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101.[B] Introduction to ecology.[東京化学同人,(2004)]彦坂幸毅(p. 84-91)
102.[O] Photosynthetic rates and partitioning of absorbed light energy in photoinhibited leaves..[Physiologia Plantarum,121,(2004),699-708]Hikosaka K, Kato MC, Hirose T
103.[O] Photosynthesis or persistence: nitrogen allocation in leaves of evergreen and deciduous Quercus species..[Plant, Cell and Environment,27,(2004),1047-1054]Takashima T, Hikosaka K, Hirose T
104.[O] Allocation of nitrogen to cell walls decreases photosynthetic nitrogen-use efficiency.[Functional Ecology,18,(2004),419-425]Onoda Y, Hikosaka K, Hirose T
105.[O] Cost-benefit relationships in fronds emerging at different times in a deciduous fern, Pteridium aquilinum.[CANADIAN JOURNAL OF BOTANY-REVUE CANADIENNE DE BOTANIQUE,82(4),(2004),521-527]Oikawa S, Hikosaka K, Hirose T, Shiyomi M, Takahashi S, Hori Y
106.[O] The worldwide leaf economics spectrum..[Nature,428,(2004),821-827]Wright IJ, Reich PB, Westoby M, Ackerly DD, Baruch Z, Bongers F, Cavendar-Bares J, Chapin T, Cornelissen JHC, Diemer M, Flexas J, Garnier E, Groom PK, Gulias J, Hikosaka K, Lamont BB, Lee T, Lee B, Lusk C, Midgley JJ, Navas M-L, Niinemets Ü, Oleksyn J, Osada N, Poorter H, Poot P, Prior L, Pyankov VI, Roumet C, Thomas SC, Tjoelker MG, Veneklaas EJ, Villar R
107.[O] Increase in leaf mass per area benefits plant growth at elevated CO2 concentration.[ANNALS OF BOTANY,91(7),(2003),905-914]Ishizaki S, Hikosaka K, Hirose T
108.[R] 植物が吸収した光のゆくえ.[化学と生物,41, (2003), 559-561]彦坂幸毅
109.[B] Light, water and plant architecture.[文一総合出版,(2003)]村岡裕由・彦坂幸毅(11-26) 彦坂幸毅(57-84) 彦坂幸毅(245-258)
110.[O] A model of dynamics of leaves and nitrogen in a plant canopy: An integration of canopy photosynthesis, leaf life span, and nitrogen use efficiency..[American Naturalist,162,(2003),149-164]Hikosaka K
111.[O] Light-acquisition and use of individuals as influenced by elevated CO2 in even-aged monospecific stands of Chenopodium album.[Functional Ecology,17,(2003),786-795]Hikosaka K, Yamano T, Nagashima H, Hirose T
112.[O] The excess light energy that is neither utilized in photosynthesis nor dissipated by photoprotective mechanisms determines the rate of photoinactivation in photosystem II.[Plant and Cell Physiology,44,(2003),318-325]Kato MC, Hikosaka K, Hirotsu N, Makino A, Hirose T
113.[O] Reproductive allocation of an annual, Xanthium canadense, at an elevated carbon dioxide concentration.[Oecologia,137,(2003),1-9]Kinugasa T, Hikosaka K, Hirose T
114.[O] Contribution of photosynthetic electron transport, heat dissipation, and recovery of photoinactivated photosystem II to photoprotection at different temperatures in Chenopodium album leaves.[Plant and Cell Physiology,44,(2003),828-835]Tsonev TD, Hikosaka K
115.[O] Effects of elevated CO2 on the size structure in even-aged monospecific stands of Chenopodium album.[Global Change Biology,9,(2003),619-629]Nagashima H, Yamano T, Hikosaka K, Hirose T
116.[O] Does the photosynthetic light-acclimation need change in leaf anatomy?.[Plant, Cell and Environment,26,(2003),505-512]Oguchi R, Hikosaka K, Hirose T
117.[O] Photosynthesis-nitrogen relationships in species at different altitudes on Mount Kinabalu, Malaysia.[ECOLOGICAL RESEARCH,17(3),(2002),305-313]Hikosaka K, Nagamatsu D, Ishii HS, Hirose T
118.[O] Light partitioning among species and species replacement in early successional grasslands.[Journal of Vegetation Science,13,(2002),615-626]Werger MJA, Hirose T, During HJ, Heil GW, Hikosaka K, Ito T, Nachinshonhor UG, Nagamatsu D, Shibasaki K, Takatsuki S, van Rheenen JW, Anten NPR
119.[O] Leaf-level nitrogen-use efficiency of canopy and understorey species in a beech forest.[Functional Ecology,16,(2002),826-834]Yasumura Y, Hikosaka K, Matsui K, Hirose T
120.[O] Leaf discs floated on water are different from intact leaves in photosynthesis and photoinhibition.[PHOTOSYNTHESIS RESEARCH,72(1),(2002),65-70]Kato MC, Hikosaka K, Hirose T
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