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341.[O] Two-step pressure sintering of transparent lutetium oxide by sparking plasma sintering.[Journal of the European Ceramic Society,31(9),(2011),1597-1602]L.Q. An, A. Ito, T. Goto
342.[O] (006)-oriented α-Al2O3 films prepared in CO2-H2 atmosphere by laser chemical vapor deposition using a diode laser.[Materials Science and Engineering B,176(13),(2011),984-989]Y. You, A. Ito, R. Tu, T. Goto
343.[O] Microstructural Evolution of Mo-Si-B Ternary Alloys Through Heat Treatment at 1800°C.[Euro Superalloys 2010, Advanced Materials Research (Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland),278,(2011),527-532]Kyosuke Yoshimi, Seong-Ho Ha, Kouichi Maruyama, Rong Tu, Takashi Goto
344.[R] Materials Integration International Center of Education and Research.[(株)エヌ・ティー・エス Expected Materials for the Future,11(8), (2011), 48-50]Takashi Goto
345.[O] Effects of cubic BN addition and phase transformation on hardness of A2lO3–cubic BN composites.[Ceramics International,37(5),(2011),1453-1457]Mikinori Hotta, Takashi Goto
346.[O] Deposition of α-Al2O3 films on Ti(C, N)-based cermet substrate by laser chemical vapor deposition using a diode laser.[Journal of the Ceramics Society of Japan,119,(2011),570-572]Y. You, A. Ito, R. Tu, T. Goto
347.[B] BIOMLOGICAL and BIOMEDICAL COATINGS HANDBOOK - Processing and Characterization.[CRC Press,(2011)]Takashi Goto, Takayuki Narushima, Kyosuke Ueda
348.[O] High-speed epitaxial growth of (100)-oriented CeO2 film on r-cut sapphire by laser chemical vapor deposition.[Surface and Coatings Technology,205(16),(2011),4079-4082]Pei Zhao, Akihiko Ito, Rong Tu, Takashi Goto
349.[R] Development of Novel Inorganic Scintillator Materials.[The Review of Laser Engineering,39(5), (2011), 306-310]Makoto SUGIYAMA, Takayuki YANAGIDA, Yuui YOKOTA, Akihiko ITO, Kentaro FUKUDA, Noriaki KAWAGUCHI, Akihiro YAMAJI, Akihiro FUKABORI, Liqiong AN, Yutaka FUJIMOTO, Yuki FURUYA, Hidehiko TANAKA, Takashi GOTO, Akira YOSHIKAWA
350.[O] Laser chemical vapor deposition of TiN film on Ti(C, N)-based cermet substrate using Ti(OiPr)2(dpm)2-NH3 system.[Journal of the Ceramics Society of Japan,199(4),(2011),310-313]Yu You, Akihiko Ito, Rong Tu and Takashi Goto
351.[O] Catalytic materials prepared by chemical vapor deposition.[IOPConf. Series: Materials Science and Engineering (IOP Publishing),20,(2011),012001-]J. R. Vargas-Garcia, T. Goto
352.[O] Effect of time on microstructure and hardness of βSiAlON-cubic boron nitride composites during spark plasma sintering.[Ceramics International,37(2),(2011),521-524]M. Hotta, T. Goto
353.[O] Fabrication of Transparent Lutetium Oxide by Spark Plasma Sintering.[Journal of the American Ceramic Society,94(3),(2011),695-698]L. An, A. Ito, T. Goto
354.[O] Fast epitaxial growth of a-axis- and c-axis-oriented YBa2Cu3O7-δ films on (100) LaAlO3 substrate by laser chemical vapor deposition.[Applied Surface Science,257(9),(2011),4317-4320]P. Zhao, A. Ito, R. Tu, T. Goto
355.[B] Handbook of Multifunctional Ceramics.[エヌ・ティー・エス,(2011)]細野 秀雄, 神谷 利夫, 松原 秀彰, 後藤 孝 ほか (計105名)
356.[O] Frequency-dependent electrical properties of ferroelectric BaTi2O5 single crystal.[Journal of Applied Physics,109(2),(2011),024107-]N. Maso, X.Y. Yue, T. Goto, A. R. West
357.[O] Dome-like and dense SiC-SiO2 nanocomposite films synthesized by laser chemical vapor deposition using CO2 laser.[Surface and Coatings Technology,205(8-9),(2011),2818-2822]Shu Yu, Akihiko Ito, Rong Tu, Takashi Goto
358.[O] Preparation of carbon nanotube by rotary CVD on Ni nano-particle precipitated cBN using nickelocene as a precursor.[Materials Letters,65(2),(2011),367-370]J.F. Zhang, R. Tu, T. Goto
359.[O] Highly transparent lutetium titanium oxide produced by spark plasma sintenng.[Journal of the European Ceramic Society,31(1-2),(2011),237-240]L. An, A. Ito, T. Goto
360.[O] Eggshell- and fur-like microstructures of yttrium silicate film prepared by laser chemical vapor deposition.[Materials Chemistry and Physics,125(1-2),(2011),242-246]A. Ito, J. Endo, T. Kimura, T. Goto
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