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161.[B] Biosensors - Emerging Materials and Applications (Serra, P. A. ed.).[INTECH,(2011)]Ishido, N., Kobayashi, H., Sako, Y., Arai, T., Fukuda, M. and Nakamura, T.
162.[O] Genome-wide investigation of the Rab binding activity of RUN domains: Development of a novel tool that specifically traps GTP-Rab35..[Cell Struct. Funct.,36(2),(2011),155-170]Fukuda, M., Kobayashi, H., Ishibashi, K. and Ohbayashi, N.
163.[R] Synaptotagmin IV acts as a multi-functional regulator of Ca2+-dependent exocytosis..[Neurochem. Res.,36(7), (2011), 1222-1227]Mori, Y. and Fukuda, M.
164.[O] Dissociation of inositol polyphosphates from the C2B domain of synaptotagmin facilitates spontaneous release of catecholamines in adrenal chromaffin cells: A suggestive evidence of a fusion clamp by synaptotagmin..[Neuropharmacology,60(7-8),(2011),1364-1370]Sasakawa, N., Ohara-Imaizumi, M., Fukuda, M., Kabayama, H., Mikoshiba, K. and Kumakura, K.
165.[R] TBC proteins: GAPs for mammalian small GTPase Rab?.[Biosci. Rep.,31(3), (2011), 159-168]Fukuda, M.
166.[O] The recycling endosome protein Rab17 regulates melanocytic filopodia formation and melanosome trafficking..[Traffic,12(5),(2011),627-643]Beaumont, K. A., Hamilton, N. A., Moores, M. T., Brown, D. L., Ohbayashi, N., Cairncross, O., Cook, A. L., Smith, A. G., Misaki, R., Fukuda, M., Taguchi, T., Sturm, R. A. and Stow, J. L.
167.[R] メラニン色素輸送の仕組み解明から美白研究への応用ー「膜輸送」研究が切り開く新たなアプローチー.[學士會会報,888(3), (2011), 66-72]福田光則
168.[R] メラノソーム輸送機構に基づいた美白アプローチ.[フレグランスジャーナル (FRAGRANCE JOURNAL),39(5), (2011), 19-24]村松慎介、水谷友紀、福田光則
169.[O] Differential distribution of synaptotagmin-1, -4, -7, and -9 in rat adrenal chromaffin cells..[Cell Tissue Res.,344(1),(2011),41-50]Matsuoka, H., Harada, K., Nakamura, J., Fukuda, M. and Inoue, M.
170.[O] OATL1, a novel autophagosome-resident Rab33B-GAP, regulates autophagosomal maturation..[J. Cell Biol.,192(5),(2011),839-853]Itoh, T., Kanno, E., Uemura, T., Waguri, S. and Fukuda, M.
171.[O] Structure-function analysis of VPS9-ankyrin-repeat protein (Varp) in the trafficking of tyrosinase-related protein 1 in melanocytes..[J. Biol. Chem.,286(9),(2011),7507-7521]Tamura, K., Ohbayashi, N., Ishibashi, K. and Fukuda, M.
172.[R] How can mammalian Rab small GTPases be comprehensively analyzed? : Development of new tools to comprehensively analyze mammalian Rabs in membrane traffic..[Histol. Histopathol.,25(11), (2010), 1473-1480]Fukuda, M.
173.[O] Storage of GABA in chromaffin granules and not in synaptic-like microvesicles in rat adrenal medullary cells..[J. Neurochem.,114(2),(2010),617-626]Harada, K., Matsuoka, H., Nakamura, J., Fukuda, M. and Inoue, M.
174.[O] AATYK1A phosphorylation by Cdk5 regulates the recycling endosome pathway..[Genes Cells,15(7),(2010),783-797]Takano, T., Tsutsumi, K., Saito, T., Asada, A., Tomomura, M., Fukuda, M. and Hisanaga, S.
175.[O] Role of the polybasic sequence in the Doc2α C2B domain in dense-core vesicle exocytosis in PC12 cells..[J. Neurochem.,114(1),(2010),171-181]Sato, M., Mori, Y., Matsui, T., Aoki, R., Oya, M., Yanagihara, Y., Fukuda, M. and Tsuboi, T.
176.[O] Functional characterization of two RAB27A missense mutations found in Griscelli syndrome type 2..[Pigment Cell Melanoma Res.,23(3),(2010),365-374]Ohbayashi, N., Mamishi, S., Ishibashi, K., Maruta, Y., Pourakbari, B., Tamizifar, B., Mohammadpour, M., Fukuda, M. and Parvaneh, N.
177.[O] Pericentrosomal targeting of Rab6 secretory vesicles by Bicaudal-D-related protein-1 (BICDR-1) regulates neuritogenesis..[EMBO J.,29(10),(2010),1637-1651]Schlager, M. A., Kapitein, L. C., Grigoriev, I., Burzynski, G. M., Wulf, P. S., Keijzer, N., de Graaff, E., Fukuda, M., Shepherd, I. T., Akhmanova, A. and Hoogenraad, C. C.
178.[O] Comprehensive screening for novel Rab-binding proteins by GST pull-down assay using 60 different mammalian Rabs..[Traffic,11(4),(2010),491-507]Kanno, E., Ishibashi, K., Kobayashi, H., Matsui, T., Ohbayashi, N. and Fukuda, M.
179.[O] Phosphorylation of AATYK1 by Cdk5 suppresses its tyrosine phosphorylation..[PLoS One,5(4),(2010),e10260-]Tsutsumi, K., Takano, T., Endo, R., Fukuda, M., Ohshima, T., Tomomura, M. and Hisanaga, S.
180.[O] A novel 65 kDa RNA-binding protein in squid presynaptic terminals..[Neuroscience,166(1),(2010),73-83]Lico, D. T. P., Rosa, J. C., DeGiorgis, J. A., deVasconcelos, E. J. R., Casaletti, L., Tauhata, S. B. F., Baqui, M. M. A., Fukuda, M., Moreira, J. E. and R. E. Larson
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