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41.[R] かんらん石-単斜輝石系における粒成長.[月刊地球「マントルの構造敏感性地震波特性,そして物質移動」, (2007)]大内智博・中村美千彦
42.[O] Grain growth in the system forsterite-diopside-water.[Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors,161,(2007),281-304]Tomohiro Ohuchi, Michihiko Nakamura
43.[R] Special issue "Material science of eruption phenomena".[Japanese Magazine of Mineralogical and Petrological Sciences The Japanese Association of Mineralogists, Petrologists and Economic Geologists,35(3), (2006), 117-118]Michihiko Nakamura
44.[R] Welding and rheomorphism.[海洋出版 Proximal Volcanic Geology, Chikyu Monthly,28(4), (2006), 210-215]Keiichi Ohtaki Michihiko Nakamura Motoki Kudoh
45.[O] Microstructure evolution of aqueous fluid-bearing wehrlites: Implications for the fluid distribution in polymineralic rocks.[JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH,111(B01201),(2006),1-13]Tomohiro Ohuchi,Michihiko Nakamura
46.[O] Shear-induced bubble coalescence in rhyolitic melts with low vesicularity.[Geophysical Research letters,in press,(2006)]Satoshi OKUMURA, Michihiko NAKAMURA, Akira TSUCHIYAMA
47.[O] Grain growth in the forsterite - diopside system.[Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors,in press,(2006)]Tomohiro Ohuchi, Michihiko Nakamura
48.[O] Grain growth control of isotope exchange between rocks and fluids.[Geology,33(10),(2005),829-832]Michihiko Nakamura,Hisayoshi Yurimoto,E. Bruce Watson
49.[O] Study on permeability of magma chambers using X-ray microtomography.[Spring-8 User Experimental Report,14(238),(2005)]Nakamura, M., Nakata, E, Nakano, T., Tsuchiyama, A., Uesugi, K., Ohuchi, T., Ohtaki, K., Yoshimura, S
50.[O] Oxygen diffusion in monazite.[Earth and Planetary Science Letters,226,(2004),161-174]Cherniak, D.J., Zhang, X.Y., Nakamura, M., Watson, E.B.
51.[O] Study on fluid channel formation in magma chambers using X-ray Microtomography.[Spring-8 User Experimental Report,12(110),(2004)]Nakamura, M., Nakata, E., Nakano, T., Tsuchiyama, A., Uesugi, K.
52.[O] Determination of molar absorptivity of IR fundamental OH-stretching vibration in rhyolitic glasses.[American Mineralogist,88,(2003),1657-1662]Satoshi Okumura,Michihiko Nakamura,Satoru Nakashima
53.[O] Role of precursory less-viscous mixed magma in the highly crystallized magma eruption: Implications from the Hokkaido-Komagatake 1929 eruption.[Bulletin of Volcanology,63,(2001),365-376]Takeuchi, S. Nakamura, M.
54.[O] Experimental study of aqueous fluid infiltration into quartzite:Implications for the kinetics of fluid re-distribution and grain growth driven by interfacial energy reduction.[Geofluids,1,(2001),73-90]Nakamura, M, Watson, E.B.
55.[R] Elementary Processes of Pervasive Fluid Migration.[東京地学協会 Journal of Geography,109, (2000), 576-589]Nakamura, M.
56.[R] 多結晶石英集合体での間隙の発達と粒子成長.[海洋出版 Chikyu Monthly,251, (2000), 482-486]Michihiko Nakamura
57.[R] 火山噴火準備過程の時間スケールを決める要因.[Chikyu Monthly,251, (2000), 349-356]Satoru Nakashima, Michihiko Nakamura
58.[O] Groundmass pargasite in the 1991-1995 dacite of Unzen volcano: phase stability experiments and volcanological implications.[Journal of Volcanonoly and Geothermal Research,89,(1998),197-212]Sato, H., Nakada, S., Fujii, T., Nakamura, M., Suzuki-Kamata, K
59.[O] Dissolution origin and syn-entrapment compositional change of melt inclusion in plagioclase.[Earth and Planetary Science Letters,161,(1998),119-133]Michihiko Nakamura, shunichi Shimakita
60.[R] マグマ混合はいかにして起こったか.[海洋出版 Chikyu Monthly,号外No.15, (1996), 52-57]Shun'ichi Shimakita
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