.[Ceramics Japan,38(5), (2003), 369-373]T. Goto, T. Kimura
620.[O] Preparation of BaTi2O5 single crystal by a floating zone method.[Mater. Trans.,44(4),(2003),802-804]T. Akashi, H. Iwata, T. Goto
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