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301.[O] Characterization of a novel C. elegans RGS protein with a C2 domain: Evidence for direct association between C2 domain and Gaq subunit..[Life Sci.,73,(2003),917-932]Sato, M., Moroi, K., Nishiyama, M., Zhou, J., Usui, H., Kasuya, Y., Fukuda, M., Kohara, Y., Komuro, I. and Kimura, S.
302.[O] Molecular cloning and characterization of human, rat, and mouse synaptotagmin XV..[Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun.,306,(2003),64-71]Fukuda, M.
303.[O] Molecular cloning, expression, and characterization of a novel class of synaptotagmin (Syt XIV) conserved from Drosophila to humans..[J. Biochem.,133,(2003),641-649]Fukuda, M.
304.[O] Distinct Rab binding specificity of Rim1, Rim2, rabphilin, and Noc2: Identification of a critical determinant of Rab3A/Rab27A recognition by Rim2..[J. Biol. Chem.,278,(2003),15373-15380]Fukuda, M.
305.[O] Slp4-a/granuphilin-a inhibits dense-core vesicle exocytosis through interaction with the GDP-bound form of Rab27A in PC12 cells..[J. Biol. Chem.,278,(2003),15390-15396]Fukuda, M.
306.[O] Characterization of the molecular defects in Rab27a, caused by RAB27A missense mutations found in patients with Griscelli syndrome..[J. Biol. Chem.,278,(2003),11386-11392]Bahadoran, P., Busca, R., Chiaverini, C., Westbroek, W., Lambert, J., Bille, K., Valony, G., Fukuda, M., Naeyaert, J.-M., Ortonne, J.-P. and Ballotti, R.
307.[O] Nerve growth factor-dependent sorting of synaptotagmin IV protein to mature dense-core vesicles that undergo calcium-dependent exocytosis in PC12 cells..[J. Biol. Chem.,278,(2003),3220-3226]Fukuda, M., Kanno, E., Ogata, Y., Saegusa, C., Kim, T., Peng Loh, Y. and Yamamoto, A.
308.[R] Synaptotagmins, Ca2+- and phospholipid-binding proteins that control Ca2+-regulated membrane trafficking..[Recent Res. Dev. Chem. Phys. Lipids,1, (2003), 15-51]Fukuda, M.
309.[R] リソソーム関連疾患と低分子量GTP結合タンパク質RabーRab27AとミオシンVaの運命的出会いー.[実験医学増刊号「細胞内輸送研究の最前線」,21, (2003), 2039-2047]黒田垂歩・福田光則
310.[O] Synaptotagmin I and IV are differentially regulated in the brain by the recreational drug 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA)..[Mol. Brain Res.,108,(2002),94-101]Peng W., Premkumar, A., Mossner, R., Fukuda, M., Lesch, K. P. and Simantov, R.
311.[O] Slac2-c (synaptotagmin-like protein homologue lacking C2 domains-c), a novel linker protein that interacts with Rab27, myosin Va/VIIa, and actin..[J. Biol. Chem.,277,(2002),43096-43103]Fukuda, M. and Kuroda, T. S.
312.[O] Slp4-a/granuphilin-a regulates dense-core vesicle exocytosis in PC12 cells..[J. Biol. Chem.,277,(2002),39673-39678]Fukuda, M., Kanno, E., Saegusa, C., Ogata, Y. and Kuroda, T. S.
313.[O] Synaptotagmin-like protein (Slp) homology domain 1 of Slac2-a/melanophilin is a critical determinant of GTP-dependent specific binding to Rab27A..[J. Biol. Chem.,277,(2002),40118-40124]Fukuda, M.
314.[O] The C2A domain of synaptotagmin-like protein 3 (Slp3) is an atypical calcium-dependent phospholipid-binding machine: Comparison with the C2A domain of synaptotagmin I..[Biochem. J.,366,(2002),681-687]Fukuda, M.
315.[O] Vesicle-associated membrane protein-2/synaptobrevin binding to synaptotagmin I promotes O-glycosylation of synaptotagmin I..[J. Biol. Chem.,277,(2002),30351-30358]Fukuda, M.
316.[O] The calcium-binding loops of the tandem C2 domains of synaptotagmin VII cooperatively mediate calcium-dependent oligomerization..[J. Biol. Chem.,277,(2002),29315-29320]Fukuda, M., Katayama, E. and Mikoshiba, K.
317.[O] Non-polarized distribution of synaptotagmin IV in neurons: Evidence that synaptotagmin IV is not a synaptic vesicle protein..[Neurosci. Res.,43,(2002),401-406]Ibata, K., Hashikawa, T., Tsuboi, T., Terakawa, S., Liang, F., Mizutani, A., Fukuda, M. and Mikoshiba, K.
318.[O] Alternative splicing isoforms of synaptotagmin VII in the mouse, rat and human..[Biochem. J.,365,(2002),173-180]Fukuda, M., Ogata, Y., Saegusa, C., Kanno, E. and Mikoshiba, K.
319.[O] Synaptotagmin V is targeted to dense-core vesicles that undergo calcium-dependent exocytosis in PC12 cells..[J. Biol. Chem.277, 24499-24505,277,(2002),24499-24505]Saegusa, C., Fukuda, M. and Mikoshiba, K.
320.[O] Ca2+-dependent synaptotagmin binding to SNAP-25 is essential for Ca2+-triggered exocytosis..[Neuron,34,(2002),599-611]Zhang, X., Kim-Miller, M. J., Fukuda, M., Kowalchyk, J. A. and Martin, T. F. J.
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