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1.The 2011 Japan earthquake and tsunami: Reconstruction and restoration insights and assessment after 5 years.[Springer,(2018)]Santiago-Fandino, V., Sato, S., Maki, N., & Iuchi, K
2.Revisiting Tohoku's five-year recovery: Community rebuilding policies, programs and implementation.[Springer,(2018)]Iuchi, K., & Olshansky, R.
3.Developing an evaluation framework of national level interim reconstruction agencies after mega-disasters: an initial attempt on evaluation by referring to international case.[Rokka,(2017)]Jibiki, Y., Iuchi, K.
4.Residential Relocation Processes in Coastal Areas: Tacloban City after Typhoon Yolanda.[Routledge: CRC Press,(2016)]Iuchi, K. and E. Maly
5.Change-proof cities and regions – an integrated concept for tackling key challenges for spatial development.[Policy Press,(2016)]Grieving, S., Iuchi, K., Tešliar, J., & Ubaura, M.
6.Disaster risk management and its relationship to land use geographies vulnerable to water-related disasters: An analysis of the Japanese legislative system.[Policy Press,(2016)]Iuchi, K.
7.Planning systems for risk reduction and issues in pre-disaster implementation.[Policy Press,(2016)]Iuchi, K.
8.Three years after a mega-disaster: Recovery policies, programs and implementation after the Great East Japan Earthquake.[Springer,(2015)]Iuchi, K., Maly, E., and Johnson, L.
9.Transforming Cities with Transit: Transit and Land-Use Integration toward Sustainable Urban Development.[The World Bank,(2013)]Hiroaki Suzuki, Robert Cervero, Kanako Iuchi
10.Eco-cities and low-carbon cities: The China context and global perspectives in sustainable low-carbon city development, in Sustainable Low-Carbon City Development in China.[The World Bank,(2012)]Baeumler, A., Chen, M., Iuchi, K. and Suzuki, H.
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