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261.[O] Slp4-a/granuphilin-a interacts with syntaxin-2/3 in a Munc18-2-dependent manner..[J. Biol. Chem.,280,(2005),39175-39184]Fukuda, M., Imai, A., Nashida, T. and Shimomura, H.
262.[O] AS160, the Akt substrate regulating GLUT4 translocation, has a functional Rab GTPase activating protein domain..[Biochem. J.,391,(2005),87-93]Miinea, C. P., Sano, H., Kane, S., Sano, E., Fukuda, M., Peranen, J., Lane, W. S. and Lienhard, G. E.
263.[O] Protein Kinase C-mediated phosphorylation of the two polybasic regions of synaptotagmin VI regulates their function in acrosomal exocytosis..[Dev. Biol.,285,(2005),422-435]Roggero, C. M., Tomes, C. N., De Blas, G. A., Castillo, J., Michaut, M. A., Fukuda, M. and Mayorga, L. S.
264.[O] Adenovirus-mediated silencing of Synaptotagmin 9 inhibits Ca2+-dependent insulin secretion in islets..[FEBS Lett.,579,(2005),5241-5246]Iezzi, M., Eliasson, L., Fukuda, M. and Wollheim, C. B.
265.[O] Functional analysis of Slac2-c/MyRIP as a linker protein between melanosomes and myosin VIIa..[J. Biol. Chem.,280,(2005),28015-28022]Kuroda, T. S. and Fukuda, M.
266.[O] Synaptotagmin V and IX isoforms control Ca2+-dependent insulin exocytosis..[J. Cell Sci.,117,(2005),3119-3127]Iezzi, M., Kouri, G., Fukuda, M. and Wollheim, C. B.
267.[O] RNA interference-mediated silencing of synaptotagmin IX, but not synaptotagmin I, inhibits dense-core vesicle exocytosis in PC12 cells..[Biochem. J.,380,(2005),875-879]Fukuda, M.
268.[O] Slac2-a/melanophilin contains multiple PEST-like sequences that are highly sensitive to proteolysis..[J. Biol. Chem.,279,(2005),22314-22321]Fukuda, M. and Itoh, T.
269.[O] O-glycosylation is essential for intracellular targeting of synaptotagmins I and II in non-neuronal specialized secretory cells..[J. Cell Sci.,118,(2005),1363-1372]Atiya-Nasagi, Y., Cohen, H., Medalia, O., Fukuda, M. and Sagi-Eisenberg, R
270.[O] The small GTPase Rab27B regulates amylase release from rat parotid acinar cells..[J. Cell Sci.,117,(2005),1945-1953]Imai, A., Yoshie, S., Nashida, T., Shimomura, H. and Fukuda, M.
271.[O] Classical protein kinase C(s) regulates targeting of synaptotagmin IX to the endocytic recycling compartment..[J. Cell Sci.,118,(2005),1641-1649]Haberman, Y., Ziv, I., Gorzalczany, Y., Fukuda, M. and Sagi-Eisenberg, R.
272.[O] Munc13-4 is a GTP-Rab27-binding protein regulating dense core granule secretion in platelets..[J. Biol. Chem.,279,(2005),10730-10737]Shirakawa, R., Higashi, T., Tabuchi, A., Yoshioka, A., Nishioka, H., Fukuda, M., Kita, T. and Horiuchi, H.
273.[O] Rabphilin and Noc2 are recruited to dense-core vesicles through specific interaction with Rab27A in PC12 cells..[J. Biol. Chem.,279,(2005),13065-13075]Fukuda, M., Kanno, E. and Yamamoto, A.
274.[O] Synaptotagmin interaction with the syntaxin/SNAP-25 dimer is mediated by an evolutionarily conserved motif and is sensitive to inositol hexakisphosphate..[J. Biol. Chem.,279,(2005),12574-12579]Rickman, C., Archer, D. A., Meunier, F. A., Craxton, M., Fukuda, M., Burgoyne, R. D. and Davletov, B.
275.[O] Missense mutations in the globular tail of myosin-Va in dilute mice partially impair binding of Slac2-a/melanophilin..[J. Cell Sci.,117,(2005),583-591]Fukuda, M. and Kuroda, T. S.
276.[O] Versatile role of Rab27 in membrane trafficking: Focus on the Rab27 effector families..[J. Biochem.,137,(2005),9-16]Fukuda, M.
277.[R] Assay of Rab binding specificity of rabphilin and Noc2: Target molecules for Rab27..[Methods Enzymol.,403, (2005), 469-481]Fukuda, M. and Yamamoto, A.
278.[R] Slac2-aとSlp2-a:メラニン色素輸送のしくみ.[医学のあゆみ,212, (2005), 769-770]福田光則
279.[R] メラニン色素輸送メカニズムの解明.[エヌ・ティー・エス アンチ・エイジングシリーズ1「白髪・脱毛・育毛の実際」, (2005), 221-235]福田光則・黒田垂歩
280.[R] シナプトタグミンと類似タンパク質による膜輸送制御の分子メカニズム.[生化学,77, (2005), 603-618]福田光則
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