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281.[R] 「メラニン色素」輸送の分子メカニズム:肌や髪の毛が黒くなる仕組み.[日皮協ジャーナル,54, (2005), 60-66]福田光則
282.[R] 美白への新たなアプローチーメラニン輸送をストップさせるー.[BIONICS,2(11), (2005), 68-71]黒田垂歩・福田光則
283.[R] Slp homology domain: A novel protein motif that specifically binds small GTPase Rab27..[Recent Res. Dev. Biochem.,6, (2005), 13-29]Fukuda, M.
284.[R] Functional analysis of Slac2-a/melaonophilin as a linker protein between Rab27A and myosin Va in melanosome transport..[Methods Enzymol.,403, (2005), 419-431]Kuroda, T. S., Itoh, T. and Fukuda, M.
285.[R] Assay and functional interactions of Rim2 with Rab3..[Methods Enzymol.,403, (2005), 457-468]Fukuda, M.
286.[R] Identification and biochemical analysis of Slac2-c/MyRIP as a Rab27A-, myosin Va/VIIa-, and actin-binding protein..[Methods Enzymol.,403, (2005), 431-444]Kuroda, T. S. and Fukuda, M.
287.[R] Analysis of the role of Rab27 effector Slp4-a/granuphilin-a in dense-core vesicle exocytosis..[Methods Enzymol.,403, (2005), 445-457]Fukuda, M. and Kanno, E.
288.[O] Rab27A-binding protein Slp2-a is required for peripheral melanosome distribution and elongated cell shape in melanocytes..[Nature Cell Biol.,6(12),(2004),1195-1203]Kuroda, T. S. and Fukuda, M.
289.[O] Vesicular reuptake inhibition by a synaptotagmin I C2B domain antibody at the squid giant synapse..[Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA,101(51),(2004),17855-17860]Llinás, R. R., Sugimori, M., Moran, K. A., Moreira, J. E. and Fukuda, M.
290.[O] Synaptotagmin VII is targeted to dense-core vesicles and regulates their Ca2+-dependent exocytosis in PC12 cells..[J. Biol. Chem.,279,(2004),52677-52684]Fukuda, M., Kanno, E., Satoh, M., Saegusa, C. and Yamamoto, A.
291.[O] Alternative splicing in the first α-helical region of the Rab-binding domain of Rim regulates Rab3A binding activity: Is Rim a Rab3 effector protein during evolution?.[Genes Cells,9,(2004),831-842]Fukuda, M.
292.[O] Effect of forskolin on synaptotagmin IV protein trafficking in PC12 cells..[J. Biochem.,136,(2004),245-253]Fukuda, M. and Yamamoto, A.
293.[O] Synaptotagmin IV regulates glial glutamate release..[Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA,101,(2004),9441-9446]Zhang, Q., Fukuda, M., Van Bockstaele, E., Pascual, O. and Haydon, P. G.
294.[O] The secretory granule-associated protein CAPS2 regulates neurotrophin release and cell survival..[J. Neurosci.,24,(2004),43-52]Sadakata, T., Mizoguchi, A., Sato, Y., Katoh-Semba, R., Fukuda, M., Mikoshiba, K. and Furuichi, T.
295.[R] Rabphilin and Noc2 function as Rab27 effectors that control Ca2+-regulated exocytosis..[Recent Res. Dev. Neurochem.,7, (2004), 57-69]Fukuda, M.
296.[R] シナプトタグミンによる調節性分泌の制御.[蛋白質 核酸 酵素,49, (2004), 2186-2197]福田光則
297.[O] Synaptotagmin IX, a possible linker between the perinuclear endocytic recycling compartment and the microtubules..[J. Cell Sci.,116,(2003),4307-4318]Haberman, Y., Grimberg, E., Fukuda, M. and Sagi-Eisenberg, R.
298.[O] Plasmalemmal sealing of transected mammalian neurites is a gradual process mediated by Ca2+-regulated proteins..[J. Neurosci. Res.,74,(2003),541-551]Yoo, S., Nguyen, M. P., Fukuda, M., Bittner, G. D. and Fishman, H. M.
299.[O] Involvement of the Rab27 binding protein Slac2c/MyRIP in insulin exocytosis..[Mol. Biol. Cell,14,(2003),4103-4113]Waselle, L., Coppola, T., Fukuda, M., Iezzi, M., El-Amraoui, A., Petit, C. and Regazzi, R.
300.[O] The actin-binding domain of Slac2-a/melanophilin is required for melanosome distribution in melanocytes..[Mol. Cell. Biol.,23,(2003),5245-5255]Kuroda, T. S., Ariga, H. and Fukuda, M.
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