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41.Study on fluid channel formation in magma chambers using X-ray Microtomography.[Spring-8 User Experimental Report,12(110),(2004)]Nakamura, M., Nakata, E., Nakano, T., Tsuchiyama, A., Uesugi, K.
42.Determination of molar absorptivity of IR fundamental OH-stretching vibration in rhyolitic glasses.[American Mineralogist,88,(2003),1657-1662]Satoshi Okumura,Michihiko Nakamura,Satoru Nakashima
43.Role of precursory less-viscous mixed magma in the highly crystallized magma eruption: Implications from the Hokkaido-Komagatake 1929 eruption.[Bulletin of Volcanology,63,(2001),365-376]Takeuchi, S. Nakamura, M.
44.Experimental study of aqueous fluid infiltration into quartzite:Implications for the kinetics of fluid re-distribution and grain growth driven by interfacial energy reduction.[Geofluids,1,(2001),73-90]Nakamura, M, Watson, E.B.
45.Groundmass pargasite in the 1991-1995 dacite of Unzen volcano: phase stability experiments and volcanological implications.[Journal of Volcanonoly and Geothermal Research,89,(1998),197-212]Sato, H., Nakada, S., Fujii, T., Nakamura, M., Suzuki-Kamata, K
46.Dissolution origin and syn-entrapment compositional change of melt inclusion in plagioclase.[Earth and Planetary Science Letters,161,(1998),119-133]Michihiko Nakamura, shunichi Shimakita
47.Continuous mixing of crystal mush and replenished magma in the ongoing Unzene ruption.[Geology,23,(1995),807-810]Nakamura, M
48.Residence time and crystallization history of nickeliferous olivine phenocrysts from the northern Yatsugatake volcanoes, Central JAPAN : Application of a growth and diffusion model in the system Mg-Fe-Ni.[Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research,66,(1995),81-100]Nakamura, M.
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