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1.Presence of carbonate ions in high-SiO2 rhyolite observed in fluid-melt equilibrium experiments.[Geochemical Journal,51,(2016)]Shumpei Yoshimura Michihiko Nakamura Hisayoshi Yurimoto
2.Experimental constraints on the serpentinization rate of fore-arc peridotites: Implications for the upwelling condition of the slab-derived fluid.[Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems,(2016)]Takayuki Nakatani Michihiko Nakamura
3.Nanomorphology of Itokawa regolith particles: Applicationto space-weathering processes affecting the Itokawa asteroid.[Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta,187,(2016),195-217]Toru Matsumoto Akira Tsuchiyama Kentaro Uesugi Tsukasa Nakano Masayuki Uesugi Junya Matsuno Takashi Nagano Akira Shimada Akihisa Takeuchi Yoshio Suzuki Tomoki Nakamura Michihiko Nakamura Arnold Gucsik Keita Nagaki Tatsuhiro Sakaiya Tadashi Kondo
4.Is gold solubility subject to pressure variations in ascending arc magmas?.[Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta,188,(2016),224-243]Sebastien Jego Michihiko Nakamura Jun-Ichi Kimura Yoshiyuki Iizuka Qing Chang Georg F. Zellmer
5.OH defects in synthetic xenotime (YPO4).[European Journal of Mineralogy,(2016)]Takeyasu Abe, Takahiro Kuribayashi, Michihiko Nakamura
6.Interfacial tension-driven relaxation of magma foam: An experimental study.[Journal of Geophysical Research,120(11),(2015),7403-7424]S. Otsuki, M. Nakamura, S. Okumura, and O. Sasaki
7.マグマ上昇過程の物質科学的研究.[Japan Geoscience Letters,11(3),(2015),3-5]中村美千彦
8.Rheological transitions in high-temperature volcanic fault zones.[Jour. Geophys. Res.,120,(2015),2974-2987]Okumura, S., Uesugi, K., Nakamura, M., Sasaki, O.
9.A nanolite record of eruption style transition.[GEOLOGY,42(7),(2014),611-614]M. Mujin., M. Nakamura
11.Flux of volcanic CO2 emission estimated from melt inclusions and fluid transport modelling.[Earth and Planetary Science Letters,361,(2013),497-503]Yoshimura, S. and Nakamura, M.
12.Coupled effect of magma degassing and rtheology on silicic volcanism.[Earth and Planetary Science Letters,362,(2013),163-170]Okumura, S., Nakamura, M., Uesugi, K., Nakano, T., Fujioka, T.
13.Syn-eruptive desulfidation of pyrrhotite in the pumice of the Sakurajima 1914-15 eruption:Implication for potential magma ascent rate meter.[Journal of Mineralogical and Petrological Sciences,107,(2012),206-211]Keiko Matsumoto and Michihiko Nakamura
14.放射光X線を用いた流動するマグマのその場観察:火山噴火の多様性の原因解明へ向けて.[Laboratory simulation of volcanism : In situ observation of flowing magma by synchrotron radiation X-ray radiography and computed tomography,25,(2012),222-228]奥村 聡・中村 美千彦・上杉 健太郎
15.Experimental constraints on permeable gas transport in crystalline silicic magmas.[Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology Springer,164(3),(2012),493-504]Satoshi Okumura, Michihiko Nakamura,Tsukasa Nakano, Kentaro Uesugi &Akira Tsuchiyama
16.Analyses of pyroclastic deposits to investigate dynamics of volcanic eruptions.[The memoirs of the Geological Society of Japan,117,(2011),329-343]Michihiko Nakamura
17.Carbon dioxide transport in crustal magmatic systems.[Earth and Planetary Science Letters,307,(2011),470-478]Yoshimura, S., Nakamura, M.
18.Fracture healing in a magma: An experimental approach and implications for volcanic seismicity and degassing.[Journal of Geophysical Research,115(B09209),(2010)]Shumpei Yoshimura and Michihiko Nakamura
19.Incubation processes for the Taisho eruption of Sakurajima Volcano: Constraint from the mineral chemistry of magnetite.[Annuals of Dissas. Prev. Res. Inst., Kyoto Univ.,53A,(2010),261-267]Michihiko NAKAMURA, Sho TAMURA, Yoshinori ITOH, Satoshi OKUMURA, Masato IGUCHI and Daisuke MIKI
20.Chemically driven growth and resorption of bubbles in a multivolatile magmatic system.[Chemical Geology,276(1-2),(2010),18-28]Shumpei Yoshimura and Michihiko Nakamura
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