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121.[O] A simple formulation of interaction between individuals competing for light in a monospecific stand.[FUNCTIONAL ECOLOGY,15(5),(2001),642-646]Hikosaka K, Nagashima H, Harada Y, Hirose T
122.[O] Nitrogen uptake and use by competing individuals in a Xanthium canadense stand.[Oecologia,126,(2001),174-181]Hikosaka K, Hirose T
123.[O] Photosynthetic nitrogen-use efficiency in evergreen broad-leaved woody species coexisting in a warm-temperate forest.[TREE PHYSIOLOGY,20(18),(2000),1249-1254]Hikosaka K, Hirose T
124.[B] Nitrogen utilisation and the photosynthetic system.[(2000)]Anten NPR, Hikosaka K, Hirose T
125.[O] Balancing carboxylation and regeneration of ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate in leaf photosynthesis: temperature acclimation of an evergreen tree, Quercus myrsinaefolia.[PLANT CELL AND ENVIRONMENT,22(7),(1999),841-849]Hikosaka K, Murakami A, Hirose T
126.[O] Light acquisition and use by individuals competing in a dense stand of an annual herb, Xanthium canadense.[OECOLOGIA,118(3),(1999),388-396]Hikosaka K, Sudoh S, Hirose T
127.[O] Photosynthetic nitrogen-use efficiency in leaves of woody and herbaceous species.[FUNCTIONAL ECOLOGY,12(6),(1998),896-905]Hikosaka K, Hanba YT, Hirose T, Terashima I
128.[O] Leaf and canopy photosynthesis of C-3 plants at elevated CO2 in relation to optimal partitioning of nitrogen among photosynthetic components: theoretical prediction.[ECOLOGICAL MODELLING,106(2-3),(1998),247-259]Hikosaka K, Hirose T
129.[O] Leaf nitrogen distribution in relation to leaf age and photon flux density in dominant and subordinate plants in dense stands of a dicotyledonous herb.[Oecologia,113,(1998),314-324]Anten NPR, Miyazawa K, Hikosaka K, Nagashima H, Hirose T
130.[O] Modelling optimal temperature acclimation of the photosynthetic apparatus in C3 plants with respect to nitrogen use.[Annals of Botany,80,(1997),721-730]Hikosaka K
131.[O] Effects of virus infection and growth irradiance on fitness components and photosynthetic properties of Eupatorium makinoi (Compositae).[American Journal of Botany,86,(1997),823-829]Funayama S, Hikosaka K, Yahara T
132.[O] Leaf angle as a strategy for light competition: Optimal and evolutionarily stable light-extinction coefficient within a leaf canopy.[ECOSCIENCE,4(4),(1997),501-507]Hikosaka K, Hirose T
133.[O] Effects of leaf age, nitrogen nutrition and photon flux density on the organization of the photosynthetic apparatus in leaves of a vine Ipomoea tricolor Cav. ) grown horizontally to avoid mutual shading of leaves.[Planta,198,(1996),144-150]Hikosaka K
134.[O] Nitrogen partitioning among photosynthetic components and its consequence in sun and shade plants.[Functional Ecology,10,(1996),335-343]Hikosaka K, Terashima I
135.[O] A model of the acclimation of photosynthesis in the leaves of C3 plants to sun and shade with respect to nitrogen use.[Plant, Cell and Environment,18,(1995),605-]Hikosaka K, Terashima I
136.[O] Comparative ecophysiology of leaf and canopy photosynthesis.[Plant, Cell and Environment,18,(1995),1111-1128]Terashima I, Hikosaka K
137.[O] Effects of leaf age, nitrogen nutrition and photon flux density on the distribution of nitrogen among leaves of a vine (Ipomoea tricolor Cav) grown horizontally to avoid mutual shading of leaves..[Oecologia,97,(1994),451-457]Hikosaka K, Terashima I, Katoh S
138.[B] Acclimation and senescence of leaves : their roles in canopy photosynthesis.[(1993)]HIKOSAKA Kouki, et al.
139.[B] Effects of light, nutrient and age on nitrogen content and photosynthesis of Leaves.[(1992)]HIKOSAKA Kouki, et al.
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