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1.Direct observations of asteroid interior and regolith structure: Science measurement requirements.[Adv. Space Res.,62(8),(2018),2141-2162]A. Herique, B. Agnus, E. Asphaug, A. Barucci, P. Beck, J. Bellerose, J. Biele, L. Bonal, P. Bousquet, L. Bruzzone, C. Buck, I. Carnelli, A. Cheng, V. Ciarletti, M. Delbo, J. Du, X. Du, C. Eyraud, W. Fa, J. Gil Fernandez, O. Gassot, R. Granados-Alfaro, S. F. Green, B. Grieger, J. T. Grundmann, J. Grygorczuk, R. Hahnel, E. Heggy, T-M. Ho, O. Karatekin, Y. Kasaba, T. Kobayashi, W. Kofman, C. Krause, A. Kumamoto, M. Kuppers, M. Laabs, C. Lange, J. Lasue, A. C. Levasseur-Regourd, A. Mallet, P. Michel, S. Mottola, N. Murdoch, M. Mutze, J. Oberst, R. Orosei, D. Plettemeier, S. Rochat, R. RodriguezSuquet, Y. Rogez, P. Schaffer, C. Snodgrass, J-C. Souyris, M. Tokarz, S. Ulamec, J-E. Wahlund, S. Zine
2.Density depletions associated with enhancements of electron cyclotron harmonic emissions: An ERG observation.[Geophys. Res. Lett.,45,(2018)]Y. Kazama, H. Kojima, Y. Miyoshi, Y. Kasahara, H. Usui, B.-J. Wang, S.-Y. Wang, S. W. Y. Tam, T.-F. Chang, P. T. P. Ho, K. Asamura, A. Kumamoto, F. Tsuchiya, Y. Kasaba, S. Matsuda, M. Shoji, A. Matsuoka, M. Teramoto, T. Takashima, I. Shinohara
3.Coincident observations by the Kharkiv IS radar and ionosonde, DMSP and Arase (ERG) satellites, and FLIP model simulations: Implications for the NRLMSISE-00 hydrogen density, plasmasphere, and ionosphere.[Geophys. Res. Lett.,45(16),(2018),8062-8071]Kotov, D. V., Richards, P. G., Truhlík, V., Bogomaz, O. V., Shulha, M. O., Maruyama, N., Hairston, M., Miyoshi, Y., Kasahara, Y., Kumamoto, A., Tsuchiya, F., Matsuoka, A., Shinohara, I., Hernández-Pajares, M., Domnin, I. F., Zhivolup, T. G., Emelyanov, L. Ya., and Chepurnyy, Ya. M.
4.Temporal and spatial variations of storm time midlatitude ionospheric trough based on global GNSS-TEC and Arase satellite observations.[Geophys. Res. Lett.,45(15),(2018),7362-7370]Shinbori, A., Otsuka, Y., Tsugawa, T., Nishioka, M., Kumamoto, A., Tsuchiya, F., Matsuda, S., Kasahara, Y., Matsuoka, A., Ruohoniemi, J. M., Shepherd, S. G., and Nishitani, N.
5.Impulsively excited nightside ultralow frequency waves simultaneously observed on and off the magnetic equator.[Geophys. Res. Lett.,45(16),(2018),7918-7926]Takahashi, K., Denton, R. E., Motoba, T., Matsuoka, A., Kasaba, Y., Kasahara, Y., Teramoto, M., Shoji, M., Takahashi, N., Miyoshi, Y., Nose, M., Kumamoto, A., Tsuchiya, F., Redmon, R. J., and Rodriguez, J. V.
6.Deformation of electron pitch angle distributions caused by upper band chorus observed by the Arase satellite.[Geophys. Res. Lett.,45(16),(2018),7996-8004]Kurita, S., Miyoshi, Y., Kasahara, S., Yokota, S., Kasahara, Y., Matsuda, S., Kumamoto, A., Matsuoka, A., and Shinohara, I.
7.High Frequency Analyzer (HFA) of Plasma Wave Experiment (PWE) onboard the Arase spacecraft.[Earth Planets Space,70,(2018)]Kumamoto, A., F. Tsuchiya, Y. Kasahara, Y. Kasaba, H. Kojima, S. Yagitani, K. Ishisaka, T. Imachi, M. Ozaki, S. Matsuda, M. Shoji, A. Matsuoka, Y. Katoh, Y. Miyoshi, and T. Obara
8.Magnetic search coil (MSC) of plasma wave experiment (PWE) aboard the Arase (ERG) satellite.[Earth Planets Space,70,(2018)]Ozaki, M., S. Yagitani, H. Kojima, Y. Kasahara, Y. Kasaba, A. Kumamoto, F. Tsuchiya, S. Matsuda, A. Matsuoka, T. Sasaki, and T. Yumoto
9.Onboard software of plasma wave experiment aboard Arase: instrument management and signal processing of waveform capture/onboard frequency analyzer.[Earth Planets Space,70,(2018)]Matsuda, S., Y. Kasahara, H. Kojima, Y. Kasaba, S. Yagitani, M. Ozaki, T. Imachi, K. Ishisaka, A. Kumamoto, F. Tsuchiya, M. Ota, S. Kurita, Y. Miyoshi, M. Hikishima, A. Matsuoka, and I. Shinohara
10.The Plasma Wave Experiment (PWE) on board the Arase (ERG) satellite.[Earth Planets Space,70,(2018)]Kasahara, Y., Y. Kasaba, H. Kojima, S. Yagitani, K. Ishisaka, A. Kumamoto, F. Tsuchiya, M. Ozaki, S. Matsuda, T. Imachi, Y. Miyoshi, M. Hikishima, Y. Katoh, M. Ota, M. Shoji, A. Matsuoka, and I. Shinohara
11.Pulsating aurora from electron scattering by chorus waves.[Nature,554,(2018),337-340]Kasahara, S., Y. Miyoshi, S. Yokota, T. Mitani, Y. Kasahara, S. Matsuda, A. Kumamoto, A. Matsuoka, Y. Kazama, H. U. Frey, V. Angelopoulos, S. Kurita, K. Keika, K. Seki, and I. Shinohara
12.Wire Probe Antenna (WPT) and Electric Field Detector (EFD) of Plasma Wave Experiment (PWE) aboard the Arase satellite: specifications and initial evaluation results.[Earth Planets Space,69,(2017)]Kasaba, Y., K. Ishisaka, Y. Kasahara, T. Imachi, S. Yagitani, H. Kojima, S. Matsuda, M. Shoji, S. Kurita, T. Hori, A. Shinbori, M. Teramoto, Y. Miyoshi, T. Nakagawa, N. Takahashi, Y. Nishimura, A. Matsuoka, A. Kumamoto, F. Tsuchiya, and R. Nomura
13.A flux comparison of northern and southern Saturn kilometric radio bursts during southern summer.[Planetary Radio Emissions VIII, edited by G. Fischer, G. Mann, M. Panchenko, and P. Zarka, Austrian Academy of Sciences Press, Vienna,(2017),205-215]Kasaba, Y., T. Kimura, D. Maruno, A. Morioka, B. Cecconi, L. Lamy, C. M. Jackman, C. Tao, H. Kita, H. Misawa, T. Tsuchiya, and A. Kumamoto
14.Database of solar radio bursts observed by solar radio spectro-polarimeter AMATERAS.[Planetary Radio Emissions VIII, edited by G. Fischer, G. Mann, M. Panchenko, and P. Zarka, Austrian Academy of Sciences Press, Vienna,(2017),445-453]Tsuchiya, F., H. Misawa, T. Obara, K. Iwai, K. Kaneda, S. Matsumoto, A. Kumamoto, Y. Katoh, M. Yagi, and B. Cecconi
15.Thermal and Low‐energy Ion Outflows in and through the Polar Cap: The Polar Wind and the Low‐energy Component of the Cleft Ion Fountain.[Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling in the Solar System, Geophysical Monograph 222, Edited by C. R. Chappell, R. W. Schunk, P. M. Banks, J. L. Burch, and R. M. Thorne,(2017)]Kitamura, N., K. Seki, Y. Nishimura, T. Abe, M. Yamada, S. Watanabe, A. Kumamoto, A. Shinbori, and A. W. Yau
16.Feasibility of the exploration of the subsurface structures of Jupiter's icy moons by interference of Jovian hectometric and decametric radiation.[Planetary Radio Emissions VIII,(2017)]Kumamoto, A., Y. Kasaba, F. Tsuchiya, H. Misawa, H. Kita, W. Puccio, J.-E. Wahlund, J. Bergman, B. Cecconi, Y. Goto, J. Kimura, and T. Kobayashi
17.Detection of intact lava tubes at Marius Hills on the Moon by SELENE (Kaguya) lunar radar sounder.[Geophys. Res. Lett.,44,(2017)]Kaku, T., J. Haruyama, W. Miyake, A. Kumamoto, K. Ishiyama, T. Nishibori, K. Yamamoto, S. T. Crites, T. Michikami, Y. Yokota, R. Sood, H. J. Melosh, L. Chappaz, and K. C. Howell
18.Software-type wave-particle interaction analyzer (S-WPIA) by RPWI for JUICE: Science objectives and implementation.[Planetary Radio Emissions VIII, edited by G. Fischer, G. Mann, M. Panchenko, and P. Zarka, Austrian Academy of Sciences Press, Vienna,(2017),495-504]Katoh, Y., H. Kojima, K. Asamura, Y. Kasaba, F. Tsuchiya, Y. Kasahara, T. Imachi, H. Misawa, A. Kumamoto, S. Yagitani, K. Ishisaka, T. Kimura, M. Hikishima, Y. Miyoshi, M. Shoji, M. Kitahara, O. Santolik, J. Bergman, W. Puccio, R. Gill, M. Wieser, W. Schmidt, S. Barabash, and J.-E. Wahlund
19.観測ロケットによる電離圏スポラディックE層の空間構造の解明.[プラズマ・核融合学会誌,(2016)]栗原純一, 岩上直幹, 高橋隆男, 石坂圭吾, 熊本篤志, 阿部琢美, 松岡彩子, 石井守, 栗原宜子, 野村麗子
20.Simultaneous ground- and satellite-based observation of MF/HF auroral radio emissions.[J. Geophys. Res. Space Phys.,(2016)]Y. Sato, A. Kumamoto, Y. Katoh, A. Shinbori, A. Kadokura, Y. Ogawa
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