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1.Imaging with a longitudinal electric field in confocal laser scanning microscopy to enhance spatial resolution.[Optics Express,28(12),(2020),18418]Yuichi Kozawa, Ryota Sakashita, Yuuki Uesugi, Shunichi Sato
2.Direct generation of the lowest-order vortex beam using a spot defect mirror in the ultraviolet region.[Optics Letters,45(7),(2020),2115-2118]Yuuki Uesugi, Yuichi Kozawa, Shunichi Sato
3.Formation of an optical field with regular singular-skeleton structure by the double-phase-ramp converter.[Journal of Optics,22(2),(2020),025603-]A Khoroshun, A Ryazantsev, O Ryazantsev, S Sato, Y Kozawa, J Masajada, A Popiołek-Masajada, M Szatkowski, A Chernykh, and A Bekshaev
4.Nonlinear optical properties of Rh–Pd and Rh–Pt solid-solution alloy nanoparticles prepared by a laser-induced nucleation method in aqueous solution.[OSA Continuum,2(10),(2019),2891-2900]MSI Sarker, T Nakamura, A Hossain, Y Kozawa, S Sato
5.Light needle microscopy with spatially transposed detection for axially resolved volumetric imaging.[Scientific Reports,9,(2019),11687-]Yuichi Kozawa, Shunichi Sato
6.Chain of optical vortices synthesized by a Gaussian beam and the double-phase-ramp converter.[OSA Continuum,2(2),(2019),320-331]Anna Khoroshun, Oleksii Chernykh, Halyna Tatarchenko, Shunichi Sato, Yuichi Kozawa, Agnieszka Popiołek-Masajada, Mateusz Szatkowski, Weronika Lamperska
7.Subtraction imaging by the combination of higher-order vector beams for enhanced spatial resolution.[Optics Letters,44(4),(2019),883-886]Mio Yoshida, Yuichi Kozawa, Shunichi Sato
8.Improvement of two-photon microscopic imaging in deep regions of living mouse brains by utilizing a light source based on an electrically controllable gain-switched laser diode.[Proceedings of SPIE,10498,(2018),104982L-]Kazuaki Sawada, Ryosuke Kawakami, Yi-Cheng Fang, Jui-Hung Hung, Yuichi Kozawa, Kohei Otomo, Shunichi Sato, Hiroyuki Yokoyama, Tomomi Nemoto
9.Micro-hole drilling by tightly focused vector beams.[Optics Letters,43(7),(2018),1542-1545]Shugo Matsusaka, Yuichi Kozawa, Shunichi Sato
10.Non-diffracting linear-shift point-spread function by focus-multiplexed computer-generated hologram.[Optics Letters,43(24),(2018),5949-5952]Tomoya Nakamura, Shunsuke Igarashi, Yuichi Kozawa, Masahiro Yamaguchi
11.Vector beam generation from vertical cavity surface emitting lasers.[Optics Letters,43(22),(2018),5659-5662]Yuichi Kozawa, Yuki Nara, Naoto Jikutani, Yasuhiro Higashi, Shunichi Sato
12.Superresolution imaging via superoscillation focusing of a radially polarized beam.[Optica,5(2),(2018),86-92]Yuichi Kozawa, Daichi Matsunaga, Shunichi Sato
13.Super-Oscillation by Higher-Order Radially Polarized Laguerre-Gaussian Beams.[2016 CONFERENCE ON LASERS AND ELECTRO-OPTICS (CLEO),(2016)]Daichi Matsunaga, Yuichi Kozawa, Shunichi Sato
14.Creation of polarization gradients from superposition of counter propagating vector LG beams.[Optics Express,23(26),(2015),33970-33979]Sunil Vyas, Yuichi Kozawa, Yoko Miyamoto
15.Unfolding of optical singularities in vector Laguerre-Gaussian beams.[CLEO-PR 2015 Conference Proceedings,(2015),28F2-1]S. Vyas, Y. Kozawa, S. Sato, Y. Miyamoto
16.Transverse-mode selective laser operation by unicursal fast-scanning pumping.[Optics Letters,40(14),(2015),3245-3248]Takumi Sato, Yuichi Kozawa, Shunichi Sato
17.Characteristic polarization singularities in vector Laguerre-Gaussian beams.[Optical Manipulation Conference (OMC '15),(2015),OMC6-5-1-OMC6-5-2]S. Vyas, Y. Kozawa, S. Sato, Y. Miyamoto
18.In vivo two-photon imaging of mouse hippocampal neurons in dentate gyrus using a light source based on a high-peak power gain-switched laser diode.[Biomedical Optics Express,6(3),(2015),891-901]Ryosuke Kawakami, Kazuaki Sawada, Yuta Kusama, Yi-Cheng Fan, Shinya Kanazawa, Yuichi Kozawa, Shunichi Sato, Hiroyuki Yokoyama, Tomomi Nemoto
19.Numerical analysis of resolution enhancement in laser scanning microscopy using a radially polarized beam.[Optics Express,23(3),(2015),2076-2084]Yuichi Kozawa, Shunichi Sato
20.Enhanced Detection of Longitudinal Field of a Radially Polarized Beam in Confocal Laser Microscopy.[2015 CONFERENCE ON LASERS AND ELECTRO-OPTICS (CLEO),(2015)]Yuichi Kozawa, Shunichi Sato
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