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21.[O] 仙台付近の墓石 転倒率調査結果.[東日本大震災を分析する, 第1巻, 地震・津波のメカニズムと被害の実態 (明石書店),(2013),263-276]石渡明, 宮本毅, 平野直人
22.[O] Conformity and precision of CO2 densimetry in CO2 inclusions: microthermometry versus Raman microspectroscopic densimetry.[Journal of Raman Spectroscopy,43(8),(2012),1126-1133]Tomoyuki Kobayashi, Junji Yamamoto, Takao Hirajima, Hidemi Ishibashi, Naoto Hirano, Yong Lai, Vladimir S. Prikhod'ko, Shoji Arai
23.[O] Direct evidence for upper mantle structure in the NW Pacific Plate: microstructural analysis of a petit-spot peridotite xenolith.[Earth and Planetary Science Letters,302,(2011),194-202]Yumiko Harigane, Tomoyuki Mizukami, Tomoaki Morishita, Katsuyoshi Michibayashi, Natsue Abe, Naoto Hirano
24.[O] Retentivity of CO2 in fluid inclusions in mantle minerals.[European Journal of Mineralogy,23,(2011),805-815]Junji Yamamoto, Kazuhiko Otsuka, Hiroaki Ohfuji, Hidemi Ishibashi, Naoto Hirano, Hiroyuki Kagi
25.[O] Role of plutonic and metamorphic block exhumation in a forearc ophiolite mélange belt: An example from the Mineoka belt, Japan.[In: J. Wakabayashi & Y. Dilek (eds.) Mélanges: Processes of Formation and Societal Significance, Geological Sciety of America, Special Paper,480,(2011),95-116]Ryota Mori, Yujiro Ogawa, Naoto Hirano, Toshiaki Tsunogae, Masanori Kurosawa, Tae Chiba
26.[R] New kind of volcano on the Earth ―Geochronological studies of neutron-irradiated lavas erupted on the sea floor―.[Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University KINKEN Research Highlights,2011, (2011), 77]Naoto Hirano
27.[R] Petit-spot volcanism: a new type of volcanic zone discovered near a trench.[Geochemical Journal,45(2), (2011), 157-167]Naoto Hirano
28.[R] 海洋プレートの進化と海底火山を理解するためのAr–Ar年代測定.[東京大学アイソトープ総合センター アイソトープ総合センターニュース,42(1), (2011), 10-16]平野直人
29.[O] Mechanisms of low-flux intraplate volcanic fields - Basin and Range (North America) and Northwest Pacific Ocean.[Geology,38(1),(2010),55-58]Greg Valentine, Naoto Hirano
30.[R] New insights into the oceanic lithosphere from petit-spot volcanoes and "Super-Mohole" project.[Geological Society of Japan Journal of Geological Society of Japan,116(1), (2010), 1-12]Naoto Hirano, Natsue Abe, Junji Yamamoto, Shiki Machida
31.[O] Noble gas isotopic compositions of mantle xenoliths from northwestern Pacific lithosphere.[Chemical Geology,268,(2009),313-323]Junji Yamamoto, Naoto Hirano, Natsue Abe, Takeshi Hanyu
32.[O] Evidence for recycled plate material in Pacific upper mantle unrelated to plumes.[Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta,73(10),(2009),3028-3037]Shiki Machida, Naoto Hirano & Jun-Ichi Kimura
33.[O] Knocker catalogue of the Mineoka ophiolite belt, Boso Peninsula, Japan.[Earth Evolution Sciences, University of Tsukuba,3,(2009),3-25]Yujiro Ogawa, Ryota Mori, Naoto Hirano, AkikoTakahashi, Mia Mohammad Mohiuddin, Hiroshi Sato, Toshiaki Tsunogae, Masanori Kurosawa, Hidetsugu Taniguchi
34.[R] Knocker catalogue of the Mineoka ophiolite belt, Boso Peninsula, Japan.[Earth Evolution Sciences,3, (2009), 3-25]Yujiro Ogawa, Ryota Mori, Ryota Mori, Naoto Hirano, Naoto Hirano, Akiko Takahashi, Akiko Takahashi, Mia Mohammad Mohiuddin, Mia Mohammad Mohiuddin, Hiroshi Sato, Hiroshi Sato, Toshiaki Tsunogae, Masanori Kurosawa, Hidetsugu Taniguchi, And Tae Chiba
35.[O] Seamounts, knolls and petit spot monogenetic volcanoes on the subducting Pacific Plate.[Basin Research,20(4),(2008),543-553]Naoto Hirano, Anthony A. P. Koppers, Ayu Takahashi, Toshiya Fujiwara, Masao Nakanishi
36.[R] 北西太平洋で発見された新種の火山-プチスポット火山-.[海洋出版 月刊地球,29(9), (2007), 540-547]平野直人
37.[R] プチスポット産アルカリ玄武岩の同位体組成が示す北西太平洋上部マントルの不均質性.[海洋出版 月刊地球,29(9), (2007), 554-560]町田嗣樹, 平野直人, 木村純一
38.[R] プチスポット総合調査.[海洋出版 月刊地球,29(9), (2007), 548-553]馬場聖至, 阿部なつ江, 平野直人, 富士原敏也, 市來雅啓, 町田嗣樹, 高橋亜夕, 山本順司, 山野誠, 濱元栄起, 杉岡裕子, 志藤あずさ
39.[O] Depleted mantle wedge and sediment fingerprint in unusual basalts from the Manihiki Plateau, Central Pacific Ocean.[Geology,35(7),(2007),595-598]Stephanie Ingle, John J. Mahoney, Hiroshi Sato, Millard F. Coffin, Jun-Ichi Kimura, Naoto Hirano, Masao Nakanishi
40.[O] Subsurface structure of the ''petit-spot'' volcanoes on the northwestern Pacific Plate.[Geophysical Reseaqrch Letters,34,(2007),L13305-]Toshiya Fujiwara, Naoto Hirano, Natsue Abe, Kaoru Takizawa
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