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41.Rab35 functions in axon elongation are regulated by p53-related protein kinase (PRPK) in a mechanism that involves Rab35 protein degradation and the microtubule-associated protein 1B..[J. Neurosci.,36(27),(2016),7298-7313]Villarroel-Campos, D., Henriquez, D. R., Bodaleo, F. J., Oguchi, M. E., Bronfman, F. C., Fukuda, M. and Gonzalez-Billault, C.
42.Sequential and compartmentalized action of Rabs, SNAREs, and MAL in the apical delivery of fusiform vesicles in urothelial umbrella cells..[Mol. Biol. Cell,27(10),(2016),1621-1634]Wankel, B., Ouyang, J., Guo, X., Hadjiolova, K., Miller, J., Liao, Y., Tham, D. K. L., Romih, R., Andrade, L. R., Gumper, I., Simon, J.-P., Sachdeva, R., Tolmachova, T., Seabra, M. C., Fukuda, M., Schaeren-Wiemers, N., Hong, W. J., Sabatini, D. D., Wu, X.-R., Kong, X., Kreibich, G., Rindler, M. J. and Sun T.-T.
43.P53- and mevalonate pathway–driven malignancies require Arf6 for metastasis and drug resistance..[J. Cell Biol.,213(1),(2016),81-95]Hashimoto, A., Oikawa, T., Hashimoto, S., Sugino, H., Yoshikawa, A., Otsuka, Y., Handa, H., Onodera, Y., Nam, J.-M., Oneyama, C., Okada, M., Fukuda, M. and Sabe, H.
44.Differing susceptibility to autophagic degradation activity of two LC3-binding proteins: SQSTM1/p62 and TBC1D25/OATL1..[Autophagy,12(2),(2016),312-326]Hirano, S., Uemura, T., Annoh, H., Fujita, N., Waguri, S., Itoh, T. and Fukuda, M.
45.Rab12 regulates retrograde transport of mast cell secretory granules by interacting with the RILP-dynein complex..[J. Immunol.,196(3),(2016),1091-1101]Efergan, A., Azouz, N. P., Klein, O., Noguchi, K., Rothenberg, M. E., Fukuda, M. and Sagi-Eisenberg, R.
46.Mon1-Ccz1 activates Rab7 only on late endosomes and dissociates from the lysosome in mammalian cells..[J. Cell Sci.,129(2),(2016),329-340]Yasuda, S., Morishita, S., Fujita, A., Nanao, T., Wada, N., Waguri, S., Schiavo, G., Fukuda, M. and Nakamura, T.
47.RUTBC1 functions as a GTPase-activating protein for Rab32/38 and regulates melanogenic enzyme trafficking in melanocytes..[J. Biol. Chem.,291(3),(2016),1427-1440]Marubashi, S., Shimada, H., Fukuda, M. and Ohbayashi, N.
48.Small GTPase Rab2B and its specific binding protein Golgi-associated Rab2B interactor-like 4 (GARI-L4) regulate Golgi morphology..[J. Biol. Chem.,290(36),(2015),22250-22261]Aizawa, M. and Fukuda, M.
49.Rabin8 suppresses autophagosome formation independently of its guanine nucleotide-exchange activity towards Rab8..[J. Biochem.,158(2),(2015),139-153]Amagai, Y., Itoh, T., Fukuda, M. and Mizuno, K.
50.Activation-inactivation cycling of Rab35 and ARF6 is required for phagocytosis of zymosan in RAW264 macrophages..[J. Immunol. Res.,2015,(2015),429-439]Egami Y, Fujii M, Kawai K, Ishikawa Y, Fukuda M, Araki N.
51.The small GTPase Rab33A participates in regulation of amylase release from parotid acinar cells..[Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun.,461(3),(2015),469-474]Imai A, Tsujimura M, Yoshie S, Fukuda M.
52.Slp2-a inactivates ezrin by recruiting protein phosphatase 1 to the plasma membrane..[Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun.,460(4),(2015),896-902]Yasuda T, Homma Y, Fukuda M.
53.Structure-function analyses of the small GTPase Rab35 and its efffector protein centaurin-β2/ACAP2 during neurite outgrowth of PC12 cells..[J. Biol. Chem.,290(14),(2015),9064-9074]Etoh K, Fukuda M.
54.Rab27A regulates transport of cell surface receptors modulating multinucleation and lysosome-related organelles in osteoclasts..[Sci. Rep.,5,(2015),9620-]Shimada-Sugawara M, Sakai E, Okamoto K, Fukuda M, Izumi T, Yoshida N, Tsukuba T.
55.Rab40C is a novel Varp-binding protein that promotes proteasomal degradation of Varp in melanocytes..[Biol. Open,4(3),(2015),267-275]Yatsu A, Shimada H, Ohbayashi N, Fukuda M.
56.Rab1A regulates anterograde melanosome transport by recruiting kinesin-1 to melanosomes through interaction with SKIP..[Sci. Rep.,5,(2015),8238-]Ishida M, Ohbayashi N, Fukuda M.
57.Identification of molecular heterogeneity in SNX27-retromer-mediated endosome-to-plasma membrane recycling..[J. Cell Sci.,127(22),(2014),4940-4953]McGough IJ, Steinberg F, Gallon M, Yatsu A, Ohbayashi N, Heesom K, Fukuda M, Cullen PJ.
58.TBC1D9B functions as a GTPase-activating protein for Rab11a in polarized MDCK cells..[Mol. Biol. Cell,25(23),(2014),3779-3797]Gallo LI, Liao Y, Ruiz WG, Clayton DR, Li M, Liu Y-J, Jiang Y, Fukuda M, Apodaca G, Yin X-M.
59.Leishmania promastigotes induce cytokine secretion in macrophages through the degradation of Synaptotagmin XI..[J. Immunol.,193(5),(2014),2363-2372]Arango Duque G, Fukuda M, Turco SJ, Stäger S, Descoteaux A.
60.Rab35 promotes the recruitment of Rab8, Rab13 and Rab36 to recycling endosomes through MICAL-L1 during neurite outgrowth..[Biol. Open,3(9),(2014),803-814]Kobayashi H, Etoh K, Ohbayashi N, Fukuda M.
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